Retro Rewind: ‘The Wade Robson Project’

Published: Saturday 6th Aug 2016 by David

Welcome to Retro Rewind, the TGJ original feature carved out to celebrate TV and Film’s entertaining past. Today, we honour the groundbreaking dance force that is Wade Robson, the star of the hit TV series ‘The Wade Robson Project.’


Mentored by the late Michael Jackson as a child, Robson rose to become one of Pop’s most sought-after choreographers after building moves for ‘NSync (‘Pop’) and Britney Spears (‘Slave 4 U.‘)

How the Australian creative was thanked for his services to Pop? ‘The Wade Robson Project’, an MTV show in which up and coming dancers would compete for a $100,000 cash prize and the chance to follow in his acclaimed footsteps.

Ready to reunite with Robson and his eight-count hitting hopefuls?

Watch below…

Robson’s Britney-backed reign also saw him pen hits for she and the aforementioned ‘NSync during the peak of their early noughties Teen Pop glory.

Which numbers?

Spears’ ‘What It’s Like To Be Me’ and Justin and the gang’s smash hit cut ‘Gone.’

His official biography adds:

Wade won an Emmy in 2007 for a piece he choreographed for FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance entitled Ramalama. Wade choreographed and starred in a special performance for Dancing with the Stars in 2007, which turned out to be one of the season’s highest rated episodes. Wade and his wife Amanda are currently developed an independent dance feature film, which he directed and choreographed. Wade choreographed Chris Angel’s Cirque du Soleil show, which opened at the Las Vegas Luxor in 2008. Wade is excited about his continual personal and creative growth and is passionate about bringing his knowledge of music, choreography, storytelling, direction and life perspective to stage, commercial, music video and film.

As creativity finds itself stifled in today’s musical climate, we can only hope that Wade, Brian Friedman and creatives like them force their way back into the forefront to guide Pop’s current class.

For, one needn’t look any further at performances delivered by the likes of Selena Gomez to understand why Wade-level ideas can make the world of difference to an artist’s career.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Pat August 6, 2016


  2. 2bad2bme August 6, 2016

    Now Thatgrapejuice the nostalgia is real with this one! Thanks for taking me back to a happy time in my child hood watching this TV show.

  3. Mark111 /.\ August 6, 2016

    Eh, he was very cocky and moves weren’t all that. Plus he will NEVER be respected in the dance world when he lied about MJ touching him, years after he passed and after saying he didn’t in court in the 2004 trials.

  4. Mark111 /.\ August 6, 2016

    God I miss THAT Britney.

  5. Bey Queen August 6, 2016

    People who believe Kesha but don’t believe Wade confuse me. Abuse victims will often lie the first time they are asked about the abuse. It can take years for them to be ready to reveal what really happened. Sometimes, abuse victims even forget what happened because the brain shuts down during the abuse to protect the victim from trauma.

  6. Bey Queen August 6, 2016

    By your estimation, it’s impossible for a victim to lie and then eventually tell the truth. It’s not impossible. It’s taken me 25 years to accept that something happened to me as a child. I would have denied it if you’d asked me about it even as recently as a year ago.

    • Stephy August 6, 2016

      You didn’t forget, you were in denial. In other words, you didn’t want to accept what happened to you. But abuse victims (especially dealing with sexual abuse) NEVER forget. The only abuse that the body completely shuts down & you really do forget it is during physical torture abuse. Like, when someone is beating & torturing the s*** outta you. The mind & body will definitely shut down, literally. And, you’ll lose actual MEMORY of what happened to you. But, most sexually abused victims ALWAYS remembers what happened to them, it NEVER goes away. There’s a big difference from denial & actually forgetting being abused.
      I’ve suffered from both sexual abuse as a child, r*** abuse as an adult & physical abuse as a child/adult. And, I definitely remember the sexual abuse. I would DENY it because I didn’t want to relive to nasty s*** in my head, but you never forget it. Now, physical abuse is what I totally lost certain memories on. I would beat one time to a bloody mess. And, at one moment I totally blacked out & forgot I who I was. It’s taken me years sometimes to even remember that I was physically beat up for being “gay”. But, for me, I confronted the dudes years later. And, I got not only the full story of what they did to me that day, but an apology as well. I don’t like running from my problems or abuse. I’m a survivor. I refuse to sit around crying & feeling sorry for myself. I gave them n****’s a piece of my mind, forgave them & moved on. In this world, bad things will happen to you, but it’s about picking yourself back up & living to see another day. You never become so weak & victimized that you literally slip into a coma of misery & self hatred. You allow the abuser to WIN. Rarely does one forget about sexual abuse, they just simply deny it. Due to shame & embarrassment. But, a lot of people truly do have memory lose of physical abuse. And I’m speaking from 1st had experience.

