‘Empire’ Ratings Rocket To New Highs

Published: Thursday 22nd Jan 2015 by Sam

FOX are onto a bonafide hit with their new music drama ‘Empire’.

The aptly titled show continues to build on the strong foundation of its first episode, increasing in viewership week-on-week.

Last night’s third episode was no different.

Find out how many tuned in to the Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson led show below…

Per TV By The Numbers, yesterday’s instalment commanded a massive audience of 10.95 million – up 8% from its second episode.

The feat sees the Lee Daniels creation become the one of highest rated drama telecasts in over a year on US television.

Its performance will no doubt re-affirm FOX’s belief in the series, which the awarded a second season order after just two episodes.

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  1. FixItJesus January 22, 2015

    From Hakeem and his “momma” to the white b**** wanting to be called by the deputy mayors name, to Cookie saying grace….last nights episode was definitely on point. I’m usually the type to wait til a season has premiered in its entirety so I can binge watch, cuz I HATE waiting week after week, yet here I am sucked into this Empire phenom impatiently awaiting Wednesdays…

    • Lake Erie January 22, 2015

      I feel it homie! Lol!

  2. Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* January 22, 2015

    I only saw he pilot but based off of it, I believe this is overly hyped. HOWEVER it’s nice to see blacks get shine on tv

    • blue January 22, 2015

      it is overly hyped, like it could be more, i love the show but it feels like when someone is scratching your back and they scratch around that spot but somehow keep missing it.

  3. Indie January 22, 2015

    I’m speechless on how fantastic this show is! Last nights episode gave me life life in abundance! Jamal standing up to his father “my obedience is no longer for sale” Priceless and nothing can beat Cookies prayer at the dinner table HILARIOUS!!!! this show has all the recipes to just get better and better its brilliant!

  4. SMH January 22, 2015

    Last night’s episode was EVERYTHING. The best of the season so far. And it’s only gonna get better.

  5. blue January 22, 2015

    i feel like this shows true staying power will be proven in season 2, if the writers can keep it as good as it is or make it better than i see it going for at least 6 seasons

  6. Lake Erie January 22, 2015

    I watch the first episode and yes, I’m a fan. But I heard that 50 cent said he’s not so happy with the show biting his style. “His show called POWER” that comes on HBO. What do yal think of that? Cuz I’ve never seen his show.

    • Skyfall January 22, 2015

      And neither has anyone else

      • Lake Erie January 22, 2015


    • Empire January 23, 2015

      “Power” is actually a great show with great actors. 50 cent was bothered bc he knew that “Empire” was going to be a bigger hit.

      • Lake Erie January 23, 2015

        Hmmm, I’m going to check and see if it’s on hulu.

  7. Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* January 22, 2015

    Okay I just watched the second episode and I retract my statement. The pilot was a 6, but episode 2 was an 8-9. Yall can watch it for free with the Fox app (but there’s annoying asss ads lol)

  8. mike January 22, 2015

    This show proves that you can have a show with black actors and be a bonafide hit, I know some of you will point out Scandal or How to get away with murder, but Empire has a predominantly black cast and the show is really good in ratings and content. Funny thing, after watching Empire I tried to watch The haves and have not episode I missed and the quality was so bad I just turned it off; glad to have Empire as a good replacement.

    • blue January 22, 2015

      scandal and HTGAWM arent black shows, they are just great shows that happen to cast two great females actors as leads, those female actors just happen to be black.

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