Grammys 2017: Beyonce, Solange Among Early Winners

Published: Sunday 12th Feb 2017 by Rashad

The 59th Annual Grammy Awards are well underway in sunny Los Angeles today and, thanks to a shiny gramophone trophy, the day just got brighter for a select few.

The Recording Academy hands out many awards over the course of the day before the telecast hits the CBS airwaves.  Among the categories already awarded are Best R&B Performance, Best Music Video, Best Rap/Sung Performance, and many more.

Curious to see what big names have already thanked the Academy for their Grammys?  Find out inside:

Best Rap Song:

Aubrey Graham & Paul Jefferies, songwriters (Drake) – “Hotline Bling”

Best Rap/Sung Performance:

Drake – “Hotline Bling”

Best Rap Performance:

Chance the Rapper “No Problem” [ft. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz]

Best R&B Album:

Lalah Hathaway – Lalah Hathaway Live

Best R&B Song:

Hod David & Musze, songwriters (Maxwell) – “Lake By the Ocean”

Best Traditional R&B Performance:

Lalah Hathaway – “Angel”

Best R&B Performance:

Solange – “Cranes in the Sky”






Best Country Duo/Group Performance:

Pentatonix – “Jolene” [ft. Dolly Parton]

Best Dance Recording:

The Chainsmokers “Don’t Let Me Down” [ft. Daya]




Best Music Video:

Beyoncé – “Formation”

Best Gospel Album:

Kirk Franklin – Losing My Religion

Best Gospel Performance/Song:

Tamela Mann; Kirk Franklin, songwriter – “God Provides” [WINNER]


Best Song Written for Visual Media:

Max Martin, Shellback & Justin Timberlake, songwriters (Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, Gwen Stefani, James Corden, Zooey Deschanel, Walt Dohrn, Ron Funches, Caroline Hjelt, Aino Jawo, Christopher Mintz-Plasse & Kunal Nayyar), Track from: Trolls – “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”

Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media:

John Williams, composer – Star Wars: the Force Awakens

Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media:

Miles Davis & Various Artists; Steve Berkowitz, Don Cheadle & Robert Glasper, compilation producers – Miles Ahead

Best Musical Theater Album:

Danielle Brooks, Cynthia Erivo & Jennifer Hudson, principal soloists; Stephen Bray, Van Dean, Frank Filipetti, Roy Furman, Joan Raffe, Scott Sanders & Jhett Tolentino, producers (Stephen Bray, Brenda Russell & Allee Willis, composers/lyricists) (New Broadway Cast) – The Color Purple

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  1. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? February 12, 2017

    Yes, black sister queens!!!! Congrats!

    • Rosy February 12, 2017

      If I was rih I would not show up they trying to humiliate her when she told CBS f*** you and cancel her performance last time out of nowhere

    • ? + ✈ = ? February 12, 2017

      Yuss Adelephant ?????????????????????????????????????

    • ? + ✈ = ? February 12, 2017

      Solange should’ve got more nominations! But I’m still happy for her, she’s had a great year.

      • P-FUNK February 13, 2017

        I agree, Solange have made major sound waves threw out the neo soul word,,I love that chic,,glad they finally recognize good music..GO SOLANGE

  2. HailLegendBeysus February 12, 2017

    Congrats to The Knowles sister’s! Poor Frih, even Best Packaged Recording was snatched from her. LMFAOOO

    • gina February 12, 2017

      But what about the r&b award that was snatched from beyonce?

      • HailLegendBeysus February 12, 2017

        What about it? She has 21 Grammys, the Queens just letting the lessers have their shine.

      • gina February 12, 2017

        If you’re gonna point out the awards rihanna lost then point out the ones beyonce lost too not just the ones she bought.

      • oopsUPsideDaHead February 13, 2017

        @ hail legend WHATEVER… you guys thought she would dominate this show and got the surprise of your life

        She will never ALBUM OF THE YEAR

        her music is not as UNIVERSAL as you think

        Adele album was more successful … Beyonce fans are so delusional

        Adele is not a lesser artist… She has sold more records than Beyonce… #facts

    • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV42 February 12, 2017

      @Hailtrash Why Are You So Negative? Get A Life Bish You Live On Tgj Way Too Much Fat Doritos Bish Kiii!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • HailLegendBeysus February 12, 2017

        Says the bum b**** that has like 8463737 troll accounts.

    • IStan4Rihanna. February 12, 2017

      What are you shading exactly?


      Beyonce may have won one but she’s also lost 4 thus far.


      Rihanna has lost 3.


      There is no saying that any of them will win anything big.


      Like, damn.

