Watch: Kim Burrell Condemns Homosexuality In Leaked Video

Published: Saturday 31st Dec 2016 by David

The world renown Gospel singer Kim Burrell has condemned homosexuality during a sermon which has set the net on fire today.

Full story below…

I came to tell you about sin. That sin nature… That perverted homosexual spirit, and the spirit of delusion and confusion, it has deceived many men and women… You as a man, you open your mouth and take a man’s penis in your face, you are perverted. You are a woman and will shake your face in another woman’s breast, you are perverted.

After learning that her remarks had found their way online the vocalist issued the following statement:

We’re not in a war against flesh and blood. I came on because I care about God’s creation and every person from the LGBT and anything else, any other kind of thing that is supporting gay… I never said LGBT last night. I said S-I-N and whatever falls in the sin was preached.

Hit the 3 minute mark.

Kim’s supporters took to social media to defend her against the criticism she faced in response to her remarks citing Leviticus 18:22 as their reason for defending her.

There’s more.

Burrell is expected to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres show on January 5th to support the movie ‘Hidden Figures.’

Interesting, as Ellen is openly gay.


Do you agree?

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  1. DC3 FOREVER December 31, 2016

    Judge not unless he be judged. Christian’s always seem to skip over that part of the Bible.

    • Stanning Is Messy December 31, 2016

      I know right?! Plus, ANY s** outside of marriage is a sin!!! People always seem to forget that too.

    • Kareem December 31, 2016

      but there’s nothing wrong with that. the bible also says if the saints cant judge a matter….

    • Melanie December 31, 2016

      I wonder was this before or after she did the Frank Ocean feature?

    • December 31, 2016

      not everyone, because I’m a Christian. and I always try my hardest to live by that verse one of many, so please next try not to generalize like that.i have nothing against gays, my church is for everyone, the all mighty god having a problem with them it’s between him and them not I. the lord Jesus Christ loves everyone.

  2. FIERCE December 31, 2016

    Welp. Guess I’m perveted as f*** but that pierced nipple I nibbled on the other day was tasty as f***.


    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 December 31, 2016

      Thank you, I love wee wee and I will remain perverted lol!

      • Truth(yaaasss honey) December 31, 2016


    • Kwinzy December 31, 2016


  3. Bish in Africa December 31, 2016

    This site has suddenly bcome dry in fr the past couple of day… Slow news day?.. I dont think so

    • ✌? December 31, 2016

      The last couple of days? Like Christmas perhaps? Get offline and go hang out with your family.

      • December 31, 2016

        LOL!!! so true,that person needs a life.

  4. Citi December 31, 2016

    Who is she?? Is she a singer?

  5. Myownstan December 31, 2016

    Shame that when your own career is on the down you have to target the easiest people to get a headline out of. Kim you are washed and basic af

  6. Titan December 31, 2016

    It’s funny how preachers can preach about other sins every Sunday and the crowd will shout, roll around and act a damn monkey fool, but let them say one thing about homosexuality then its all pitchforks and torches. Kim is a nasty woman and her raspy overused runs are not my cup of tea, but what she said was true in the Christian faith (maybe not in the nicest way), but her words are supported by the hate-filled BIBLE.

    I don’t practice any religion, but I do believe in a higher power and having good morals. Why support something that hates you? I mean churches are filled with flaming gay men from the choir stand to the vestibule, FILLED! Do you like to get dressed up? The entertainment? I don’t know but I’m a gay man myself and would NEVER step foot into a church.

  7. Myownstan December 31, 2016

    Yassss titan

    • Titan December 31, 2016

      Baby I was raised by two holy roller grandparents. I loved them to death but they are the main reason I haven’t been to church (outside of a wedding or funeral) in over 15 years. Kim was chasing behind Whitney trying to get some mainstream recognition while she was clearly abusing drugs. She just did a song with FRANK OCEAN and she’s supposed to perform on ELLEN next week! I’m sure her hair and makeup stylist are gays who she kii kii’s with but in the same breath condemns them to hell. I just can’t deal. I’d rather give my coins to the homeless than some raggedy preacher on Sunday mornings. ✌?

      • Myownstan December 31, 2016

        Looking at the state of her I doubt very much that her stylists are gays this bish is a state

  8. Fifi December 31, 2016

    But did she have much to say about Eddie Long’s molestation of the boys who saw him as a father figure.

  9. ✌? December 31, 2016

    The Bible condemns homosexuality but also does the same for all sin so why oh why is it the only sin the church is interested in?

  10. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 December 31, 2016

    Who cares, Straight people especially church folk love to walk about being all self righteous thinking they are able to always judge. I’m gay and have been openly gay since I was 17. I love sucking penis and having my penis sucked as well so I will CONTINUE to remain PERVERTED! No love lost for Kim because I like her for her voice not her judgment on lifestyles that don’t pertain to her!

