‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’: Ray J’s Manager Rocks Yung Berg With “Gay” Allegations

Published: Monday 8th Dec 2014 by David


Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ star Yung Berg has found himself in the middle of a brewing scandal this week, after the manager of R&B singer Ray J accused him of getting hot’n’heavy with another man during a studio session.

Cash Jones’ surprising claims below…


With a client list that also includes ‘Pot of Gold’ rapper Game, Jones posted the message above for all 11,000 of his ‘Instagram’ followers to see, claiming to have caught the 28 year old doing “sh** I didn’t want to see”, and labelling him an “exposed homosexual.”

His remarks come hours before VH1 airs the first part of ‘Hollywood’s season 1 reunion, teased in footage available to peep here.

Berg is yet to respond.

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  1. sleazy December 8, 2014

    no wonder Rag j is such a hot mess

  2. Molly December 8, 2014


  3. yasssssssssss B**** December 8, 2014

    damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn imagine if it’s true i can’t wait for more details to emerge

  4. nancy grace slays December 8, 2014

    I believe it

  5. Sherry December 8, 2014

    Who are these people?

  6. King December 8, 2014

    What does this manager get out of outting someone and why does he care so much what Berg is doing.

    • Phour20ty December 8, 2014

      young Berg or whatever his name is…is an asshole and outs everybody on their s*** and degrades and embarrasses women purposely. he starts drama between women and sits back and laughs…Y the outting by his manager…we will never know…but do I feel sorry for him…no..because he has no remorse on how he makes people feel when he outs them. Treat people how you wanna be treated…not treat all people like they are the s*** beneath your shoes then expect a sympathy corner when you get dealt back your own hand…a taste of your own medicine. I didn’t know he was as awful of a person as he is until i watched the season of Hollywood love and hip hop. Really…you beat up your girlfriend because she paid for a meal that you couldnt pay for because your card declined for being over the limit??!! where they do that at? Isn’t that what a real woman is suppose to do?

    • Scoop December 8, 2014

      I’m trying to figure out what he means by “at risk”. Sounds like stereotyping to me. Last time I checked everyone is “at risk”.

      • King K December 8, 2014


      • King K December 8, 2014

        H. I. V.

      • GSF December 8, 2014

        “At risk’ i.e. at risk of communicable diseases, most likely A***, which is rooted in homophobia and has no bearings on the reality of the disease; if Berg is gay, he needs to be blasted for the misogynistic way he deals w women to hide his homosexuality, but he shouldn’t be treated as a disease….the ignorance

      • GSF December 8, 2014

        To clarify, my post said A I D S but apparently that’s a “bad word” that needs to be starred out smh

  7. Skyfall December 8, 2014

    SCREEEEAAACHINGGG!!!! But thats not the way to plast someone on social media.

    • Skyfall December 8, 2014


      • Phour20ty December 8, 2014

        lol….to cute correcting yourself…I know what you meant. But he is still an evil nasty lil F***** that publicly blast and humiliates women on national tv. I don’t feel sorry for him. He’s getting dealt a dose of his own medicine. Watching him on Hollywood love and hip hop shows he has no compassion for no one but himself because he dogs the hell outta women…embarasses them…and puts them into messy situations to get his kicks outta the madness. Really…you beat up your girlfriend because she paid for a meal that you couldnt pay for because your card declined for being over the limit??!! where they do that at? Isn’t that what a real woman is suppose to do? I don’t feel sorry for him…no sympathy corner here.

  8. TRUTH SERUM December 8, 2014

    Why are grown asss men airing out dirty laundry on Twitter. What part of the game is this… WTF

  9. musicMatters101 December 8, 2014

    It is true. Why the FVCK does it matter to you! Its like in america, why do you give two shits if gay and lesbian couples want to marry? Let them. This dude sounds salty cause someone who he thinks is gay is pulling the women who clearly don’t want him either. Salty ass no name manager looking ni99a.

    • Proc December 8, 2014

      I give a s***. Homosexuality is disgusting in and of itself. If this was just about people doing whatever they’re gonna do behind closed doors, that’d be one thing but they’re trying to put this out in the open to brainwash kids into thinking this kind of indecent behavior is acceptable. THAT’s when this becomes an issue. Keep your degenerate agenda to yourselves.

      • DOnt M3$$ December 8, 2014

        I’m sorry but please kill yourself you human garbage 🙂 K thanks bye.

      • SBC19 December 8, 2014

        What’s the matter, does the truth hurt? Gays are gross.

  10. Sean December 8, 2014

    Daaamnnn i just made a gallon of tea…bout to sip til thid reunion comes on…not next time lock the door…so now that he has said what he say nikka we need details what was happening wheb u barged in the door

  11. Flash80 December 8, 2014

    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. The guy was a little too blunt with this accusation for me to believe that there isn’t any truth to what he’s saying, even if his motivation for speaking out seems vengeful.

  12. Brian310 December 8, 2014

    It seems like the only way to insult a man in 2014 is to throw claims at his sexuality, I mean everyone seems to do it from people in the industry to ex wives or girlfriends….I do not believe Berg is gay or bi this guy post seems filled with anger so I would put too much stock into what he is saying….probably one of Hazel E friends.

    • Brian310 December 8, 2014


    • musicMatters101 December 8, 2014

      She is psycho and prob still thinks she’s dating him in her head. LOL But sadly, you point is true. its 2014 does it really matter, let ppl be.


    Ooh! Chile, see! I knew it! Fooling everybody watching every week on VH1 to think that he like swimming in the kitty Kat’s ocean when the truth all along was that he’d rather prefer to clean a sausage with his mouth. This tea…..chile…..let me just watch this reunion.

  14. Stephy December 8, 2014

    DEAD! LMAO!!!! I already knew he was a f******. Ray J seems like one too. Anyways, welcome to the club Young Bird. #NoneHitMaker

    • Dirty Laundry December 8, 2014

      You’re such a disgusting piece of trash.

  15. Jamie December 8, 2014

    How ignorant

  16. Maleficent December 8, 2014

    one dumb fug yells at another dumg fug, how cute

  17. Dirty Laundry December 8, 2014

    Not cool about outing people

  18. cocobutta December 8, 2014

    Who really wants to be topped by Berg anyway?? That cocktail stick ain’t reaching nowhere far chilleeeeee.

    Masika plotting that sly revenge for that dragging.
    LHHH games.

    No one cares much what Berg be doing. Failed headlines that won’t be trending on my twitter.

    • yasssssssssss B**** December 8, 2014


    • TheElusiveLamb December 8, 2014


  19. Charlieyoncé December 8, 2014

    Putting black women in what risk pls? That’s something really stupid to say, being gay doesn’t automatically make you disease-infested. He needs to watch that foul mouth of his.
    Lmao but Young Berg though kiiiiiiiii

  20. Everyone’s A Critic December 8, 2014

    Well Berg.. This is good news. The Critic will gladly lift a leg for you lol

  21. Matty December 8, 2014

    i quite agree. bust down the closet doors. it 2014, if you wanna be a g and a homo, please fly free!!

  22. BitingTruth December 8, 2014

    Nobody’s gonna listen to a gay ass rapper. He better find some way to do damage control that convincingly plays down this accusation, whether it’s true or not.

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