Did You Miss It? Lady Gaga Fans Continue Twitter Attack Of Shonda Rhimes After ‘Oscars’ Diss

Published: Monday 23rd Feb 2015 by Rashad
87th Annual Academy Awards - Show

After reportedly working with a vocal coach everyday for 6 months to prepare, eccentric pop diva Lady Gaga is still the name on Hollywood lips after lending a show-stopping rendition of Julie Andrews‘The Sound of Music’ at last night’s 87th Annual Academy Awards.  But, as reports have swarmed the net today indicating, there’s one person who didn’t exactly like the sound she was hearing – famed TV writer Shonda Rhimes.

Lending a scandal-ous tweet amidst the initial round of Gaga’s Twitter applause, Rhimes stated:

shonda rhimes tweet

The statement certainly gained more detractors than it did supporters.  In fact, some 24 hours since Gaga’s showing, #LittleMonsters and new fans alike are still going in on Shonda.  See what we mean below:

gaga shonda rhimes tweet

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  1. The Professor February 23, 2015

    I can’t quite get the shade, cause GaGa delivered that broadway realness… I guess Shonda was just bored looking 4 some wigs

  2. #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) February 23, 2015

    Scandal is irrelevant? Where…that was a dumb read. Slay Gaga because Rihanna could NEVER

    • FAF February 23, 2015

      I said that first part, too… what continent is Scandal irrelevant on?

      Shonda got 3 bout to be 4 shows on ABC.. chile she’s unbothered

    • Natasha3 February 24, 2015

      LOL, so sad! Rihanna personally attacked you. Why you even mention her name when this have absolutely 0 to do with her??!??! Just pathetic on your part!

    • Rosie February 24, 2015

      Shonda has 3 of the 4 most watched dramas on TV, she’s unbothered.
      I don’t know why you’re coming for Rihanna because Cedric will never again book a stage outside of BET/The Wendy Williams Show.

      • Faf February 24, 2015

        Yet she’s booking vogue covers and in Australia now

      • Faf February 24, 2015

        Let’s see Rhianna book a solo hit

  3. metzo February 23, 2015

    You cannot please everyone. There’s always that one bitter hater. Gaga did her thing.

    • Um February 24, 2015

      No, she did someone elses thing.

  4. metzo February 23, 2015

    And Yass. Rashad is on a roll tonight. Work Bish!

  5. CT February 23, 2015

    Yes! I hope they continue to let her have it for the rest of the week…

  6. Rated R February 23, 2015

    To Me , Idina voice is not all that . It’s ok but a lil annoying. Lady Gaga gave Depth and showmanship. I think it was a wonderful performance filled with wimsical moments and broadway effects.

    • Um February 24, 2015

      She looked like a 50 year old from the 80’s. And her raiding through artists work, then covering Classics disgusts me.

      • Rated R February 24, 2015

        In her defense this is the Oscars and “The Sound of Music” doesn’t call for Extravigant Gaga it called for Stefani so the she dressed for the occasion and moment .

  7. Stephy. February 23, 2015

    Girl Bye! Gaga did that! This h** is a hater.

  8. Paulo February 23, 2015

    Shonda might know a lot about script writing and show running but she ain’t know s*** about music judging by Grey’s corny musical eps and this tweet. All the GaGa haters know better than to pick on her voice cause that’s one argument impossible to defend. Guess she missed the memo…

    • Carlitos February 24, 2015

      I agreed up until you mentioned Grey’s music. The music on the show is extremely good. Musicians who usually have their songs play on the show get recognition, like, almost immediately.

    • Um February 24, 2015

      Not everyone likes her voice. I don’t like her voice, I think she souns pretentious as f***.

  9. HYISI February 23, 2015

    You’re really going to compare a pop singer to a writer of not one but several successful shows? In what world is scandal irrelevant?The performance wasnt all of that, we got better vocals last week at stevie’s tribute,but I will say she could’ve been a little more tackful. However, it is disgusting as hell how people gang up on people on the internet if they dont agree with them Whatever happened to allowing people have different opinions and respecting them? Especially a stanbase of an artist who’s last album tanked. Monsters will always be the reason why people dont like or give Gaga a chance. S*** people are just now figuring out she can actually sing

  10. Tyler February 23, 2015

    TriniPrincess didnt have s*** else to say because she knows good and damn well that “Scandal” is faaaaarrrr from irrelevant.

  11. Whitney/Mariah/Celine February 23, 2015

    I’m living for that Phylicia Rashad meme, yesss Ms Hextable.

    • TheElusiveLamb February 24, 2015

      I’m living for your name!

      • Whitney/Mariah/Celine February 24, 2015

        Thanks doll, and i’m living for your reads, the way you Catholic school these girls, it’s hilarious.

  12. TheElusiveLamb February 24, 2015

    I love Shonda’s work (not her) and that Gaga performance (not her), so I have no comment. I just think people need to realize that you can’t please everyone, and no artist or voice is for everyone. People are entitled to their opinions. End of discussion.

  13. Charlieyoncé February 24, 2015

    Shonda stick to storytelling and scriptwriting boo, music ain’t your thing. That was unnecessary shade

  14. I die 4 nicki February 24, 2015

    Everyone knows Shonda is a troll, Empire is breaking all the records there is to break in the series world(just tore apart Grey’s record in ratings last week), she needs as much publicity as she can get, I guess that Heigl diss isn’t helping again eh! Shonda is a fantastic writer, but her personality is like that of
    F** bird at age 5. #barbznation!!!!

