Iyanla Vanzant Meets “Black Men Who Won’t Date Black Women”

Published: Friday 23rd Sep 2016 by David

Iyanla Vanzant‘s ‘Fix My Life’ series continues to claw its way beneath the society’s surface to introduce its viewers to compelling stories.

This season, she seeks to understand the origins of stereotypes carried by African-American women and, by way of counselling, help those who have been stung by them.

Part of her journey saw her meet a group of African-American who revealed that they are repulsed by black women and refuse to enter into relationships with them.


Watch below…

Vanzant’s compelling series appears on Oprah Winfrey‘s OWN Network  and is currently in its sixth season.

Catch its next episode when it airs on September 24th.

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  1. y8 September 23, 2016

    It says a lot when black men do not want black woman. Everyones forced to see it through the black womans eyes and not see WHY black men do this. black woman have turn themselves into toxic for black men.

    • ByeJay September 23, 2016

      Difference in having a preference and bashing, if your reasons have to do with ignorant biases “too angry, too loud too strong” that’s a problem, saying you’re not attracted to somebody is not bad.

  2. Hur September 23, 2016

    They don’t look Like they DATE ” WOMEN ” PERIOD ?

    • Chileplease September 23, 2016

      That comment right there is another reason why they probably don’t date black women. According to a lot of them, any and everything a man does that isn’t crazy macho = gay.

      • September 23, 2016

        Exactly, and the dude just explained it and it went through Hur ears and went through the other.

  3. Suicide Blonde September 23, 2016

    Their reasons for not dating black women are just excuses for their racism against their own people.The same thing can be say for black women who only date white men. I mean there are even Facebook pages run by black women to encourage interracial marriage, I was shocked when a picture of a black woman, a white man and a white baby (a family) was posted with the caption LIFE GOALS, I mean, that was just….Life goals, really?

    • Garcòn September 23, 2016

      Girl shut up! There are white men and women that only date black people as well. It’s all racist against one’s own race.

      • jammy September 23, 2016

        b**** bye. @Garcon.

        the thing is, there is a difference between someone’s preference vs. racism vs. self hatred.

        I have certain preferences of the ethnicities of the men that I am attracted to, but I would not discount an ENTIRE race of people. That is what makes it racist. Anyone who says I don’t date “race a” or I only date “race b” means that they are limiting themselves and consciously discounting an entire race/ethnicity of people. It doesn’t psychologically make sense unless you saw every single man/woman or whatever your into in the world.

    • Paulo September 23, 2016

      based on the amount of racially charged crap you have posted on this website ever since I’ve started being a frequent visitor, you got a lot of nerve to post this. shut up.

  4. September 23, 2016

    i new the ignorance is going to lit up this post, sigh no cool heads.

  5. Rated R September 23, 2016

    Black men who date white women love the submissivieness that white women give off and their they’ll do anything you’ll say type of attitude almost like black men make them their slave for sexual pleasures with mentality that because they will be spotted with a ” snow bunny ” it makes them better and now they have ultimate power whereas they don’t view the black woman as submissive but as angry and naggers and definitely not a pushovers but the thing about it is that black women love strong black men and will go over and beyond to make sure they are good and seen as their equal . It’s irritating to see black men put down black women

  6. #JACKIE September 23, 2016

    Black men are scum. They are the only race of men who shame and bash their women publicly.

    • #JACKIE September 23, 2016

      Some black men***

    • Kyle September 23, 2016

      So im guessing you don’t do black men period?

      • #JACKIE September 23, 2016

        I am attracted to black men the most, but that’s besides the point. Date whoever the f*** you want, just don’t belittle your own race in the process.

    • Dem Lessers September 24, 2016

      Last comment: “don’t belittle your own race” First comment: “Black men are scum”
      ? ?? I get what you’re saying though.

  7. Fancy BISH September 23, 2016

    Bradgelina divorcing chile…people getting divorced left, right, front, back and center lol…wherever you can find true love, even if it’s fleeting, I say find it…but saying who you’ll date and won’t date is a recipe for disaster! Don’t put out into the world that you will never do something! Attraction is very personal, but you never know 5, 10 or 20 years from now who you’ll be attracted to…

  8. AndWhat? September 23, 2016

    It’s always the blackest men that run with that. Like the ones called Jayquantus and s***. But really, I always wonder what it is with African American women and their loyalty to African American men who damn them and dog them all the time. AA man shot, it’s AA women who are mostly on the streets when other AA men tweet about lifegoals and having light skin babies.

  9. lolhart September 23, 2016

    I hope Iyanla gets these men to look at themselves and ask why they are attracting women who are too angry and too loud.

  10. Aunt_Jackie September 23, 2016

    This is an awful show, and an awful episode.

  11. Nowqd Reddibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi September 25, 2016


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