The Oscars Announce New Diversity-Endorsing Plans

Published: Wednesday 16th Mar 2016 by David

The Academy Awards committee is determined to rebuild its system after it was accused of discriminating against actors of colour.

This week, following the media storm it was forced to face after this year’s nominees were announced, it has announced that it is to implement new plans set to make the aforementioned discrimination a thing of the past.

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‘The Hollywood Reporter‘ explains:

In its efforts to diversify voices within the organization, the Academy board also appointed additional Academy members to each of the board’s six oversight committees.

Mexico-born actor Gael Garcia Bernal, whose credits range from Y Tu Mama Tambien to the current Amazon series Mozart in the Jungle, is joining the awards and events committee, chaired by first vp Jeffrey Kurland; cinematographer Amy Vincent, whose work includes Hustle & Flowand Black Snake Moan, is joining the preservation and history committee, chaired by vp John Bailey; producer Effie Brown, who emerged as a champion of diversity in the recent edition of HBO’s Project Greenlight, is joining the museum committee, chaired by vp Kathleen Kennedy; executive Marcus Hu, co-founder of the indie distributor Strand Releasing, and animator Floyd Norman, whose long list of credits encompass work on the 1967 animated Jungle Book and 2001’s Monsters Inc., are joining the education and outreach committee, chaired by vp Bill Kroyer; executive Vanessa Morrison, president of Fox Animation, is joining the finance committee, chaired by treasurer Jim Gianopulos; and producer Stephanie Allain, director of Film Independent’s Los Angeles Film Festival, is joining the membership and administration committee, chaired by secretary Phil Robinson.

There’s more.

As well as diversifying its voting board, the academy has changed its rules in ways which are set to ruffle the feathers of some of those of its members who have retained their voting privileges without contributing to the changing industry within the last ten years.

‘Hollywood‘ explains:

Most of the members who are still on the chopping block are probably people who were invited to join based on a brief but impressive body of work, and who then left the film industry entirely for one reason or another.

The original rule, which many believe is to blame for the organisation’s “old fashioned” take on diversity, sees members allowed to retain their rights if they have worked within the industry within three consecutive ten-year periods.

Some critics believes that this rule allowed older and allegedly prejudice members to push actors of colour out of the equation because, according to said critics, they were unwilling to adapt to or unfamiliar with change.

Those who hoped it would be scrapped may be upset to learn that it hasn’t been.

Instead, its been reworded to “require activity anytime during three 10-year periods whether consecutive or not.”

However, that doesn’t mean their behaviour won’t go unmonitored.


The board has now foisted the final decisions about whether or not a member retains voting privileges on to each branch’s executive committee, which the board has also empowered to “determine specific criteria” to consider when they meet “every two years — starting this spring — to review their members and determine any potential reclassifications. The committees also will adopt an appeals process for members who may lose their voting privileges.”

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  1. Mariah The Legend March 16, 2016

    the shade in all these beyonce videos and pictures. Beyonce cant act. Beyonce couldnt to save her life LMFAOOOOOOOOOO

    • Mooriah Cowrey March 16, 2016

      Glitter says hello

      • Sam March 16, 2016

        But Precious & Beloved says girl bye

      • NOLA girl March 16, 2016


      • Tyler Makiavelli March 16, 2016

        BLOOP! lolol

    • rosy3 March 16, 2016

      I agree the pathetic attempt with this tired wig sam and his cronies is at it again the navy should get a blog just for rihanna and drag everyone else for dear life and be bias

  2. Jamon March 16, 2016

    How are you going to talk about the Oscars and have Beyonce on here. Halle Berry, Denzel or one of the other acclaimed ACTRESS/ACTOR would of been more appropriate. The thirst of TGJ is unreal.

  3. Your faves toenail March 16, 2016

    They’re doing this out of straight up pity. Viewership is at a steady decline and ABC doesn’t want to lose advertisers for next year.

    Chile, bye! The Academy has been catering to the same white audience since the 1900s! They’re not fooling anyone.

  4. Your faves toenail March 16, 2016

    And David have a seat with these Beyawnce clips and her flat acting. Even she knows she can’t act…. Right?

  5. Jamie March 16, 2016

    At this point, whatever they do I’d gonna seem unrewarding and inauthentic.

  6. Thando March 16, 2016

    Dear lord, this Beyonce woman is a rather poor actor.

  7. DIABETES UNBOTHERED March 16, 2016

    Actors that deserverd an OSCAR Before Halle berry jennifer hudson & Lupita…


    • Jamon March 16, 2016

      1st. Hudson, Lupita, and Gabby weren’t even out before Halle Berry.
      2nd. Halle deserved her oscar.
      3rd. Why would you want to take away the 1st and currently only African American female to receive the award honor. We’re supposed to be building them up, not tearing them down.
      4th. Beyonce isn’t a “Actress”. She gets rolls based off of celebrity. No shade intended, she’s not the only singer to do so.

    • Jamon March 16, 2016

      I’m sorry but when I look at that clip, I only see Beyonce with a wig. She didn’t even try to talk like Etta. That’s why this film didn’t get any recognition. She did a good job with the songs though.

  8. Dev March 16, 2016

    Okay, it’s established that Beyonce can’t act. Sam, you may worship her to high heaven and wish she was your lord a saviour or you mother … but she can’t act.

    Now, the changes that need to be made is the old school mentality where film companies only endorse films where black people are slaves, drug dealers or damaged (or comedians & sports stars) and when caucasian writers and directors feel the need to tap into black culture where there are black writers and directors who can do the job.

    All of the Oscar women of late won because they were maids, slaves or abused and were never seen again when their roles expanded to other genres.

    they also need to stop selling films as black movies. People are speaking english and our same white counterparts movies are not being called white movies

  9. Barb B**** March 16, 2016

    Tried it with Beyonce picture. Although she was great in that.

  10. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl March 16, 2016

    Have beyonce knowles ever took acting class in high school or when she was in her 20’s

  11. Jennigfer March 18, 2016

    Why the Beyonce picture? Never could she ever.

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