Official: Mariah Carey Joins ‘Empire’

Published: Monday 8th Aug 2016 by Sam

After seasons of speculation, it’s been confirmed that Mariah Carey is heading to ‘Empire.’

Full story on her role below…

FOX trumpeted the news today at the TCA.

Clearly elated with their newest acquisition for music drama, the network proudly billed the diva a “global icon” and “best-selling female recording artist of all time.”

This, despite the 46-year-old recently touting her time on their series ‘American Idol’ as “abusive.”

As for her character on the third season of the Lee Daniels show?

Carey will play Kitty, a “mega-superstar who comes to Empire to collaborate with Jamal Lyon (Jussie Smollett) on an explosive new song.” When the duet encounters obstacles, Kitty “helps Jamal dig deep to overcome personal difficulties and reach a musical breakthrough.”

The songbird’s episode will air October 5th.

‘Empire,’ which returns September 21st, will also feature guest appearances from Taye Diggs, French Montana and Birdman. 


Having amassed the lion-share of her wealth from songwriting, it’s intriguing (and encouraging) to see Mimi up her activity on the TV and touring circuit. Because in an industry where music is streamed more than it’s sold, surviving and thriving now hinges on diversifying one’s brand. Something Mariah is doing in earnest these days (see: Vegas, Hallmark deal, E! docu-series, and more).

More power her.

Will you tune in to see Mimi on ‘Empire?’

Your thoughts?

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  1. Applause August 8, 2016


    • Fancy BISH August 8, 2016

      Dem haters is ASH and Slayriah is LOTION! lol

    • Kae August 8, 2016

      Mariah Carey is ICONIC. A legend. BMI icon award winning songwriter. 250 million sold. Only Madonna. The Beatles. Elvis are in her lane.

    • Kae August 8, 2016

      This B**** NEEDS TO STOP PLAYING AND SING FADED……FADED is the hit (damn record executives are stupid)

    • Fact August 8, 2016

      You’re sad and stuck on negativity. We will pray for you

      • © Centurion ::. August 8, 2016

        No! I like her. It’s Monday sis. I’m trying to relieve y’all of the blues.

      • Fact August 8, 2016

        Not your sis. In fact not even a girl

    • Jon Jon August 8, 2016

      @ Fact log ur sensitive ass off and go play in some damn makeup

      • Fact August 8, 2016

        That was whack AF what are you ten?

  2. Hur August 8, 2016

    All the negative people on here. At least she’s working. Don’t you work? Don’t you have bill to pay? Bye haters!

  3. True Lambily August 8, 2016

    Finally omg Lee bout time u bought the queen on!!

  4. M August 8, 2016

    Yes!!!!! It’s gonna be awesome. Mariah is just killing it this year…..and new music on the way!!!

  5. Rosie August 8, 2016

    Can’t imagine how much of a corny MESS this will be.
    Anyways, Halsey, who most of y’all consider a flop, just earned a top ten debut!

    • Applause August 8, 2016

      But where’s Lana on the charts?

      • Rosie August 8, 2016

        Where’s He-man? None of his albums are even on the Billboard 200, not even TFM.

      • Applause August 8, 2016

        Gaga is coming hard this year while your fav is long forgotten. Even you jumped off the Lana ship just to join another flop.

      • Rosie August 8, 2016

        Another “flop” that currently sitting pretty on a sold out tour, top ten Hot 100 debut, gold certified album (certified before she had ANY hits and it will probably be platinum by the end of the year), and on the top 5 of both iTunes and Spotify.
        What is Haga doing in 2016? Still sucking 90 year old d*** for a few headlines on E! News and threads on gAyTRL. His lead single will do worse than Make Meth. At least Lana can still headline major festivals like Lollapalooza during her flop era.

  6. #JACKIE August 8, 2016

    Empire is sooooo 2014.

    • Queen Barb August 8, 2016

      And Ciaras career is so 2006

      • Mark111 /.\ August 8, 2016


  7. Fact August 8, 2016

    Rosie, your claim to fame to is on a blog. Let that sink in and who earned a top ten? Chile why you always riding someone else success. How’s your single/ career doing?

    • Rosie August 8, 2016

      Don’t worry about my life. If I were you or basically anyone else on here, I would be worried about actually trying to find a career instead of sitting on public library emachines with the same Beyonce/Rihanna/Mariah stan wars daily. Sad!

