Damon Dash Weighs In On #Beyhive Attack of Ex-Wife Rachel Roy [Video]

Published: Monday 27th Jun 2016 by Rashad
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‘Lemonade’ didn’t exactly have the sweetest taste to stylist/fashion designer Rachel Roy after rumors began swirling she was the center of Beyonce‘s assertion an extramarital affair had taken place during her marriage to rap mogul Jay Z.

In fact, after a vicious Twitter attack that trickled down to her children, the 42-year-old – unaffectionately christened ‘Becky’ by Beyonce fans – took to Twitter to denounce the ‘bullying’ by stating:


Now, two months after the story has cooled, Roy’s ex-husband Damon Dash, who is also Jay Z’s former business partner, took to Access Hollywood to give his two cents on the situation and also dish on his appearance on BET’s hot new series ‘Music Moguls.’

Find out how he feels below:

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  1. Ughhhh June 27, 2016

    Why can’t people learn to just be quite. The storm was passing.

  2. What Now June 27, 2016

    SMH. I want to know why this girl dry snitched on herself when the Lemonade album wasn’t even about Jay & Beyoncé relationship. ???

    • King Mark111 June 27, 2016

      Oh please. That’s album is Jay Cheated On Me lp.

  3. truthtea June 27, 2016

    Well, the beyhive went after the wrong person. They should’ve gone after Jay Z!

    Don’t Hurt Yourself is my jam!!! Bey all grown up on that song!!!

  4. 2bad2bme June 27, 2016

    He is about to get IT!

    • 2bad2bme June 27, 2016

      I spoke before I saw…I take my comment back

      • Music June 27, 2016

        Just like a stupid ass hive member you’re just as illiterate like your stanky ass breathe having fave

  5. Music June 27, 2016


  6. D June 27, 2016

    I still feel like rachel roy isn’t becky because I highly doubt that soloange would show up to the met gala with her if she was becky.

  7. Music June 27, 2016

    Jay been cheating on stanky breathe yonce for years this isnt new ps she looks like a slow special ed racoon in that photo above lol

  8. King Mark111 June 27, 2016

    This was the final nail when I knew the Pest weren’t ish. They went after everyone from Rachel Roy, Ray, Rachel from The Dark Knight, Rita Thot and so on, except they didn’t send one tweet to the man that stepped out. The pest are the hooker that fight the other woman, but says nothing to their cheating partner. How sad? How pathetic? How funny? Lol

    • Speak on it June 27, 2016

      What’s sad is your fav going after LeBron James “A married man” with that picture of her legs open, and his # written in WHITE on her stomach. Now that’s sad, pathetic, and not even funny.

      • King Mark111 June 27, 2016

        Out of here with that. Rihanna was clearly trolling and you haters just wanted another thing to hate about. You can fan out, it was the NBA finals. James is the one in a marriage, so it’s HIS choice to react to it or not. If Rihanna wanted that Slave_HIVe like fading hairline fool, she would have him.

      • HailBeysus June 27, 2016

        @Speak spill the TEA on WhórêAnna!! ??????

      • Speak on it June 27, 2016

        Trolling you say. More proof that she’s a classless banshee with no morals. Who trolls a married man. Furthermore, her being able to get him is besides the point, the point being, he’s married, and she Rihanna, is a Moralless harpy. With that said, stop throwing stones, considering who you stan for. Fyi, I want even mention Aaliyah’s business, because she was a child.

      • Speak on it June 27, 2016

        *I won’t even mention

      • King Mark111 June 27, 2016

        You’re not going to deflect the subject of the pest being stupid, classless, amateur Sissy trolls. Nice try, but LeBron didn’t step out on his wife like Jay-Z and Matthew Knowles. Must suck being in love with unfaithful men that you owe yours career to become you dropped out in the 9th grade. Or was it the 8th? Doesn’t matter, Aaliyah graduated with a 4.0, so doesn’t matter how many Grammys and failed singles Bey has under her belt, you can’t buy a 4.o GPA. 🙂

      • Speak on it June 27, 2016

        You said all that, and yet, said nothing at all. Don’t worry about the hive by generalizing, like I won’t worry about the sunken ships by generalizing that you all are a bunch of insecure, Willy lynched, broke, section 8 living, pantie wearing, illiterate, brown Betty p*********..see “Centurion’s Blu Ivy comment”.

        With that being said Mark 111/Keri Queen “Yes b****, your one in the same person”, Lucas wants his coins.

