Nate Parker On Past Treatment of Women: “I Was A Dog”

Published: Sunday 28th Aug 2016 by David

Nate Parker has scolded his own treatment of women in an interview with ‘Ebony‘ magazine.

Currently under scrutiny following the unearthing of details surrounding rape allegations made against him in 1999, the actor has stepped forward to reveal that he stands far removed from the man he was when he was found not guilty.

Full story below…

He and his creative partner, Jean Celestin, were accused of sexually assaulting a woman as she lay passed out during their time as students at Penn State University.

She committed suicide years later.

Now, Nate bares all on how he feels about the case before the opening of his movie ‘Birth of a Nation.’

When I was first met with the news that this part of my past had come up, my knee-jerk reaction was selfish. I wasn’t thinking about even the potential hurt of others; I was thinking about myself.

On male privilege:

I never thought about it. I’m walking around daring someone to say something or do something that I define is racist or holding us back, but never really thinking about male culture and the destructive effect it’s having on our community.

The way I treated women, objectified women.My manhood was defined by how many women I could be with. I was a dog. I was wrong. I hurt a lot of women. And that was normal for me, in respect to how I treated them emotionally. I was introduced to sex in a certain way.

That type of male culture, that type of hypermasculinity where your manhood is determined by how many women you get to say ‘Yes’ is destructive.

I never thought about consent as a definition, especially as I do now.

Put it this way: when you’re 19, a threesome is normal. It’s funWhen you’re 19, getting a girl to say yes, or being a dog, or being a player, cheating. Consent is all about — for me, back then — if you can get a girl to say ‘yes,’ you win.”

Back then, it felt like: at 19, if a woman said ‘no,’ no meant no.If she didn’t say anything and she was open, and she was down, it was like how far can I go? … It was simply if a woman said no or pushed you away that was non-consent.

He added:

I’m learning about definitions that I should have known when I started having sex.Listen to me when I say I’m understanding that I’m dealing with a problem, like an addiction.I’m a work in progress. I’m trying to be better. I feel remorse for all the women that are survivors that felt I was being insensitive because I was. And I want to have a better understanding of how I can be more of an ally, if they’ll accept me. There will be people who won’t accept me, and that’s okay. All I can do is say that I stand for justice and really learn more about this issue so I can be a better ally of this issue.

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  1. Wonder Man August 28, 2016

    I wonder if there will be this much pressure on Bryan Singer to explain why all of his friends just happen to be convicted child rapists.

    • Ughhhh August 28, 2016

      He should have just kept his mouth shut. All I read is guilty but I got away with it. I’m completely disgusted. Don’t try and explain ràpe in a way of “I didn’t know better.” You were accepted to Penn State, home of the rapîst, you’re not stupid. You thought you could get away with it. The only reason he isn’t guilty is because the girl isn’t alive to tell her story and because the “if I go down, a lot of privileged, high titled people are going down too.” The system is corrupted and I’m sure the judge who was handeling this case is tied to Penn in some shape or form. He is not the first and he won’t be the last to get away with this.

      • 3B Stan (BritneyBeyBrandy) August 28, 2016

        He’s ‘not guilty’ b/c the lawyers for Nate Parker proved that the victim had previously had a consensual sexual relationship w/ him. Since obviously if you give consent once you can never be r**** by the same person according to Parker’s logic smh

    • Bam Bam August 28, 2016

      Brian Singer does not work much outside of X-Men movies (Which I need him to stop working on) and when he does work on those movies he barely does press. Fox basically hides him so that his personal life doesn’t interfere with their franchise. This is different for Nate because he is the co-writer, director, and director of the movie. You can really push anyone else out there to cover. Fox Searchlight spent 17.5 million dollars on this movie and I doubt they want it to fail.

      • Bam Bam August 28, 2016


  2. Alexia Alsina August 28, 2016

    I think Nate is guilty of oversexing. It’s a real term used to describe when someone who has consensual s** with a person goes on step further by continuing the interaction when the person is sleeping. It’s ugly and confusing territory and I feel really bad for the young woman. I’d also encourage everyone to watch an open secret. Very good movie exposing Hollywoods nastiness.

    • August 28, 2016

      that sounds horrible.

      • Alexia Alsina August 28, 2016

        It is and I agree with the points made about Singer the pervert. He doesn’t work much outside of XMen and its only a matter of time before he goes down.

  3. Bam Bam August 28, 2016

    Please stop talking about it. He’s just making it worse.

  4. Shaun August 28, 2016

    I believe he and the studio are just keeping this story going for publicity for the movie. I had never heard of this Nate PArker guy. All to publicize yet another slavery movie. The 10th one this year. Thirst for publicity at all cost. He knows what he is doing.

    • Ughhhh August 28, 2016

      What the f****. Clearly your oblivious to what publicity does because this is not for the movie. This looks bad for an “Oscar” buzz movie. No publicist in their right mind would advertise their client as a rapîst for publicity. This is a PR (public relations) crisis and his team are trying everything (the wrong things like letting home speak) to clean up this problem before the release of the movie. This looks bad for the movie, the actors associated, directors and the “rapîst”. They want this to go away as before Oscar season.

      • Ughhhh August 28, 2016

        Him speak*

  5. Kels August 28, 2016

    I don’t think it matters that he’s trying to prove anything, it matters that there was nothing done by him to keep her from taking her own life.

  6. Monique August 28, 2016

    A homophobe AND a r*****. Disgusting

  7. Meteorite August 28, 2016

    Am I supposed to know who he is?

    • 3B Stan (BritneyBeyBrandy) August 28, 2016

      I’d say prolly not if you’re a TGJ regular.

  8. JuJu August 28, 2016

    Shoking! So it’s always the people we would never look at and classify as rapists that actually turn out… anyway, it’s just shoking.

  9. Nowqd Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi August 28, 2016


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