Gladys Knight Faces Fresh Chicken & Waffles Drama

Published: Thursday 29th Sep 2016 by David

Gladys Knight’s feud with her son has taken an unsavoury turn for the worst this week.

An update on their ‘Chicken & Waffles’ related drama below…

Last month, Knight filed a lawsuit asking for her name to be removed the Chicken and Waffle restaurant franchise her son, Shanga Hankerson, runs after its alleged tax and financial mismanagement issues reached the light of public day.

Now, Hankerson is said to be determined to block his mother’s plans by claiming that she lacks “the mental capacity” to rescind the licensing deal.

He claims that his mother has been paid for the use of her name on his restaurants and so believes that this makes her attempts to have it sliced out of their branding illegal.

It gets worse.

For, he now wants the legendary vocalist to cover all of the court fees their legal battle has generated.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jessica September 29, 2016

    This is actually sad.

  2. Bitchpleaseeeeee September 29, 2016


  3. Ughhhh September 29, 2016

    Don’t have kids. They are evil! He wouldn’t be where he is with out his mother’s name. That business belongs to her! She allowed you to be a part of it all! Greedy ass child. You made a mistake, your legendary mom shouldn’t have to take the repercussions for your actions. Remove her name! If I was her I would make sure that damn restaurant went out of business.

  4. Lc September 29, 2016

    Its funny. Because years ago she was talking about how disrespectful micheal jackson kids were and what she would do to them. Take of yo own kids first ma’am

    • FC/JC September 29, 2016

      Oh tea

  5. FC/JC September 29, 2016

    OMFG, How fukking DARE he!? That is your mother boy! What is your problem!

    People you only have ONE mother, Treat her like a Queen….. she needs to hire some goons to fukk him up real quick.
    I could never put my mother through this, At ANY age.

  6. Nowqd Reddibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi September 30, 2016

    Her son should be a damn shame of his greedy a$$ selfish self and he is a mess

  7. Jasmine October 1, 2016

    There is more to this story. The one whose “mental capacity” should be in question is Gladys’s son and not her. She already won the lawsuit because he did not respond to her lawsuit and let a default victory for Gladys be ruled and put on record. Now he is retaliating. Too late. Karma is a b**** though because now that this nonsense is public no one will eat at those restaurants so it will be another loss for him.

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