      • Keri Qween February 12, 2017

        The hive is so pathetic. Trying to point out rihannas lossses when their idol has lost several

      • HighYello February 12, 2017

        Lol She Lost 3 Sweetie Not 4 And Has 5 More Catagories To Go…

  3. TheBeysusImpact February 12, 2017

    Hilarious that Rihanna hasn’t won anything… shocking that Bey was robbed. As long as she gets that AOTY.

    • oopsUPsideDaHead February 13, 2017

      that will neve happen

  4. QUEEN MINAJ February 12, 2017

    kudos to queen bey & sista solange. The knowles are the best. Also I heard there is going to be a lot of surprises tonight and one of the people at the grammys hinted at tinashe performing tonight for an new artist spotlight performance. Watch that 1 tina stan hype up now kii

  5. gina February 12, 2017

    so did beyonce buy her sister’s award too?

    • Real Crowd Pleaser February 12, 2017


    • oopsUPsideDaHead February 13, 2017


  6. Alex February 12, 2017

    @gina b**** shut up!!! Hating ass!

  7. Tim Brown February 12, 2017

    Been a long time coming…congrats to the legendary Ms.Brenda Russell. ❤

    • Fancy BISH February 12, 2017


  8. Max February 12, 2017

    He picture of JT and that banana lol

  9. gina February 12, 2017

    the beehive might wanna fall back with hating on rihanna when beyonce is getting snatched left and right so far lmao

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 February 12, 2017

      Meanwhile Rihanna…..

      • gina February 12, 2017

        meanwhile beyonce, lost out on 4 so far…

    • Krista February 12, 2017

      What has Rihanna won sis?

  10. BOOBIE February 12, 2017

    The fact that Hotline Bling won in two RAP categories is a MESS. Especially over Ultralight Beam…

    • Um. February 12, 2017

      Literally every other song in those two categories were more justified to win. Hotline Bling winning anything bigger than an AMA, maybe a billboard award, is a joke.

  11. Beyoncé Jackson February 12, 2017

    Adele is gonna sweep once again ugh.

    • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV42 February 12, 2017

      YASS BISH YASSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F Beythief

  12. Krista February 12, 2017

    Congrats to the Knowles sisters. Mama Tina must be proud.

  13. TalentlessFire February 12, 2017

    I Wanted Remy Ma To Win!! ????

  14. Um. February 12, 2017

    The Grammys are going exactly the way I thought they would actually. So far the wins have matched my predictions. I always knew I was psychic. And I knew Solange was snatching that award. Now her and Bey both walked away with No. 1 albums and a Grammy on the side in the same year. Anyways, I’m interested in seeing how the rest of the show turns out. So far I have not been surprised.
    P.S. Drake is a mediocre “artist” who is more suitably described as a popstar rather than a rapper. Mess.

  15. I can’t February 12, 2017

    If the Grammys gives this fool and his noise, Best Rap Album…

  16. YISI February 12, 2017

    Adele will probably sweep again,I don’t see Beyonce winning but one more and that’s ifffy.I think Rihanna will win record of the year.
    Those other artist in the R&B Album and Traditional R&B Vocal Performance categories were robbed!My goodness they were robbed!

    • I can’t February 12, 2017

      I think it’s more likely that Rihanna will win pop/duo. Adele might be taking record of the year. 25 was garbage so I don’t see any reason why that should win AOTY over anyone, let alone Beyoncé. But I can see why Hello would win.

  17. JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV42 February 12, 2017

    I Don’t Think Beyblade Should Win Any Awards Tonight Especially For Album Of The Year. That Album Was Such A Kii. If The Ramen Noodles Headed A** B*tch Does Win Then The B*tch Needs to Give All Her Grammys To The People That She Has Stole Content From.

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 February 12, 2017

      You mad?????

      • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV42 February 12, 2017

        Yes I am B*tch. I Am Mad That She Always Has A Copyright Infringement Notice Sent To Her With Every Album The Yellow B*tch Releases.

    • I can’t February 12, 2017

      Weren’t you just complaining about negativity? Or does the energy only bother you when it’s coming from the opposite direction?

  18. GAGALOVER February 12, 2017

    The only other award Beyoncé will win is Best Urban Contemporary Album

    • oopsUPsideDaHead February 13, 2017


  19. RoyalKev February 12, 2017

    Congrats Knowles sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Tokyo Vanity fan (formerly new) February 12, 2017

    Anyone got a stream to watch (UK here, not shown until tomorrow night)

  21. HailLegendBeysus February 12, 2017


  22. @ASAPicon February 12, 2017

    Bey is legendary! That is all

  23. Now at youfr best game way tuesidnz February 14, 2017

    Nice and wish their little sister And brother come too

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