  11. Anne December 31, 2016

    Who is Leviticus? That part of the Bible also teaches you to sacrifice animals so that God can enjoy the smell of their blood. And then along comes the New Testament which was just ‘new’ ideas (or rehashed ones) because a group of ‘people’ decided that God no longer wants us to sacrifice animals or take an eye for an eye. So they used the Jesus character to usher in a whole new set of rules like turning the other cheek. Our human created ‘God’ is against homosexuality and is shovenistic, and prejudice because the ‘people’ who created him were that way. Man created God in our image, not vice versa. That’s why there’s so many different religions and definitions of God. Now many progressive Christians think homosexuality is okay with the ‘God’ that they’ve created in their minds. If people would just admit that no human being knows how to define ‘God’, speak or write on his behalf, then there would be fewer self-righteous people trying to tell others how to live their lives in the name of ‘God’. In my opinion we are all agnostic because no one really knows, that’s what faith is all about. But are believers really having faith in ‘God’ or just some man made definition of a higher power?

    • Anne January 1, 2017

      *chauvinistic (aka sexist)

  12. Ronnie December 31, 2016

    I just can’t take religion seriously when you have nothing but a bunch of hypocrites who sit around and judge each other all day every day. Just be a good person, love and respect each other. We all have one life line that we’re trying to live.

  13. MUSICHEAD December 31, 2016

    It is the place of those who identify as Christians to share and spread God’s word as they see fit. There is nothing wrong with her messaging and she should nor apologize for it. If you’re not a Christian or if you don’t agree with that message in the bible then agree to disagree and move on. HOWEVER, what I do have a problem with is the fact that Kim’s management/media team is run by several gay men. I know because I’ve seen them. I also know that Kim employs them because she wants to be more famous and sell more records. Her words not mine. So Kim choose a side. Don’t condemn a group of people you so willingly benefit from.

    • Magiq December 31, 2016

      HAAAA she’s been trying to hit it big for years. From Whitney, to judging Sunday’s Best to a failed talk show , to an alleged upcoming reality show. The song with Pharrell is the closest she’ll get. She will never be a Yolanda Adams, Cece Winans, Mary Mary or even a Karen Clark Sheard. Her attitude is stank and her voice is too churchy all the time.

  14. Ugo December 31, 2016

    She condemned the act,not the person,if you believe your life is not an act,then hold your peace. Sides,she’s a preacher,not just a singer,its like expecting a doctor to pray for a sick person instead of administering drugs.

    • Anne December 31, 2016

      Many people would say that they’re sexuality is not just an act but is a part of who they are as a person. They are not breaking any laws or hurting anyone as long as it’s two consenting adults. Homosexuality is not even one of the commandments and cannot logically be compared to other ‘sins’ if it’s consenting adults. It’s just like those other senseless add on like wearing certain fabrics or covering your hair. People and their many attempts to define or speak for a higher power have only created a huge source of conflict among the human race.

  15. Kwinzy December 31, 2016

    This is why I don’t mess with the church no more. Too much f*ckery it’s like a big ass stoop with a whole lotta pigeons just being fake and talking mad sh!t. I swear half them niccas be on some Sonnie McClurklin sh!t & be gay af1. Deadass used to get cut eye from DL deacons cuz they heard bout my stroke game. Trust I could turn em out if I wanted but I aint messy.? At the end of the day it’s all about me & God anyway.

    • Kwinzy December 31, 2016


  16. Terry White December 31, 2016

    The black church typically consists of church queens, DL men chasing behind the church queens, musicians just looking for a quick buck, fat, lonely, horny women; people trying to promote their singing talents, ministers who are really looking to steal members and start their own church, mean, judgmental old women and single moms. You can count me outta that mess!

  17. Reality December 31, 2016

    1 Timothy 2:12 ESV

    I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet.

    1 Corinthians 14:34 ESV

    The women should keep silent in the churches. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be in submission, as the Law also says.

    • Lea December 31, 2016


  18. Mont December 31, 2016

    I normally don’t comment on that grape juice but I lovvvve me so kim that hurt my feelings real talk the nervier of her. She’s done planety of songs with gay men. Kim I love your voice and I always will but I’ll never listen to your music again. God bless

    • Myownstan December 31, 2016

      That’s sad it just shows how preaching hate can alienate the most loyal of supporters

  19. Thando December 31, 2016

    Religion poisons everything. A Black person who’s a christian has a VERY short memory. I always get criticized to pointing out the massive homophobia that exists among African people, including the ones in America. Black people just don’t like gay people, and the sooner we acknowledge this the quicker we can fix it, but I doubt it because the most hateful people I know are Black christians…ALWAYS.

  20. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) December 31, 2016

    Isn’t gluttony one of the seven deadly sins?? Asking for a friend…

  21. Jasmine December 31, 2016

    I don’t find anything wrong with what she said. I believe in freedom of speech. While it might offend some, she is speaking her opinions.

  22. Lea December 31, 2016

    Guh u won’t be sittin on Elle’s couch that’s for sure!

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