Retro Rewind: Beyonce’s ‘Carmen’

Published: Saturday 16th Apr 2016 by David

Welcome to Retro Rewind, the TGJ original feature launched to celebrate TV and Film’s glorious past.

Today, before the release of her new projectLemonade, Beyonce‘s portrayal of Bizet’s ‘Carmen’ is the object of this edition’s desire.

Released as an MTV movie in 2001, ‘Carmen: A Hip Hopera’ told the tragic tale of a fame-thirsty young lady named Carmen Brown whose quest for her love power in the mean streets of Philadelphia and LA takes her on a journey which ends with death.

The project would kick start what would become a box office rocking movie career with help from her co-stars Bow Wow, Rah Digga, Wyclef Jean, Rah Digga, Jermaine Dupri and Mos Def.

Ready to take that walk dow memory lane?

Meet Carmen below…

…and behind the scenes…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Annalise April 16, 2016

    The red lippy was everything hunnie!!!

    • RihRihFashion April 16, 2016

      Her lips were just as red as the Rotten Tomatoes score she got for this movie. Her acting skill is so flat my bedroom walls are envious of her.

      • Gwen Slayfani April 16, 2016

        Battleshit says hi boo boo.

      • Annalise April 16, 2016

        I’M SCREAMING @ the slavi and their random ass accounts that conveniently show up whenever Beyonce is doing something. That was an awful attempt sis, did you even try?

      • Annalise April 16, 2016

        @fRihfRihFashion Bring It On: All or Nothing also says bonjour!… B*TCH!

    • Lopez 4 President April 16, 2016

      You mentioned her lipstick but not her acting? So telling.

      • Annalise April 16, 2016

        FYI I haven’t actually seen the entire film, however the fact that after 15 years B*tches like yourself came running to this post with your tongues out, shows that the film clearly does have relevance and impact.

  2. Bey Sting April 16, 2016

    Iconic film! Her acting was bad but I’ll never forget how excited I was when my friend gave this to me on vhs. Rihanna was still struggling to find notes I’m sure.

  3. 2 For Tinashe April 16, 2016

    Out of curiosity, has anyone actually seen Mama I Want To Sing?

    • Rowland Stone April 16, 2016

      Yes, 17,000 to be exact. #catchatshade

  4. Kev April 16, 2016

    Must we, it is diabolical. @Annalise. Bad things have impact dear.

    • Annalise ? April 16, 2016

      This was a musical that was used to catapult Beyonce’s solo career, which it did! Beyonce had her most successful era shortly afterwards. It was an MTV movie used as a platform, and it served its purpose. Beyonce has grown and developed herself as an actress and will continue to do so. Cadillac Records says Hi!

      • Kev April 17, 2016

        Like i stated @Annalise bad things can have an impact also regardless what you’re using it for.
        Why is Cadillac Records saying hi to me after i had already said bye to that movie? Begging friendship is so distasteful.

  5. .:: Centurion ::. April 16, 2016

    The worst actress in celeb history.

    • Beystan_ Since 1997 April 17, 2016

      Yet Rihanna was nominated and WON A RAZZIE award for worst actress for her forgettable part in that flop movie “Battle Ship” lol! I wonder why that flop movie got a sequel?

  6. .:: Centurion ::. April 16, 2016

    Beyonce could be the next Meryl Streep… if Meryl Streep was the worst actress ever.

    • Beystan_ Since 1997 April 17, 2016

      She is that same worst actress who was nominated in the same category as Meryl Streep for “Best Supporting Actress” in 2007 Golden Globes. When has Rihanna? Matter a fact… Has Rihanna ever been invited to the Golden Globes or Oscars to even present let alone get a nomination?

  7. Tran uk anti bloper honey love but it okay girl April 16, 2016

    The video lemonade is coming out next staurday from beyonce knowles carter

  8. cocobutta April 17, 2016

    “You know you really really really really want to be with me”

    I loved Carmen. Shouts outs to Rah Digga who also was in it x

  9. Ashley Scott August 29, 2018

    I remember seeing this movie on MTV when I was 13 years old and I still love it because I bought it in 2004 on DVD with my copy of the “Destiny Fulfilled” cd and I would act out every scene that was playing. *sighs* such fond memories.

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