  7. Stephy August 6, 2016

    Wade Robson didn’t forget no damn abuse. He was a grown man in court, being scrutinized for months, under oath & made those people believe he was never abused by Jackson. And, then he even went on to keep hanging around MJ, being his “friend” etc…etc… But, now all of a sudden, he remembers being abused 4-5 years after Jackson’s death. With a 1 Billion $ lawsuit attachment added towards his civil suit against a dead man (whom isn’t here to defend him-self) estate. Robson is looking for & will receive a massive payoff. If something really did happen, how is he gonna prove it even when the status of limitation has past, all while his “abuser” is dead. This man should’ve said something while Jackson was alive, when Wade (as a grown man) was still smiling in his face & dancing to his music. At-least confronted him. I don’t believe for one second he just forgot everything that happened. Wade’s a masterful lair, he’s proven it over the years. I was abused as a child, and I NEVER forgot what happened to me. So, I’m not buying that whole I forgot s***. He’s looking for a massive pay off & the Jackson/Sony estate just might give it too him. But, that is if his case doesn’t get thrown out of court again, for
    1.) lying under oath in court multiple times in 2004/5. 2.) waiting long past the status of limitation to remember being abused for damn near a DECADE long.
    It’s mighty funny how all the accusers always, ALWAYS has a massive price tag attached to their supposed abuse stories. Anyways, Wade is a talented dancer. Too bad, he f***** that up by cheating on KNEEES (and KNEEES was cheating on Justin with Wade) and got blackmailed from the industry.

    • Dossome August 6, 2016


    • Stephy August 6, 2016


  8. Dossome August 6, 2016

    Michael was subjected to a full trial where this Robson character denied being molested…Now that Michael’s dead,he finally realized he was molested after all and is seeking monetary compensation for it…Like,why bother reading between the lines when everything is in black and white.BYEE

  9. Skyfall August 6, 2016

    Oh please, Miss Wade isn’t going to get s***. Wasn’t her first case already thrown out? It’s already be proven with real receipts that those people including Tom snake ass lied and leaked stories to the media just like Wade and his lawyers are doing now? Who do you think was behind the so called new story Radar released? And isn’t it funny how they all came out around the time of Michaels death anniversary.

    The bigger Kii is that radar tried passing and wording their trash articles like it was new evidence, yet it wasn’t everything found in never land is listed on the FBIs website and the only p*** were heterosexual p*** and magazines.

    Radar said in their article all of these things were found in 2003 yet on of the court documents it said zonen is now retired and to call a number, but how was this the original 2003 document when Zonen was one of Michaels prosecutors another kii is the fact that Radar photoshopped some of the pictures and even got random pics from the Internet for their article that didn’t even exist in 2003 which some of the original artist came forward and called them out for as well as the Santa Barbara police department who said Radars article was filled with lies and random things from the Internet. Even Zonen himself said nothing was found, and verything that was found was shown in court. It instead of deleting or posting about the new statement they silently tried to clean up by deleting some of the fake pics but it’s too late many MJ fans already copied the entire article and gave it to 3T All the people who were against Michael in court that day was destroyed and proven liar in cross examination with some even admitting to lying.

    Radar messed up when they starting their stories about 3T though becaaue they are Alice’s and I hope they get everydam $100 million they are suing for, and with Dr. Phil suing National Enquirer I hope American Media Inc. goes bankrupt again. Hopefully the law changes were the dead family can sue for defamation.

    3T also want to go to court and expose Wade. But likes to others Wade doesn’t want to go to court he just wants a check a check the estate isn’t going to write.

    • Stephy August 6, 2016


  10. ow Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuyiji August 6, 2016


  11. StarXavi August 8, 2016

    i used to love this show. That’s all.

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