Kelly Rowland & Keri Hilson Land Lifetime Movie Role

Published: Wednesday 7th Sep 2016 by Sam

Kelly Rowland may be cooking up a new album, but in the interim she’s volumizing her presence in the realm of TV and film.

For her next role, she’s combing the two for Lifetime.

Full story below…

EW reports that the 35-year-old has signed up for romantic-comedy ‘The 10th Date.’

Already in production, the movie also stars Meagan Good, Keri Hilson, Cat Deeley, and Brandon T. Jackson.

Written and directed by Nzingha Stewart, the two-hour flick follows four friends on their journey to landing the coveted 10th date, aka the date that symbolizes the moment that a man finally feels committed to being in a relationship.

Good stars as Gabby who, along with her friends Nell (Stewart), Billie (Hilson), and Margot (Rowland), is an ambitious career woman working at an upscale website run by Deeley’s Maureen in Los Angeles. Navigating marital issues, work-life balance, and pesky exes, the four of them struggle to juggle the highs and lows of modern dating.

Production is set to wrap in October, with the film itself due to debut in 2017.

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  1. Kitty Puurrzz September 7, 2016

    I’m just ready for Keri Hilson’s new album.. Eff the rest.

    • Sam September 7, 2016

      Those snippets did sound good

    • Amira September 10, 2016

      Girl Same ish different day! A romantic comedy? PALEEZE lol

  2. Weaveney September 7, 2016

    Shouldn’t Kelly be worrying about the flop that is Poon’s Dairy?

    • 2bad2bme September 7, 2016

      Try again, the shade was stale

      • Weaveney September 7, 2016

        Stale how? Kelly tried to make the next Destiny’s Child and make it seem as if her expertise at being a backup singer gave her the chops to lead a band … Uh, no. Only thing stale about this are those girls’ careers which will be blemished by a scam. Bloop!

    • Liam September 8, 2016

      Her job was to create a group for LA Reid and epic records not to manage them lol

      • Weaveney September 8, 2016

        If your description of “creating a group” is to lump a bunch of black girl’s with no discernible talent apart from doing a few riffs, then Kelly slayed. But putting together a bunch of broads in the same room and asking them to sing is not the same as creating a group. Try again!

      • HALF AMAZIN September 8, 2016

        I wouldn’t say they have no discernible talent, they just don’t work as a group. They got chics pushing 30 and over 30 with a teenage girl. Demographic disaster. I just don’t understand who authorized them

  3. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 September 7, 2016

    Keri finally got a job….

    • LOL September 7, 2016


      • Molly #TheMostRelevantBitch September 7, 2016


      • kb3200 September 7, 2016

        Huh..she Kinda stays working and Has tons of spokesperson Jobs ..A book comimg soon ..F.A.C.E (her Make-up line and so on..what you doing?

  4. Molly #TheMostRelevantBitch September 7, 2016

    Musically Keri slays Kelly..

    • #JACKIE September 7, 2016

      Yes the f*** she does!

    • Dem Lessers September 7, 2016

      Nah, how can you disrespect classics like Dilemma and Work like that! I can barely think any of a Keri Hilson hits besides the gems she gave to Britney for Blackout.

      • Credits September 8, 2016

        Turning me on
        Knock you down
        Pretty girl rock
        The way I are

        Don’t do that…..

  5. Molly #TheMostRelevantBitch September 7, 2016

    Now when it comes to acting Kelly isn’t as bad as Bey but still not that great. I’m sure Keri will deliver.

    • Barb B**** September 7, 2016

      Shut up.

      • Molly #TheMostRelevantBitch September 7, 2016

        Shouldn’t you be streaming the night is still young sis.

  6. B_Roni September 7, 2016

    Keri actually seems as if she can act judging by her roles in ridding and think like a man. Can’t wait to see her in almost Christmas and this new movie.

  7. Barb B**** September 7, 2016

    Kelly Rowland is back and more beautiful than ever. Don’t know who the other bird looking one is…

    • Keri Qween September 7, 2016

      Someone who can write her music unlike Plastic Minaj. She settled in court with Safaree yet?

      • INAMAD September 8, 2016


  8. Black power September 7, 2016

    Keri can act she majored in theater while in college.

