TV Teaser: How To Get Away With Murder (Season 2 / Episode 5)

Published: Friday 16th Oct 2015 by David


Forget Fridays, it appears all the action takes place Thursday nights on ABC.

Smash hit series ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ is back for an action-packed second season.

The legal drama, which stars Emmy winner Viola Davis, follows a group of ambitious law students and their brilliant criminal defence professor. Last season the group become involved in a twisted murder plot and this plays out the aftermath – which boasts even more roller-coasters.

It all makes for a riveting watch. We’re already hooked!

Peep the preview of episode 5 of season 2 below…

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  1. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 16, 2015

    Yes David, gurl u betta receive your life!!!!!! I liked this post, simple and effective (and not just a redundant copy of last week, like Sams). Also Ajá is serving Nubian Princess in that photo ????????

    • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans October 16, 2015

      Come on, come on, come on through over HERE, Ms. Annalise! I got my homework today, professor! That avi is LIFE in its entirety.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 16, 2015

        Professor Keating if Ya Nasty ????

      • Baddie Bey October 23, 2015

        I doubt he would delete his own hard work sis.

    • Coolio October 16, 2015

      What happened to the original article?

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 16, 2015

        Well ……. David got upset that I referred to him as ‘gurl’.. so he decided to ignore my compliment and change the entire layout and picture (AS IF I CARE LMAO!). It’s called cutting your nose to spite your face, because now no-one will see his original post. Tut Tut Tut.
        Then again I could be wrong, there’s a small chance that he didn’t get permission to use Aja’s picture in the article, and her reps asked him to take it down. But the fact that he deliberately reposted Sam’s comments shows that he was just being a petty b*tch!

  2. ughh.. October 16, 2015

    Last night’s episode!!!! This is truly the best show on television at the moment. Ashers snitchin ass needs to get checked! I was so glad Bonnie caught him! I can’t believe Nates wife asked Annalise to help her commit suicide?!? Bish whett?? It’s funny how everyone thinks Annalise is the one killing everybody yet she’s the only one who hasn’t gotten her hands dirty. I got my life when she clocked Connors paranoid ass. Lol she said “don’t you ever f*ck with any of my cases again” shut him down REAL QUICK!

    • AmbeRussell October 16, 2015

      funny connor does not want any more blood on his hand, BUT they go and kill more people…wtf?!. but how did asher get started working with the prosecutor?

  3. AmbeRussell October 16, 2015

    i trully enjoy this show. this, ahs, and a few others are my favorites on tv at the moment. though it gets confusing (since i missed when asher started to work for the other team) but no the the less a good show. these 7 weeks/ 4 weeks into the future got me asking why can’t these kids stop killing somebody. like damn. how hard is it to not kill someone, let alone 3 people in a lifetime?!

  4. another bty day something ain’t wrong October 16, 2015

    The show is amazing and me, my folks love it as well my friends

  5. BangBang October 16, 2015

    Amazing show!

  6. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 16, 2015

    SCREAMS! David I caught the shade, messy boots!

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