It’s Handled! ‘Scandal’ Officially Renewed For 5th Season

Published: Friday 8th May 2015 by Sam

It’s official. ‘Scandal’ will be back for a fifth run.

Details below…

The hit ABC show, which focusses on the dramatic life of political fixer Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington), announced today that it’ll be back on the box for a fifth season later this year:

For many, the news will not come as a surprise given that the Shonda Rhimes show has maintained solid ratings for much of its current fourth outing (despite averaging less viewers that previous seasons).


‘Scandal’s flaw-free streak may have ended last season, but we still feel there’s more story to tell and the opportunity to do so in a compelling way.

Pending then, click here to watch a sneak peek of the season four finale.

Your thoughts?

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    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 8, 2015

      Dumb af, Patti Labelle compared Beyonce to herself and said she had longevity. The real kii is Patti saying Tamar sang her face off when she know damn well Tamar’s real face died 15 years ago. #CheckYoFacts

      • Rated R May 8, 2015

        Don’t be shady , Don’t act like Tamar can’t sing when she can . Just say that you don’t agree with Patti’s comparison.

      • maurice May 8, 2015

        Gurl bye, Patti is one old HEFFA.
        She said “even you” after saying those positive things about Beyonce, so she’s saying Beyonce is on the same level with Tamar, which is absurd.
        I cant wit idiots that don’t have a degree in nothing.
        BYE wig.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 8, 2015

        @Rated R if you’re addressing me, my shade was aimed at Tamar’s plastic surgery not her singing ability, which you knew but decided to overlook because you wanted to argue with a BeyStan tonight. You want a dragging so bad that you’re overlooking maurice’s original comment about Tamar being low level, but mmmkay

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 8, 2015

      @maurice Your biggest issue is that you lack common sense. You subscribe to TGJ email alerts/notifications and the moment a beyonce-related post pops up you jump to the comment section, so you can be first person to leave pointless drivel. And common sense would tell you to simply ignore it but you can’t help yourself. Today you’ve been even more ridiculous than usual to post a reaching-ass beyonce video on a Scandal post that has no relation to her. Patti is a Legend and she is paying two singers a compliment which you’ve managed to twist, but I expect no less from someone that lacks COMMON SENSE!

      • maurice May 9, 2015

        Alerts? bish I aint doing all that now.
        I go on the site and see what interests me.
        Run along now, witch yo stanning hating a$$

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 9, 2015

        Okay Mauritius, let’s not take your trolling into another day. Did you get an alert to respond to my comment? or were you that bothered that you decided to check back for response a day later LOL! #ByeMaurisha #ItsHandled

  1. You wanna love it right bettor then my funky money May 9, 2015

    ???????? nice sneak peek for that show

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