    I am however impatiently awaiting her to officially drop some damn music it’s been nearly 6 years WTF

  9. Keri Qween September 7, 2016

    Omg this is what Keri was talking about on Twitter when she said she had another project coming. She’s working on another movie due out this Christmas on top of this project. My girl is BOOKEDT baby ??? get those acting coins up

    • Molly #TheMostRelevantBitch September 7, 2016

      Can’t wait for KH3 tho.

      • Keri Qween September 7, 2016

        Sis I’m perched

      • Molly #TheMostRelevantBitch September 7, 2016

        Same I’m sure it will slay lemonade musically.

  10. Angela Wesley September 7, 2016

    I don’t blame Kelly I would try get as many projects as I
    can, the more projects that means more money in her pockets.
    I think that she can still work on her career and promote
    June Diary as well.

  11. Jackx September 7, 2016

    When is L.A.I.R coming out.
    I’ve been waiting for 6 years??

  12. @KellyRowlandArmy on IG September 7, 2016

    Ha. Congratulations to the entire cast I can’t wait to see. But musically Kelly is a icon some say legend. Keri is a cute girl and she can write a bop and sometimes a hit. Just not for herself oops ?. Kelly was just on empire and had all of y’all gagging over 20 second scenes lol stop hating. She just finished forming June’s dairy on ANOTHER SHOW now this along with a book , makeup line F.A.C.E is the name plus an album and world tour. STOP HATING AND LOVE KELENDRIA

    • Credits September 7, 2016

      I like kelly, I really do but you are kidding with that legend comment right?

      • @KellyRowlandarmy on IG September 7, 2016

        Not sure if you can read but again some fans say icon others say legend

    • #JACKIE September 7, 2016

      Kiii the delusion! I like Kelly but musically she has done nothing special. Her most memorable SOLO hit is Motivation, and biggest hit is Dilemma after 14 years as a solo artist. Cmon now……

      • @KellyRowlandarmy on IG September 7, 2016

        Ha. Kelly has done WAY MORE then that musically but most Importantly I’m not going back and forth with a Ciara fan because…… well you and the rest of the world knows Ciara hasn’t done anything in the industry worth mentioning since her debut song goodies. Stay blessed and buy Jackie on iTunes it’s a cute album.

      • #justsayn September 7, 2016


        This is why u should do your research! Kellys biggest hit was When Love Takes Over which changed an entire era in music! She was the first female black or white to do dance music in the states! Her Ms Kelly album went gold in the states and Platinum ww sweetie…

      • TRUTH SERUM September 7, 2016

        Destiny’s Child is legendary!!!!! Kelly will alway be a part of one of the top selling female groups of all time. Only a couple other female groups surpassed DC. You can hate but keep it ?

  13. Credits September 7, 2016

    Call me crazy but I think Keri hilson might have the frank ocean long hiatus effect or at least I am hoping she will, once the music drops officially.

    • Weaveney September 8, 2016


      • Credits September 8, 2016

        People are actually waiting though….

  14. Jamie September 7, 2016

    I’m so sick of these comparisons when there is no room. Kelly Rowland is legendary, Keri’s not. Simple as that. Awards, sales, and notoriety speaks for itself.

    • Credits September 8, 2016

      Neither of them are legendary, yet. Destiny’s child was legendary though….

  15. Ann September 7, 2016

    I can’t wait to see 2 of my fav voices Kelly’s the most, I Stan for her, but I can’t wait to see her Keri aaaand Megan Good in this movie, I mean come on, this will be great! As far a albums, dammit no I do not want to wait till next year for another Kelly album. Ugh!

  16. #justsayn September 7, 2016

    Kelly is the main character in the movie… Megan Good & Keri are playing her other successful career friends in the movie.

    • Ann September 11, 2016

      Thought Megan was the main character but yay her and Kelly! like keri too just yaaaay! That’s all!

  17. Nowqd Reddish trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi September 7, 2016

    Awesome for Kelly Rowland and don’t know if Keri Hilson can act in a movie role

  18. King B September 8, 2016

    Still no release date? Hopefully it can outsell Lemonade half-day sales.

  19. Positive Energy September 8, 2016

    Congratulations Kelly!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your more successful than your haters

    Proud of everyone apart of the project

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