Golden Brooks Loses ‘Lethal Weapon’ Role…And Is Replaced By ‘Girlfriends’ Co-Star

Published: Thursday 17th Mar 2016 by David

Fans of the Reality TV series ‘Hollywood Divas‘ are very familiar with Golden Brooks‘, one of the show’s players, quest to crack Hollywood following her successful run on the hit show ‘Girlfriends.’

So her fans will be disappointed to learn that she has lost a major role in the forthcoming ‘Lethal Weapon‘ TV series…shortly after she secured it.

Surprising news below…

Fox‘s take on the original film is based on the successful movie franchise and enlisted Brooks to take one of its leading female roles.

Alas, misfortune struck the entertainer when its creatives decided to boot her from the series after a table read hours ago.

That isn’t the worst of it.

For, Brooks then learned she’d been replaced by her ‘Girlfriends’ co-star Keesha Sharp.

‘Deadline’ explains:

Sharp will play Roger’s hardworking, perceptive and loving wife Trish, who worries about him and is not thrilled when she hears about his new adrenaline-crazed partner. In the movies, Trish was played by Darlene Love and Roger by Danny Glover.

Golden is yet to respond to the interesting move.

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  1. Jessica March 17, 2016


  2. credits March 17, 2016

    Poor thing. I’ve watched hollywood divas and I want to see her win.

  3. MUSICHEAD March 17, 2016

    Kesha would be a better fit

    • x_x March 17, 2016

      I agree– and, not for nothing, but Keesha is a better actor (actress for the PC). Golden Brooks is very much.. Golden Brooks. On Girlfriends, I could never tell if Golden was playing Mya or if Mya was playing Golden.

      Either way, chin up kid. On to the next project.

      • Annalise March 17, 2016

        Yes, Golden was just playing herself in Girlfriends, which is why all of her roles are a variation of Maya.

  4. Kemar (@S_C_Jr on Twitter) March 17, 2016

    That sucks. 🙁

  5. Love March 17, 2016

    Golden isn’t a skilled actress but to be replaced by a former costar? That seems very shady. How convenient that Keesha was available to fill the role within a matter of hours. This is why you should never rest on your laurels because someone with more talent and tenacity may come and take what you thought would always be yours.

  6. sleazy March 17, 2016

    i never liked kesha thats sad!! i thought they replaced her with the queen Toni Childs

  7. Lets Be Real March 17, 2016

    Oh hellllll no*mya voice*

  8. ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? March 17, 2016

    “Gotta jump through hoops to get to you, to anything I own.
    Even if I could be close to you, you never break the fall.
    Shake this divide when right on my side for every angle that I try. Still I jump through hoops to get to you.”


    I only just discovered this song yesterday, and as soon as I saw the music video I was hypnotized in a trance. These lyrics for perfectly with all of the trials she’s been experiencing with securing a major role to relaunch her acting career….and I just feel so bad for her. This meant so much to her, and to have it taken away by someone close is just terrifying. I wish Golden the absolute best in all her future endeavors. That big role will come along one day soon enough.

  9. True Lambily March 17, 2016

    She probably throwing a huge fit rite now!!!

  10. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl March 17, 2016

    Got damn bet she’s mad as hell

  11. Yep! March 18, 2016

    Well for what it’s worth, that little snippet video was everything. Keshia Sharp has some great acting chops!

    Something else will come for Golden.

  12. Lake Erie March 18, 2016

    Damn Golden! She was one of my favorites on Girlfriends and Hollywood Divas. I hope something better comes for her. I will say she showed her skills in the movie “motives”. That wasn’t golden or mya. Keep it pushing Golden!

  13. Vinz Prasetyo March 24, 2016

    nice article.. haa

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