Kevin Hart To Launch Video On Demand Service With ‘Lionsgate’

Published: Friday 1st Apr 2016 by David

The representation of African-Americans in his films may have given many cause to pause in recent years, but that’s done little to stop the rise of the comedian that is Kevin Hart.

What he has up his sleeve this time?

A multi-million dollar deal with ‘Lionsgate’ which will spawn a video on demand service…and a mobile video game.

Good news below…

Indie Wire reports:

Kevin Hart (via his company, Hartbeat Digital) and Lionsgate studios have teamed up to launch a new video-on-demand (VOD) service called Laugh Out Loud, among other ventures in a deal that will see the two collaborate in multiple areas also including a new social adventure mobile tablet game, and other mutually-beneficial initiatives.

The new Laugh Out Loud service will serve as the exclusive home for all content created by Hart, including original series starring Hart, except for his theatrical releases and live touring events.

One of the first projects being developed is a hidden camera original series in which Hart stars as an undercover Lyft driver.

…and the game?

The deal will also bring in game developer Fifth Journey to create a social adventure mobile game starring and written in collaboration with Hart. Players become comedic rock stars with Hart as their mentor, embarking on adventures that include touring the country, starring in movies, hosting award shows and more. Game choices, mini-games and features will incorporate Hart’s trademark humor and emphasize positivity.

Epic news.

Let’s hope Hart starts to take his roles just as seriously as he does his business.

For, unlike Eddie Murphy before him, Hart’s rise in Hollywood has often seen him serve as “the joke” and not an extremely skilled comedian capable of telling “the joke.”

This doesn’t seem too problematic now, but we can’t see his career being looked at fondly in years to come when audiences realise how questionable some of his projects are (see ‘Get Hard’ storyline and constant self-denigration.)

So as fans of the entertainer we hope the next few years bring with it roles worthy of his skill, comedic or or not, and continue to see him make moves that have made his journey so inspiring.

Your thoughts?

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  1. king April 1, 2016

    I don’t find keven hart funny I find him goofy. But one thing I will sat. He’s about his business hustle. I always say study the careers of those who come before you and figure out with they did to get their career, business, and empire of the ground. And figure out a way to make it work for you
    . and that’s exactly what he did

  2. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl April 2, 2016

    People say he’s not that funny

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