  15. Rosie February 24, 2015

    That was unnecessary shade but the kii is if this was the Hive this post would’ve already been at 100+ comments calling them poor and telling them to get a life.
    It was a good performance. Let them have this moment, please. And they better pray their fave doesn’t f*** it up once again when it’s time for the REAL era to begin.

    • Paulo February 24, 2015

      when you stan for who you do, you don’t get to comment on LIVE PERFORMANCES and VOCALS. GaGa could f*** up yet still sound miles better than Llama. go play UltraEarRape and cry about your pepsi-cola stale p**** and stay mad at GaGa trending when it’s not even “the REAL era”.

  16. Randomly February 24, 2015

    So I had a thought between personal preference and being prejudice; where is the line drawn. This thought originated from when I ask my mom why she wasn’t watching HGTV and she said she wasn’t watching the channel because Ellen’s show was on and because she a lesbian (which conflicts with her Christian beliefs). Then I thought “Well what if a person didn’t want to select someone for a job or whatever not because of qualification purposes but because their race doesn’t go with their personal preference. Or in other words my mother wasn’t buying into Ellen’s product because she’s a lesbian, just as CEO won’t higher a persons outside their race for a product because of their race differs from their own.

  17. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWeave February 24, 2015

    ‘seriously disappointed in you Shonda, you help break stereotypes but you can’t help gaga expand her range’… LOL wtf did this bìtch read her tweet before she sent it. How stupid can you get. So you want to discredit all of the groundbreaking work that Shonda has done for over a decade just because she doesn’t like the performance. who the fuq cares, people needs to get a grip and how can you call scandal a flop when its at its highest ratings ever and sometimes outpeaks Grey Anatomy (average 9-10 M a week). Why don’t her vocal fans go and purchase her CD with that pensioner and stop trying to call other people out.

  18. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWeave February 24, 2015

    SCREAMING! at the one fan who dragged Scott foleys ‘D-List abs’, I have to agree with you on that one. He’s supposed to be a leading man but he has a gut that even a Krispy Kreme’s employee would be disgusted by.

  19. JOHNVIDAL February 24, 2015

    It´s one of the very few times I´ve ever seen when 99% of people agrees it was an outstanding performance. Film critics who don´t give a damn about these music stars and all. They were absolutely impressed.
    Surprises me seeing someone bringing that performance down? What does Idina being there have to do with anything? Idina sang last year (and cracked btw, no shade cause voices are not machines, but if we want to start saying stupid things we could start with that). Such an out of order comment.

    • reductive February 24, 2015

      Her voice sounds assholish

      • reductive February 24, 2015

        My mom is a s*** and i am an abortion survivor

  20. Sandra February 24, 2015

    I agree with Shonda Rimes comment. I didn’t like GaGa’s performance at all. GaGa’s voice isn’t genuine and has no personality. And I still don’t understand why GaGa even performed at the Oscars. What connection does she have to that? Maybe she paid to perform?

    • Gaga’s Little lamb February 24, 2015

      It was a tribute you idiot!
      Tt’s not like she went there and did her own songs like bad romance and born this way.
      You haters are never satisfied but then again what else can you do when you got nothing good going on In your life your main purpose is to be bitter and mean behind a computer screen while the person you busy trolling is out there getting all the applause and success stay pressed hun!
      P!nk did a tribute at the Oscars last year yet I don’t see any of you bitching and complaining.

      • reductive February 24, 2015

        Born This Way is not really her own song.

  21. Gaga’s Little lamb February 24, 2015

    I love you Shonda! got my first kiss while watching season 4 of Grey’s Anatomy

  22. Yuk February 24, 2015

    A basic b**** covering Classics.

  23. reductive February 24, 2015

    Time i take my Arvs living with a*** is not a joke i hate my mama for passing it on to me via birth

  24. LadyFLOP February 24, 2015

    Gaga is a flop no oscars will help her

  25. Tia February 24, 2015

    Lady gaga’s voice has no sense of direction she sounds like a goat

    • Alexis February 24, 2015

      You got be black.

  26. reductive February 24, 2015

    She is a has been and no clinging onto the oscars for relevance

  27. SMH February 24, 2015

    Shonda is just upset because Empire has made scandal and all the rest of her crap irrelevant. And Gaga’s haters are still mad because their scalps are still sore from getting snatched by Gaga on Sunday night. Proceed with your hating, crybabies. Won’t change the fact that Lady Gaga was the star of this year’s Academy Awards.

  28. gina February 24, 2015

    scandal is irrelevant. grey’s anatomy BEEN irrelevant. It’s all about EMPIRE. Gaga slayed so shonda can sit on it.

  29. Alexis February 24, 2015

    Shes just a fat, hungry, fried KFC chicken eating WHALE. She needs to concentrate on her boring TV shows that are stuck in the same story line. Maybe she should ask Lady Gaga for help.

  30. HYISI February 24, 2015

    You guys are full of s***!
    Empire hasn’t made any other tv show irrelevant but Power that comes on showtime.It’s okay to be mad at what she said but to put out false info is just stupid. Fat or not that women has put in work and has so many hit shows that she could retire today. She’ll still be here long after Gaga’s career is gone

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