Will You Support Nate Parker’s ‘Birth of a Nation’?

Published: Tuesday 23rd Aug 2016 by David

In 1915, the release of the deeply racist and violent ‘Birth of a Nation’ precipitated a rise in physical attacks against African-Americans and support for the murderous Ku Klux Klan.

On October 6th 2016, Fox Searchlight Pictures seeks to cast the movie’s evils into cinematic darkness with the release of ‘The Birth of a Nation’, a movie depicting the tale of a slave uprising led by Nat Turner.

Alas, historic allegations made against its star and producer threatened to derail the movie’s run at the box office.

Nineteen films into his career, Nate Parker now finds himself forced to confront the suicide of a young woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted and harassed by he and a friend during their time at Pennsylavnia State University.

Click here to read his response.

Of course, the resurfacing of these vehemently denied allegations couldn’t have come at a time worse than now with ‘Nation’ set to hit theatres on October 7th.

With all of this in mind we ask…

Will you see the movie when it premieres?

Share your thoughts below…

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  1. The Kpop Guy, Matt~ August 23, 2016

    Yes, I hailbeysus and I are going to watch it together so we can see how he fits into black america

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler August 23, 2016

      How tf would you even know the qualifications? You aint black !

  2. ProBlack Sister August 23, 2016

    If Woody Allen can make movies I don’t see why he can’t. I believe the woman and also know how important this movie is so will see it to support factual history not Nate.

  3. AndWhat? August 23, 2016

    I will just for the fact that white people are seething and shook.

    • Alexia Alsina August 23, 2016

      Not white people. Racists. They aren’t always one and the same.

  4. john bieber August 23, 2016

    Yes, a court vindication means he is not guilty.If your support wavers on an allegation I hope no one ever accuses you of anything, because it is sooo easy for people to allege anything against you!

    Looking forward to his film

  5. #JACKIE August 23, 2016

    No. I don’t support rapists.

    • wayno August 23, 2016

      i don’t support ignorance. Someone accused don’t make them guilty. Charges were dropped sucker

      • #JACKIE August 23, 2016


  6. Lmaoooooooooooo August 23, 2016


  7. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler August 23, 2016

    The Nat Turner story needs to be told. That’s how I felt before this scandal came out and that’s how I feel now

  8. Weezy Tha Goat/ Zayn is ? August 23, 2016


  9. wayno August 23, 2016

    This is no coincidence that this has been HIGHLIGHTED by the media to hurt his film and the impact that it will have.

    Where was this news when ….BEYOND THE LIGHTS, RED TAILS ( a John Ridley & George Lucas) was released


  10. Jason August 23, 2016

    Funny how Hollywood digs up a story that had already been reported, and resolved. He was cleared, but they’re still not ready to give him credit for his achievement. They’d rather smear the campaign and call it a ruined opportunity due to his past.

  11. Kels August 23, 2016

    I won’t, not once did Nate and his crew come to Virginia the site of the rebellion to actually get a feel for the story. I like what he’s trying to do, but the message is falling into the hands of the exagerratious Hollywood

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler August 23, 2016

      This is an independent film. Nate put his OWN MONEY into this project. So miss me with that judgemental b*******

  12. kD August 23, 2016

    No his beliefs about playing a black gay character were non affirming and homophobic. As a black gay man I will not support another black who has a, issue with gay people

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler August 23, 2016

      He has issues with gay people?

      • kD August 23, 2016

        He stated in an interview that he would never play a gay character in an effort to preserve masculinity for African American men. In my opinion homophobic

      • monty August 23, 2016

        preserve masculinity for African American men wile married to white woman. he can kick rocks

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler August 23, 2016

        What negative statements did he make about gay people….

    • G August 24, 2016

      They’re not homophobic. Hollywood is only interested in black men playing thugs or gay guys. Why is that? The black boy next door is excluded because he serves no purpose to the Agenda Hollywood has. I’d compare it to ask a gay man to play really a camp guy and excluding any gay guys who didn’t fit that stereotype. The LGBT community understands why this would harm their progression in wider society and now black people do too.

      • G August 24, 2016

        Also, pro black people, unlike white supremacists, love and appreciate other races. This is how someone can “preserve black masculinity” and Marry a white person. You assume that all white people are ok with racism when they are not and that pro black means anti white.

  13. Thando August 24, 2016

    A homophobe and a r***** who f***** a woman who was passed out, and then called TWO of his friends to come in and run a train on her while she was unconscious (thankfully ONE refused the other idiot didn’t ).
    Never testified at his trial, the other friend(the screenwriter for this film) was found guilty, charges later dropped. OJ, George Zimmerman, Casey Anthony were also acquitted so…

    Woman went into full-on psychosis, swallowed 200 pills, meanwhile these 2 are going to rake in the money.
    “I will never play a gay role to preserve the Black man”. Texbook anti-gay bigotry. You want to preserve the black man by having bi-racial children? Smart.
    I will pirate it, I’m not giving a r***** and homophobe money. Oprah (a r*** survivor) is a f****** hypocrite for supporting a r*****. Hopefully nobody ever highers this r***** again. I hope the ghost of this woman haunts this mammal’s celebrity for the rest of his life.

    Won’t be surprised if it wins an oscar, if peadophiles, murderers, racists and anti-semites can win it why can’t a homophobic r*****?

    Calls himself “a man of deep faith”, wonder where all this faith was while he and his wrestling buddy f***** an unconscious person WITHOUT a CONDOM. This entire thing makes me want to vomit.

  14. Bam Bam August 24, 2016

    Just because someone is found not guilty does not mean that they are innocent. I wasn’t in the room tyat night but clearly something happened because the woman did end up taking her life as a result. I’m so torn because I really do think this movie is important, but the messenger may be a messed up people son (most of them are) I might support this, but I might not support anything else he does.

  15. Excuse me August 24, 2016

    Excuse me. Film and TV don’t like writing roles for hyper masculine black men but, for some reason, make most black male characters gay. White actors have a broad range of characters to play which is why Nate made that point. I believe he assaulted that poor woman though so this is the last film of his I will see. Bryan Singer too.

  16. Nowd Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi August 24, 2016


  17. Caleb August 24, 2016

    Yes I will support this movie. An accurate movie version of this important story was long overdue. These allegations are only resurfacing now because the establishment wants to derail the success of this film.

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