Sneak Peek: ‘Empire’ (Season 1 / Episode 5)

Published: Friday 30th Jan 2015 by Sam

FOX‘s freshman smash ‘Empire’ is the show on everyone’s lips…and for good reason.

The music-drama serves up a potent package of sass, drama, glamor, and jaw-dropping storylines revolving around the Lyon family – anchored by Luscious (Terrence Howard) and Cookie (Taraji P. Henson).

Next week sees the action continue in episode 5 of season 1. Check out a sneak peek preview below…

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  1. Indie January 30, 2015

    This show and How To Get Away With Murder have taken over my life right now

  2. tits mcgee January 30, 2015

    The show is really frigin good!

    Sidenote: Y’all need to cover T.I. telling Iggy to shut up on Twitter and focus on music!

    Lol! When you’re mentor and boss, thinks you’re going about things, childishly, maybe you should listen.

    Tell us in your music, you cry baby.

    Her latest tirade is against, Steve Madden. It just never ends with this chick. SMH


    • Everyone’s A Critic January 30, 2015

      Your overuse of comas is atrocious. Back to school to learn how to use punctuation. You may need comprehension classes too as you’re discussing Iggy on a post about EMPIRE! Get it together boo. Get them grades up

      • tits mcgee January 30, 2015

        I’ll get my middle finger up for you, that’s about it.

        Don’t worry about my prose, worry about your irrelevant life.

        Also, you may need the comprehension classes, if you didn’t get that I wrote, SIDENOTE.
        That was an indication, that my comment, was not about, this specific article.

        Don’t be salty because your girl is on blast.



      • tits mcgee January 30, 2015


      • Lake Erie January 30, 2015

        Ctfu!!!! Youz a fool for that!!!lol

    • Lake Erie January 30, 2015

      Whaaaaaat?!? Really?!?? I gots to Google this! Lol.

      • tits mcgee January 31, 2015

        Chile, I take the Claudia Jordan approach. If they start with me I will finish it. Lol.

        The iggy thing is all over google. Jezebel, has a particularly interesting take.. Xoxo

  3. Everyone’s A Critic January 30, 2015

    This show is fire! The characters are all distinctive and the cast gels very well together. Tiana and Cookie are early favourites, followed by s*** luscious and even sexier Andre.
    Anyone else feel that Jamal is the secretly luscious’ favourite son? Despite being gay, he’s strong willed and independent – unlike his spoiled brothers

  4. red wine January 31, 2015

    rumor has it Denzeil Washington might be joining the cast

  5. kiya February 4, 2015

    Did anyone else notice rema from BGC was in hakeems drip drop music video?

    • Pretty Babe February 6, 2015

      Yes I did. That is totally her!!!!!

    • CapG February 11, 2015

      Yes! I was hoping someone else saw that too

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