Donald Trump Supporters To Target ‘Hamilton’ Attendees

Published: Sunday 20th Nov 2016 by David

Donald Trump’s problems continue to augment this week.

Forced to dish up $25 million to college students he is said to have scammed via his ‘Trump University’, the President-Elect now finds himself under mounting pressure to denounce supporters who plan to target the play ‘Hamilton.’

Click here to find out how his “spat” with the production started.

What Bikers 4 Trump intends to do about it?


The organisation intends to target the show’s cast and attendees by physically blocking them from performing in/viewing it.


If they succeed, they’ll stand as the the latest group of Trump supporters to use physical force against the businessman’s critics.

For, following his win, attacks launched white supremacist groups have risen.

Their latest stop?

The memorial built to honour the late Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys.

Yauch’s mother was Jewish.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Fancy BISH November 20, 2016

    #Bikers4Dump lol

  2. Queen M.A November 20, 2016

    Iggy Azalea chose the wrong time to come back. She’s the poster child for white supremacy in music and people are going to push back against it.

    • Ughhhh November 20, 2016

      What does this have to do with Iggy?

  3. Xo November 20, 2016

    He can talk about Hamilton being “rude” to Pence but we have yet to hear him denounce all hatred his supporters are spreading

      • TheREAL November 20, 2016

        Girlllll that was during an interview where he was ASKED a specific question. Of course he’s going to get political with his response. Up until that point he said NOTHING and since then has still said NOTHING.

        He went out of his way to tweet about Hamilton as if was the worst thing he’s ever seen in his life. The irony of him lashing out about disrespecting the VP-elect when he did much worse to our current president.

        Have SEVERAL seats.

    • MAGA November 20, 2016

      His supporters are sitting at home being peaceful with smirks on their faces. The liberals are the ones in the street breaking windows, burning the American flag, shouting obscenities, and protesting democracy…..

      What happened to Love Trumps Hate?

      LOL dumb liberals!

      • I am…Siddy November 20, 2016

        Sorry, last time I checked Republicans rioted each time Obama was elected. Disrespected his young kids daily, called his wife an a**, and countless other stuff. Protest are never peaceful. Holding hands and singing amazing grace does young for people suffering. Get a grip and at least try to sound educated.

  4. Trumpland November 20, 2016



    • I am…Siddy November 20, 2016

      Hahaha…blacks for Trump? Not this educated black man.

  5. Kiii November 20, 2016

    Add this Hamilton situation in with the $25 million lawsuit he had to pay for his fake school and you’ve got an impeachment coming soon. Honestly I hope he & his supporters continue with these antics so we can run him & pence right out of the White House

  6. Ronnie November 20, 2016

    All jokes aside, it’s a sad and scary time we’re living in right now. His 4 year term hasn’t even started yet. This country is going to be so divided, you better prepare yourself in case the next civil war takes place.

    • MAGA November 20, 2016

      LOL… a scary time? Civil War? You can’t be that dumb…

      • I am…Siddy November 20, 2016

        No, you cannot be that dumb. Civil Wars happen when people are suppressed. I will sit back and see what he does for the middle class and down, also minorities. Any president should protect the misfortune. The team he is picking thrives on taking rights from minorities. It is okay, you can fact check for all your educational needs.

  7. MAGA November 20, 2016

    LOL! Sounds like you have been watching too much CNN…

    1. Trump SETTLED the Trump University case, he was not FORCED to pay anything. He put out a statement saying he settled the lawsuit so he could focus on his duties as president and did not want any distractions.

    2. Trump supporters said they were going to block the entrance to Hamilton, not break the windows or burn it to the ground (unlike the liberal protesters we have seen lately)

    3. I think your site should focus on music, because you are clearly uninformed when it comes to politics.

    • whenindoubtthetruthwillout November 20, 2016

      WOW! You really are dumb!! The reason why a person settles a lawsuit is because they know they are GOING TO LOSE!!!!!
      Try studying Law before you make another dumb comment!!!

  8. Starxavi November 20, 2016

    I just find it kind of crazy that they felt the cast disrespected Pence. They were very careful and kind when talking to him. They thanked him and implored that he see things from their side. They did not say or do anything disrespectful to Pence. Sure, the crowd boo’ed but thats to be expected.

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