      • Speak on it June 27, 2016


      • Speak on it June 27, 2016

        *you’re one

      • Keri Qween June 27, 2016

        I can narrow it down which h_i_v this is with the lame Lucas drag. Same three hive f**** use that weak mess???oh and “youre the same person” when they can’t say anything else how pathetic

      • Mark111 /.\ June 27, 2016

        Again, the pest yet to disprove my statements. I came you the PEST, instead of aiming at me, you do what every Beyonce stan does, bring up Rihanna. How sad? Get Sorry No #1 in the top 10, since singles charting is so easy.

      • Speak on it June 28, 2016

        There’s nothing to disprove, stop generalizing. As for you referencing Bey’s education, degree or not “Something Rihanna doesn’t even have. While Aaliyah did have a degree, it didn’t help as she was being passed around the bizz” she’s living her dreams, multimillionaire and all. Now stop being so damn steamed and pressed.

    • Keri Qween June 27, 2016

      They’re complete trash King Mark. A group of unloved f*** harassing people on social media is what they do.

      • HsKeri Qween June 27, 2016

        Kiii@ the h_i_v and their random usernames reaching for the stars and the moon with these essays

        Uneducated unloved f****. Poor dat

      • Mark111 /.\ June 27, 2016

        Right?! You know they still live with their single mother. Leave the nest and then come talk. You can spend hundreds of dollars on tour tickests and travel to the nearest pride, yet can’t get a one bedroom apartment? I bet they think they live in NY with Beyonce, that’s how crazy they are. lol

      • Speak on it June 28, 2016

        Not only are you damn near pressed, you’re damn near crazy. Conversing with yourself, really. Girl bye!

    • Speak on it June 27, 2016

      Lol @ this bum b**** coming at me with his other struggling account. B**** that face of that big bird flop in your avi is a joke in itself lol so there’s no need for me to come at you any further.

      Now go tend to your other past time. Chaturbate is waiting, Lucas can’t tip himself.

  9. HailBeysus June 27, 2016

    @Speak EYE AM SCREAMING!!! You better gather Marsha by his a*** hairs and drag a bitxh!!!
    Anyway this ain’t doing but using the Carter’s name for some 2 second relevancy.

    • Speak on it June 27, 2016

      He’s too much. Always playing Simon Cowell with everyone else, but yet goes easy on his favs Sodom and Gomorrah.

      • HailBeysus June 27, 2016

        Kiii 4 reals!! The Slavi act so educated but have been clocked and dragged by the “illiterate uneducated hive” as they say. The joke’s write themselves lmao!

  10. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyi June 28, 2016


  11. BeyonceIsASlut June 28, 2016

    Hope Wh0reyonce gets shot at her concert

    • AnonymousK June 28, 2016

      Be careful what you “hope for”.

      Karma is real.


  12. Fatusankoh June 28, 2016

    This man and his cheating Roy are to be are shame of them self she sleeping with a married man than sending her nasty Tex you haters want every one to hate on bey never bey is love by God good people and her wounderful fans as for Jay I hope he stay away from hoos

  13. Navy Gravy June 28, 2016

    plenty of the H**(e) that bully people for no reason are fat, ugly, hard to look at, awkward shaped, jobless, insecure, unfuckable creatures that don’t even have 13 dollars to buy a CD. Just pathetic nobody’s that nobody wants so the most interesting part of their lives is cyber-bullying people who don’t care for the fraud queen. Like he said, only cowards bully people and especially children. I wouldnt dare waste my life stanning for a basic thot that doesn’t know more than 50 English words lol. The funny thing is, when I was in high school, I was a HUGE flea-yonce fan. I guess the smarter I got, THE SMARTER I GOT. She’s an average singer, she doesn’t perform like she used to and her music gets more plain as time goes by.

    • Speak on it June 28, 2016

      You said all that, yet you just indirectly described yourself and your fellow navy. Just quite it hun. Now go to YouTube, and watch your basic fav pat her p_*#¥ at one of her empty concerts.

  14. StrawberryMuffin24 June 28, 2016

    The Flea-Hive are an embarrassing ugly ass mess! Beyawnce is an overrated thief ass mess! SHITADE is overrated as hell no hit singles just album full of filler trash! She looked liked a fat tired stuffed sausage on the Bet Awards the the song she performed was wack as hell!!

    • Speak on it June 28, 2016

      This coming from a Tinfoil fan lol, girl hush.

  15. Forever Freedom June 29, 2016

    Get a life. Beyoncé doesn’t give a f*** about none of y’all. And y’all run to her defense like shes really your homegirls.its all about your money. Jay, bey,And “Becky”for that matter. Are somewhere sipping LEMONADE.Count all the money you gave them. And here you are bearly keeping your head above water working at some nine to five.Rents due,light bills due. You think she cut you a check. After all you did give her you last pay check to caught her in concert.Maybe if you tell her you paid to see her with you rent money. Maybe she’ll give it back. I think Not! LEMONADE never taste so good$$$$$$$$

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