Ratings: 2017 Grammys Reel In Show’s Highest Viewership In Years

Published: Friday 17th Feb 2017 by Rashad

With Urban music’s heaviest hitters leading the nominee pool (Beyonce, Rihanna, Kanye West, Drake, Chance the Rapper), Grammys 2017 lived up to its title of “music’s biggest night” by drawing in its biggest viewership figure in years.

Detals inside:

Via Deadline:

…the 59th annual Grammys pulled in 26.05 viewers…

All of which makes music’s biggest night 2017 the most watched Grammys since 2014 but the second lowest rated since 2009 – with only 2016 going lower.

The 57th annual Grammys of February 8, 2015 got an 8.5 rating and 25.3 million viewers – at that time the worst performance for the show since the 7.5 18-49 result and audience of 19.05 million that the Sunday-held 2009 Grammys drew.

Like the 2015 Grammys, [Sunday] night’s show faced a midseason return of blockbuster The Walking Dead.


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  1. SMH February 17, 2017

    So much for that overrated heifer on the right being a ratings draw…

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill ~ tyler February 17, 2017

      You’re only overrated if your achievements outweigh your efforts. Tell me which other singer put as much effort into their album, this era, as Beyoncé Giselle Grammy Carter Knowles did. Fight me.

    • Cbeylive February 17, 2017

      Pulls in more rating than you ever will

  2. ThatMessJuice.Flop February 17, 2017

    I’m just glad Lemonade got shut out. It is Beyonce’s worst album. So dry and manufactured. She’s the true definition of what great marketing does for a product. Her marketing is on steroids and I don’t remember anyone doing better…it’s just unfortunate the music doesn’t live up to the hype. Lemonade would have been ground-breaking if Beyonce was actually divorcing Jay.

    • Tori February 17, 2017

      OMG, remember the 30 minutes of the film everyone thought she really was divorcing him? Then “6 Inch” & “Daddy Lessons” through us off but “Love Drought” & “Sandcastles” confirmed s*** was scam. LMFAO!

      • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill ~ tyler February 17, 2017

        You obviously need to learn how to differentiate REALITY from entertainment lol

  3. ASHY February 17, 2017

    This is absolutely due to Beyonce. The ratings would have flopped without her, and everybody knows that.

    • nik February 17, 2017

      Yup, last year they had Adelephant, Taylucifer, Gaga, Justeen Dweeb, and the ratings were lower than the previous year.

      • Abel Minaj February 17, 2017

        ??? Taylucifer

    • Jj February 19, 2017

      No, Adele whom sold 17 million albums and Bruno Mars whom has the biggest record.

  4. Barb B**** February 17, 2017

    Adele still looking fatter than pregnant Beyonce in that picture

    • Xtina1983 February 17, 2017

      Poor you. Must be pissed Adele shut Beyonce out for album of the year. Lemons was s***** and not Beyonce. When you gonna understand Beyonce will never get that album of the year grammy. Keep dreaming

      • Jamie February 17, 2017

        You must want some company huh misery…Troll ass. If you think Bee works as hard as she does for an AOTY trophy, you’re fooling yourself. This chick has one trophy and two on the way. Grow up and find a life before it’s too late.

      • Barb B**** February 17, 2017

        But am I lying though?

  5. King February 17, 2017

    I definitely think that lemonade was a good album but it just didn’t appear to her core audience. We want up tempo get me bodied stuff. I understand you in love girl but everyone isn’t specially the young men and woman who loves you. We want to have fun and party. Watch when she releases a another uptempo album with lemonade marketing its going to be great.
    But yes it’s because Beyoncé was at the show the rating were high. And Adele.

  6. Jeans February 17, 2017

    ThatMessJuice, I agree with all you said. ALL OFF IT!!

    • ThatMessJuice.Flop February 17, 2017

      yes bae

  7. Kisses Down Low February 17, 2017

    If Beyonce wasn’t there making her first appearance preggers it would’ve been an epic flop let be honest… people don’t watch award shows like that no more.

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill ~ tyler February 17, 2017

      PREACH! The BET Awards has had higher ratings than all of them over these past few years. Hmm I wonder why that is ?

  8. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill ~ tyler February 17, 2017

    Beyonce incarnated the golden African goddess of Oshun. I loved it!

  9. maria February 17, 2017

    the ratings are due to every one fans watching not only beyonce so please stop with the because of beyonce if that was the case she would have brought in higher ratings for lemonade on hbo

  10. RhiRocks February 17, 2017

    It’s all cos of the way the marketed it. They used Beyoncé name as much as they could. They had everyone thinking Beyoncé will win AOTY and then they had the whole Beyoncé vs Adele going on. They used to bey to their advantage

  11. Gee February 17, 2017

    Yes the marketing tool of Adele vs Beyoncé had everyone tuned in. As with everything with entertainment it’s all about the marketing dollars and do whatever to keep up the viewership.

