Joseline Hernandez Leads ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ To Monday Night Ratings Glory

Published: Thursday 6th Aug 2015 by David

VH1‘s ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ continues to dominate U.S. TV ratings this year!

Hit the link below to find out how and why the series topped Monday night’s cable ratings chart.

Storylines fronted by the show’s leading lady Joseline Hernandez pushed the series to the top of Monday night’s tally making it the highest rated TV series in America on the night.

The show is currently on its fourth season and has seen Hernandez lead fresh stories that revolve around her husband’s (producer Steven Jordan)  relationships with Lil Kim’s former protege’ Tiffany Foxx and the adult entertainer Jessica Dimepiece.

So, just how many ‘Hip Hop’ fans tuned in to catch its latest episode on the night?




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  1. BeyKnowlesBest August 6, 2015

    I live for miss Joseline

  2. Casual-T August 6, 2015

    I still watch this show b/c it’s entertaining, but the storylines are contrived to the point of being absurd. Offering Margeaux the opportunity to appear on a magazine cover, of even a small magazine, is not exactly revenge as I see it. I didn’t believe ANY of the Kirk/Rasheeda/Ashley storyline. Kalenna is a thirstbucket come turn-up queen — gotta keep those checks coming in from this show b/c they’re not coming from music. The Joseline / Jessica Dime storyline was entertaining enough, but JD is another turn-up queen with nothing really interesting about her on her own. Tiffany Foxx seems to be in Karlie Redd’s age range, but ultimately, she’s not ratchet enough for this show. Where is PreMadonna, and why did she confessionals early in this season? Scrappy is boring.

    Aside from the Joseline / JD storyline, the only really entertaining storyline this year stemmed from Joc, KD, and the Baby Zeta Mamas sorority. Ironically, my favorite woman on this show other than Joseline is Karlie Redd, b/c she’s actually got a personality that’s entertaining, though she’s ratchet and messy. Unlike RHOA, this show at least features lots of divergent storylines, so even though a lot of the storylines are stale, the show still seems kinda fresh.

  3. Llooyd August 6, 2015

    Amazing, these no talent – tricks get screen time and have basically no talent and full of drama.

    I refuse to watch this mess. Poor excuse for black people.

    • WE FOUND RIHANNA August 8, 2015

      But the main star is Latino on both of the main shows, ATL & NY. Joseline Hernadez & Erica Mena. As mentioned in this article “Joseline Hernadez Leads LHHATL to Ratings Glory” NO OTHER BLACK STAR ON ALL 3 FRANCHISES GETS MORE CAMERA TIME THAN HER.

  4. MISSY August 6, 2015

    who is watching a bunch of burnt out t***** looking women sleeping with each others deadbeat old men???

    all the make and weave just look like transexuals and the spanish women also look beat-up. Everyone wants to be a star with not any talent

  5. ClassifiedDivaa August 6, 2015

    When the ratings had a slight dip in the beginning of the season Benzino was broadcasting the #s saying its cuz of him and that gurl he with was kicked off the show. Now that the ratings are beyond high (for this show) he has yet to say anything about it…no need in being salty sir lol

  6. EyeOfOsiris August 6, 2015

    Sick of TV being overly catered to women and gays. We need some alpha male shows that don’t target d*** suckers.

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