    • Applause August 8, 2016

      Rosie is the most hated person on this site.

      • Fact August 8, 2016

        Rosie has no life

  8. Indie August 8, 2016

    I AM ELATED!!!!!!!!!! I Can’t wait!!!!!

  9. Lmfao_Hoe August 8, 2016

    I could’ve a sworn I thought Mimi finally made a duet with Maxwell as they were in a picture together with Daniels that said something about work with music notes emoji s

  10. Bloop August 8, 2016

    I’m happy they are doing an episode with her. I’m just not here for that Best selling female artist lie.

    • Steven August 9, 2016

      Carey is the best-selling female album artist since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking U.S. sales in 1991 ..B****

  11. Theman August 8, 2016

    You ain’t gotta be but she is the best selling & fastest selling female artist. Sam you mean that singles are streamed a lot more..

    • SMH August 8, 2016

      Um, nope. That would be Barbara Streisand.

      • Ugo August 8, 2016

        Nope! Mariah!

  12. DTG August 8, 2016

    LMAO! The desperation. This means that the show will be cancelled soon. Mariah = ratings killer. Good job.

  13. MovieAmi August 8, 2016

    Ooooh… let me set my DVR now. Not!

    • Fact August 8, 2016

      Yeah kind of hard to set something you can’t afford

  14. GODRIAH August 8, 2016

    YASSS Mariah!!! ???

  15. Reality August 8, 2016

    No shade No tea, but i think it would have been empowering if Mariah reprised her role as Billie Frank from Glitter as seeing how they both take place in the same time era. You know make it like a cross over.

    • IG : @mixedboy August 8, 2016

      Totally agree

      • Meteorite August 8, 2016

        That would be interesting. Then perhaps have Lucious have changed his name from Timothy or something like that and be the one to have killed Dice and then have Billie find out…that would have been drama

  16. CherylSoldierr August 8, 2016

    Halsey clinging to edm groups for a hit? Didn’t Lana do that too? A Rosie FAD tea

    • Wash yo mouth pls August 8, 2016

      She’s clinging to Halsey because Lana is flopping everywhere

    • Rosie August 8, 2016

      Just like Chav did with Calvin Harris to keep her last shred of relevancy in the UK? The self-drag.

      • CherylSoldierr August 8, 2016

        But Cheryl had two number one hits and a sold out arena tour after that? Where is fad del Rey besides her sugar daddies house snorting coke out of his asssshole?

      • Rosie August 8, 2016

        Lana also went on a sold out tour last year and just headlined the second largest festival in North America (Lollapalooza), a continent where Chav probably can’t even sell out the Chipotle around the corner.
        Honeymoon STILL outpeaked Only Human literally everywhere. Don’t even.

      • CherylSoldierr August 8, 2016

        But girl how does fad del Rey go on a 500% decline? Your flop fave went from 5 mil to 100k so I am gonna do it. Your coked up plastic fave was supposed to be inter scopes new queen. What happened sis?

      • Rosie August 8, 2016

        Yawn at these same ass tired drags
        Chav is more OVER and LOCAL than Lana ever was, is, and will be. I see why that upsets you and why you’re resorting to making up receipts and fake sales, lol.
        The kii is 100K? That’s still more than Only Human sold worldwide.

      • CherylSoldierr August 8, 2016

        But sis the real Ki Ki is you use these tired local drags when you Stan InDiEEE artists that can’t even make it off of tumblr let alone sell a record. B**** you literally Stan grimes, Halsey and Lana, cling to indie publications no one uses yet can’t come up for reasons why your flop prophecies never come true. Where are the Grammys? Where are the sales? Where are the hits? All we see are dykesss rubbing their clItts together screaming about coked up fad flops.

  17. BeyonceIsASlut August 8, 2016

    Oh…is she gonna play Becky’s sister or an albino elephant?

  18. FC/JC August 8, 2016

    Mariah is always about her coinT.
    But I have’nt watched Empire since Season 1 Episode 2….. I dont get it

  19. Carla August 8, 2016

    Yayyy finally gonna watch

  20. IloveD August 8, 2016

    They’re getting everyone except the one person they really want BEYONCE , but that h** doesn’t do any promo or tv appearances 🙁

  21. Theman August 8, 2016

    Nah they wanted Mariah first!……

  22. ow Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuyiji August 9, 2016

    Nice for her hope she can act on that show by showing her acting skill

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