Kelly Rowland Reveals All On New BET Show ‘Chasing Destiny’

Published: Thursday 9th Jul 2015 by Sam

As the music industry continues its shape-shift into full-on 360 territory, artists are tasked with finding new ways to intensify their spotlight.

Kelly Rowland appears to have clocked game, because beyond cooking up a new “uptempo” album, the 34-year-old is also broadening her TV portfolio.

Fresh from being confirmed for a stint on FOX  hit ‘Empire,’ the songstress has also been snapped up by BET to front her own talent search, aptly titled ‘Chasing Destiny.’

Prior to now, little has been known about the show’s specifics beyond the fact that Rowland would be piecing together a girl-group.

However, during a recent sit-down at the 2015 Essence Music Festival, Ms. Kelly spilled all on ‘Destiny’s’ exciting concept.

Per the video below, she revealed to host Adrienne Bailon that filming is already underway and that she’s teamed with Frank Gatson – one of the major creative forces behind Destiny’s Child and the solo careers of its members.

Check it out after the jump…

Sounds like a ‘Making The Band’ for the new generation. We approve! Do you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mhud July 9, 2015

    I love her so much.

    • You tried July 9, 2015

      This may be interesting ! I thought at first they were saying she was going to have to ACT lol this could be good

  2. #JACKIE July 9, 2015

    Who is gonna watch that crap honestly

    • maurice July 9, 2015

      gurl. only 4 million people watched your fave acting silly on that nbc show that she co-judges with like 5 other people.
      watch the cancelation next season.
      *sips tea

      • kay July 9, 2015

        Kelly’s will be on BET with “Keyshia Coleslaw mama and nem.”
        Ciara’s show got picked up a day after the finale.

  3. Stephon Maurice Jackson July 9, 2015

    Beyonce’s Child.

    • Jamie July 9, 2015

      Better Bee’s child than Janets. We saw Good Times b****.

  4. Sage July 9, 2015

    LOL yeah good luck with that.

    Anyways “FLOP SLEEP” by Tranet has completely fallen off the Hot 100 after just a week! But she’s “slaying” right??? Queen Janet (Tranet) right? ROFLMAO! Has been FLOOOOOOOOPPPP!!!!

    • What now July 9, 2015


  5. Mark111 July 9, 2015

    With sales being so low, it’s stupid to be in a froup

  6. What now July 9, 2015


  7. Centurion July 9, 2015

    Although she can’t sell anything really, she got to where she is or was by herself.
    She didn’t sleep her way to the top; she didn’t lighten her skin, she didn’t back-stab people, she isn’t a major hypocrite, she didn’t have an adulterous father with connections, she’s very sweet and humble, not petty, etc.
    My point is, she got to where she is through hard work, but most importantly, ethically. ‘Hell’ has a seat reserved for her “sister.”

    • fatusankoh July 9, 2015

      Centurion you are sick you need help all this hate lies you keep saying about some one you don’t know go away no one cares about your lies

      • Centurion July 9, 2015

        ???? ???? ????
        ???? ???? ???? ????

  8. StrawberryMuffin24 July 9, 2015

    Kelly sit down her voice sucks and so does her music!

    • Jamie July 9, 2015

      And so does your mouth.

  9. Kelendria July 9, 2015

    The show just wouldn’t be right without at least a walk on from Beyoncé and Michelle

  10. Mark111 July 9, 2015

    With sales being low, being in a group is stupid and just 3 to 4 cuts out of your pie. (EXTRA CUTS, not even counting the label.)

  11. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 9, 2015

    I’d really like to see a girl group get past album 4 with all of its original members. It’s like a curse or something… And I would love to see a good r&b group in the vein of En Vogue, DC4, TLC, SWV, Jade or Xscape hit it big in today’s market. There is definitely a gap in the market for it, and little mix are not cutting it sorry!

  12. Navy Nick July 9, 2015

    Loving it: should be fun

  13. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 9, 2015

    Oh the irony of Adrienne Failon hosting, as if she didn’t help cover up the infamous ‘Fried Chicken, biscuits & gravy’ incident that pushed Naturi out of 3LW. Anyways I’m not gon front like they didn’t have some nice bops back in the days. I wonder what happened to the other girl with the chipmunk teeth and the lisp????????????.

  14. jeremih stan July 9, 2015

    Girl groups are DATED and so are these talent search shows. If I were a singer I wouldn’t even waste my time. Kelly can’t even promote her damn self, what is she gonna do with a whole group? Kii

    • Kellyrowlandarmy July 9, 2015

      You’re a Jeremih Stan Lmao. You have no room to talk

  15. jammy July 9, 2015

    lol her statement about no other girl groups having impact lately was shade to Danity Kane

  16. ok July 9, 2015

    all those beautiful talenterd black women in Hollywood and in the broadcast journalism and they couldnt find a sista to host this Essence event….. SMH. no disrespect to Adrienne but I see her trying to throw shade at sistas on THE REAL.

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