Netflix Pumps $90 Million Into New Will Smith Movie

Published: Sunday 20th Mar 2016 by David

Will Smith has found a very good friend in Netflix.

Hit the link below to find out how and why his next movie project will impact the service’s subscribers.

Keen to capitalise on Smith’s power at the Box Office (his success there recently pushed his net worth to a reported $250 million) the platform have signed off on a deal which sees them invest “north of $90 million” in his new movie ‘Bright.’

The psychological thriller will see David Ayer serve as its director when shooting begins this summer alongside the actor Joel Edgerton and its script writer Max Landis who bagged $3 million for his creative troubles.

‘Deadline’ adds:

Deadline revealed it was coming to market on March 2, because Ayer and Smith just completed the Warner Bros/DC film Suicide Squad, which is expected to be a major summer hit.

Though it will be R-rated, Bright is much closer to Men in Black‘s commercial qualities and VFX than anything Netflix has done before, and it is meant to launch a franchise.

A release date for the LA-shot movie is yet to be announced.

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  1. Cinnamon Girl March 20, 2016

    Will Smith is corny as hell but he’s making his money so I’m not mad at him

    • Aguilera March 20, 2016

      You would know all about corny considering how you Stan for C-Error…

      • Cinnamon Girl March 20, 2016

        Is anyone talking? *Looks around*

    • LmfaoHoe March 20, 2016

      Will corny? B**** please. His bank account says Hello *Adele voice. Most influential and knows how to make a movie. His recents may have not done major but like TGJ just stated Suicide Squad gonna do big numbers and is one of 2016 most anticipated filcks of the year along with Batman vs. Superman and Captain America: Civial war.

      • Cinnamon Girl March 20, 2016

        Will Smith is boring and corny. But he’s making bank

  2. betes March 20, 2016

    WILL JADEN JADA WILLOW = GAY asf family. Jadens acting in AFTER EARTH was laughable both deserved that RAZZIE AWARD.

  3. Thando March 20, 2016

    When it comes to acting, Will Smith is an unreliable warrior. Action-leaning flicks are his thing, that’s why he’s so wealthy. But honestly I have never been convinced by any of his dramatic acting. He’s a good actor but well within the confines of ordinary.

    • Reality March 20, 2016

      Except for The Pursuit Of Happiness. I think he did real good in that.

  4. betes March 20, 2016

    ^^^WELL SAID. his best acting was in 7 pounds and that movie sucked. Ali was ok but jamie did better as ray charles. I damn near thot he was ray charles lol. Its jamie that deserves Wills status & wealth.

  5. OMG Logic!!! March 20, 2016

    I hope that movie doesn’t require him to do an accent. He was absolutely dreadful in Concussion.

  6. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl March 20, 2016

    Nice good for will & jade Smith

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