  12. Sherrele February 17, 2017

    I feel that they really used Beyonce! It’s messed up. Beyonce want be showing back up to the Grammys in a long time

  13. msbeautynglam February 17, 2017

    The ratings have nothing to do with with adele or beyonce I only watched for the underated Bruno mars performances I don’t care who won what or cared for their cringe acceptance speeches.

  14. Fatusankoh February 17, 2017

    That raiting is all for. Queen Bey haters have nothing on her the one and only

  15. blue February 18, 2017

    i love how everyone is crediting bey with this but they didnt even promote the show with her performance, she didnt want to be announced as a performer.

  16. Donard February 18, 2017

    Adele won because she has an iconic song, which is now part of modern day culture on her album called hello…. Beyoncé didn’t even have any hits on her album.

    • The One February 18, 2017

      Mariah Carey had the highest sell album and a song at number #1 for 14 weeks with the Emancipation of Mimi and she didn’t get AOTY.
      So it’s clearly not based off sales or hits!!!
      They give that award to who they choose to!

  17. JOHNVIDAL February 18, 2017

    My Gosh more delusions? Now Beyonce was the one that brought in the ratings? Look! The only time in years that grammys had a huge boost that was clearly due to something was the year Whitney Houston died and Adele´s “21” phenomenon happened (2012). Both tremendously universal draws, proven at different times of their careers, sales, ratings and all. The rest of the years lately there is no clear indicator as to why grammys do A LITTLE BIT better some years than others. Taylor Swift sells more albums than Beyonce so one could think way more people watch the grammys the years she is there, but it doesn´t seem to be the case either. Beyonce´s Superbowl decreased the ratings for the match, while Madonna and Gaga´s increased them. That´s all teh proof I remember regarding Beyonce and ratings (and as an unbiased music lover I know that probably means nothing anyway).

    If ratings this year have been kind of good, the most logical thing to think would be that it was thanks to Adele and her second DIAMOND album in a row. Please be pucking realistic once and for all. Some people´s behaviour is being a spectacle this week.

    • King B February 18, 2017

      Joanne : 400k
      Artpop : 700k

      • JOHNVIDAL February 18, 2017

        LOL King B you are truly losing it, aren´t you? How is that relevant to what I said and the spectacle you are giving? I have defended Beyonce´s sales these last few years tons of times here. And I know damn well she´s been selling more than Gaga. So???? You cannot attack me with unrelated arguments in stan war mode cause I´m not a patehtic stan. I speak truth and defend talent. Nothing else. Only for that, despite not being into Beyonce, I defend her a lot of times. Use your pbullshit with someone else. Truth is, we don´t ahve any proof Beyonce has ever make grammys ratings go higher (and so hasn´t Gaga). End of story.

      • JanStan February 18, 2017

        How convenient of you to forget Adeles sales

        20 million albums sold – TWICE. K bye.

      • Bae hive February 18, 2017

        Oh shut you messy f** you only defend bey when the navi are dragging the d****** out of you. Just a few years back, you were one of beys top haters on this blog. just the other day you were calling out her fans on a post that had nothing to do with her. We see you!

      • JanStan February 18, 2017

        Im sure you’re not talking to me…

      • JOHNVIDAL February 18, 2017

        Like I said. It is being a spectacle. They don´t even can take that maybe someone out there think Beyonce didn´t deserve to win, and will go for any non-argument they can find. Nobody is even saying Beyonce is not great 🙂

      • JOHNVIDAL February 18, 2017

        Bae Hive
        Like I said, keep it. I m not a crazy stan. I don´t defend Beyonce when I have to because some Rihanna fans “drag me”. I do it any time if needed. Why? Because Rihanna is talentless and Beyonce is so superior to her, in every possible way. Just that. Keep seething at truths. You´re not gonna get me cause I´m not a sad hater. Some Beyonce fans and their continuos disrespect for all kinds of super talented artists are haters though.

      • JanStan February 18, 2017

        Hey John I was meaning my last post for king B. That last tirade it did was a mess lol

      • JanStan February 18, 2017

        And John I’m with u. I love Most of the pop queens but I’m not so delusional that if someone points out a flaw or statistic that is TRUE that I wouldn’t agree. But when people LIE or try to drag with ridiculous statements the stan comes out and I’ll put a heaux in their place lol

      • JOHNVIDAL February 19, 2017

        I know I know 🙂

    • Jewel February 18, 2017

      Award shows with Beyonce always draw high ratings. You only have to do some research.

  18. Briano February 18, 2017

    Why didn’t anyone watch her HBO special lies delusions smoke and mirrors and desperation and broke #beyonce

  19. Now at youfr best game way tuesidnz February 19, 2017

    Beyonce is not the best Singer

  20. Briano February 19, 2017

    Everybody check that new Mary J it is the medicine for r &/b’s soul that was needed

    Mary came THRU

    U+ ME

  21. Highbrowthis February 19, 2017

    People speaking so quick. Watch those ratings fall next year. It’s time we boycott this white supremacist propaganda

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