Angela Bassett Visits ‘Wendy’ / Dishes On New ‘Whitney’ Biopic & Bobbi Kristina Backlash

Published: Wednesday 14th Jan 2015 by Sam

This Saturday brings with it the premiere of Lifetime‘s eagerly anticipated Whitney Houston biopic, ‘Whitney’.

The movie, which we enjoyed in earnest, will air at 8pm ET and is being tipped for major ratings success based on the buzz alone.

To ensure it delivers on its potential, the flick’s director Angela Bassett stopped by The Wendy Williams Show today to promote.

Not one to shy away from the tough questions, Williams grilled the ‘American Horror Story’ actress on the copious amounts of shade Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina threw her way after the announcement of the film.

Her classy response awaits below…

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  1. Tanya’Maraj January 14, 2015

    Love this woman! She looks so ageless and youthful even at her age! Classy, Talented and beautiful! Legendary hunty!! Can’t wait to see the Movie i’m sure it’ll be alot better than that Aaliyah mess! Furthermore, Bobbi Kristina is too damn busted to play her Mother! Hell no! I’m glad Angela didn’t stoop to her level and payed her dust!

    • Biting Truth January 14, 2015

      The f*ck is a “hunty?”

      • Tanya’Maraj January 14, 2015

        It’s really just the term of endearment “honey” like if someone was on say like a runway and they were really good at what they were doing a person might say “Werk it, hunty”

    • Stanley January 14, 2015

      lol She dont’ have to play her mother. She is apart of the “Whitney Houston” story as her daughter. I’m sure in the future Bobby Christina will be able to do something to honor her mother with her very own project.

  2. FixItJesus January 14, 2015

    Deborah definitely DID slay those remakes. Though she didn’t flat out admit it I think Wendy actually enjoyed the movie. She knows it was better than hers at least, lol. Anyway, good job Angela, you look great and I can’t wait to see the movie!

  3. Brandy = Queen/King B January 14, 2015

    Hello? Um, TGJ, how long is this movie? I’d like to watch but if it runs into Empire’s time slot, I might have to pass.

    I LOVE how all of the popular black actor led shows are aired at the same time. It’s like black people can be on television, but unless it’s reality TV where they are making a fool of themselves, they are only allowed ONE popular sitcom.

    The way these shows are scheduled, you can’t watch them all, you have to choose one. I.E. The Game or Empire or Whitney or, Power or Being Mary Jane etc.

    But whatever, I’m just another jaded, bitter black person. *sighs*

    • Brandy = Queen/King B January 14, 2015

      WHOOPS! Didn’t realize the movie was premiering Saturday, not tonight. But my point still stands, albeit less strong.

    • Taylor January 14, 2015

      Stfu, just like a Brandy fan, dumb as rock’s.

  4. TheElusiveLamb January 14, 2015

    Ok. I give in. I love Angela and I LOVE my Whitney, so might as well watch the first few minutes and see if I like it. Can we have a separate post on just how gorgeous Angela has remained over the years though? Seriously, Angela, Regina, Toni, JLO, Sade, Iman, and Gabrielle need to give up those regiments so I can start now.

  5. Navy Nick January 14, 2015

    Angela honey, yes mam!!!!!!! That is all

  6. Fuse January 14, 2015

    Well I understand why Queen Whitney would get a bio pic, but Aaliyah getting one, that’s hilarious.

    Anyway, plays my girl Ciara’s new joint.

    • BeyRihLiyah January 14, 2015

      says the person who listen’s to Ciara HAHAHAH just shut the fuccck up

      • Fuse January 14, 2015

        Lol Stay mad f**.

    • BeyRihLiyah January 14, 2015

      and biitch you can choke and die on a d*****

      • Fuse January 14, 2015

        The way Aaliyah choked on R.Kelly’s, sorry, i’ll pass boo.

      • BeyRihLiyah January 14, 2015

        nope the way your herpesss infested mama sucked on her clients dickkk with her prostituting ass

      • Fuse January 15, 2015

        Lol Stay mad boo.

    • Brian310 January 15, 2015

      Awe ita ok we know your an u def cover stan and your just as mad as we were about that travesty of a movie….but continue to bump to Ciara maybe her sales will catch up to Aaliyahs in the future.

      • Brian310 January 15, 2015

        *it’s, undercover

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