TGJ’s Top 5 Reality Show Moments This Week


The reality television field has become a large community within itself, almost so much so that it becomes hard to keep up with the daily dramas. Don’t worry, That Grape Juice has you covered with the Top 5 Moments For The Week!

5. Karlie Redd reveals her new beau. (Love and Hip Hop Atlanta; VH1)

In a true LOL worthy moment, Karlie Redd reveals to both Kaleena and Joseline Hernandez that she is dating “Lyfe”. When quizzed just who her new storyline bae is, Karlie discloses she has been seeing Lyfe Jennings for quite some time! Not only was this random moment the funniest part of the episode, it also reeked of desperation and guarantees we will see the couple on next season. Sidebar: Did anyone else think Lyfe was going to start singing when he began scolding Karlie Redd at the Empire Records event? Nonetheless, if Karlie’s happy, we’re all happy, right?

4. Deidra lets them eat cake! (Cutting It In The ATL; WE TV)

Once a mess, always a mess. This inaugural season of Cutting It In The ATL has been filled with $50 hair weaves, wig pulling, and enough shade to fill a lamp store! How do the ladies decide to end their first season, with a bang of course! Deidra decides to go into business of her own and brings a cake to the party, with $50 Weave Salon mogul Maja Sly‘s mugshot on it! While Deidra was busy bringing cakes, she should have taken a slice and eaten it, followed with a piece of humble pie. We’re going to pray for this lady!

3. The Queen Bee returns to the hive! (Married to Medicine; Bravo)

Queen Bee Mariah Huq returned to her throne on the last episode of Married to Medicine, meeting up with frienemy Quad Webb-Lunceford. While the two dished over their friendship gone wrong, Quad filled Mariah in on her recent feud with Lisa Nicole Cloud, prompting Mariah to remind her that it was she who thought Quad should have left Lisa Nicole in the “grave” where she found her. It was at that moment the dynamic duo (and main reason for watching) was back after they drug Lisa through the graveyard and did Michael Jackson’s Thriller routine on it for good measure.

2. Hollywood Divas returns with Season 2. (Hollywood Divas; TV One)

The Divas returned with a bang, and shade too! Lisa Wu was out for blood in the season premiere after finding out from Paula Jai Parker that Elise Neal conspired to cut the divas out of the financial profit from their movie ‘The White Sisters’ Lisa had a desert lit fire under her behind and was about to go WWE on Elise until the bomb was dropped that Paula was in on the deal too! Talk about your shady palm trees! Also lighting up the screen was fan favorite Countess Vaughn who seems to get the brunt of the ladies shade with one fried chicken joke too many. Countess always takes the high road because we’re sure if she stuck a needle in some of those ladies that botox, fillers, and silicone would all rush out of their pores, and perhaps a little chicken grease too!

1. T.D. Jakes blasts the Braxtons with a truth cannon! (Braxton Family Values; WE TV)

Picking up where last week left off, T.D. Jakes finally has enough and lays each Braxton sister out with a truth cannon! Labelling the girls petty, ungrateful, spoiled, and selfish for their treatment towards each other over the last few seasons, it was at this moment that someone was finally able to get through to the women and make them realize that they have what others would gladly accept and to be humble about their blessings. T.D. then called for the sisters do what they do best, which is sing. What resulted was an amazing rendition of ‘The Lord’s Prayer,’ tears, hugs, and laughs. Maybe now we could get that EP they’ve been discussing for years and years?

What were some of your favorite moments from the past week in reality TV?

Your thoughts?

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