Diddy & ‘The Breakfast Club’ Accused Of Discriminating Against White Workers

Published: Wednesday 22nd Mar 2017 by David

The African-American jobs creator Diddy has been slapped with claims that his company ‘Revolt’ discriminated against its Caucasian employees.

Details on the allegations below…

Five white men who produced a morning TV show for ‘Revolt TV’ claim they were mocked, teased, bullied and ostracised by the company’s employees.

The men, who had previously worked on ‘The Howard Stern Show’ claim that unprofessionalism lies at the heart of Revolt’s culture making their time with the company difficult…at best.

The suit spills…

Revolt tolerated a particularly high level of unprofessional behaviour by the Breakfast Club’s African-American staff. Specifically, such African-American employees arrived to work intoxicated or hung over.

Whereas the show’s on-air personalities tolerated lateness, the production team was used to producing shows where such a lack of punctuality was either less tolerated or not permitted whatsoever.

In 2014, after being told that they did not understand “the culture”, the men were dismissed and replaced with a team of African-American producers.

The true reason that Revolt terminated the production team was because they were Caucasian and much older than their replacements.

‘Revolt’ countered with this…

These claims are without merit and have previously been dismissed by the (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). Revolt Media and TV, LLC has always been committed to diversity in the workplace and is an equal opportunity employer.

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  1. BOOBIE March 22, 2017

    Sounds like 5 bitter old white men to me

    • Dongboy March 22, 2017

      No! It sounds like a bunch of hypocritical racist n******.

      • Dongboyd March 22, 2017

        No it sounds like a bunch of hypocritical Racists n*gg*rs

    • BEYONCE & RIHANNA March 22, 2017

      What black people has gone through there whole life and still going through it till today..

  2. Suicide Blonde is 35 March 22, 2017

    Well we have to make our own opportunities for ourselves so it’s not “discriminating” it’s just giving more of our people chances to be on a big platform. I dont’ see many of us on Ryan Seacrest or those other Top 40 stations unless they have a HUGE hit.

    Oh & Suicide Blonde pls don’t bring your racists self in here before I expose the 40 year old predator that you are

  3. Acquired tastes March 22, 2017

    Diddy is the ?. .? him!!!!!

  4. Meme March 22, 2017

    While they are at it, why not file a lawsuit for all the qualified educated blacks who can’t even get an interview because of their name. FOH.

    • Grape Nutz March 22, 2017

      Stop naming little black babies dumb a$$ names. Y’all are trying to be clever and unique, but really you’re just hurting your kids’ chances of being a productive and successful member of society.

      • AmbeRussell March 22, 2017

        The point is the NAME should not equate to not having a chance at a job. Where is equal opportunity if the name is a defining factor to not being asked for an interview. No name determines ability to do work

      • meme March 22, 2017

        Listen, I am not consigning anyone naming their kids ridiculous names. All I am saying is that someones name alone shouldn’t disqualify them for a job. I know plenty of Asians and Africans with weird azs names who are th smartest people you will ever meet. #BYE

  5. SMH March 22, 2017

    Lol so a bunch of privileged white men don’t get their way so they cry ‘racism’? Lmao.

  6. Truth Hurts March 22, 2017

    Black people is loud, and uneducated, most of them, they are always defensive and rude thinking they are being discriminated.

    • Toohotfortv March 22, 2017

      You know this blog is ran by black people, right?

    • Suicide Blonde is 35 March 22, 2017

      This is @Suicide Blonde

  7. Donald March 22, 2017

    Ha look at th comments and how quickly you’re to judge that the people that got sacked and has nothing to do with their colour, but had it been the other way round, you’d be saying the exact opposite.

    this probably doesn’t have anything to do with colour on this particular story, but neithe does most of the other stories that got bought up by black people, who can’t accept, maybe they didn’t get the job, because they simply wasn’t good enough…

  8. Indie March 22, 2017

    Pathetic! Welcome to the Trump era where angry caucasians start coming for Black owned business’s that are not troubling them at all! Revolt TV is essentially there to promote people of colour because everyday networks do not! It is the voice of the people and does not discriminate, Machine Gun Kelly is a Bad Boy artist and The Breakfast Club always has multi cultural guests, mainly Black because that is essentially what it is there for to be a platform for people of colour. The Breakfast Club like Howard Stearn’s show is about getting that scoop and controversial no holds back interviews so yes you do see artist have a drink on there, cuss a little, tell it like it is, it prides it self on creating that atmosphere and people talking isn and being real, yet still handles professionally that”s why it’s so successful! FOH and go an trouble the millions of company’s that everyday discriminate against a name title there not familair with and let us earn some damn coin for once!

  9. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 22, 2017

    Black people don’t hate white people; black people do and should hate white supremacy. I think we need to quit acting like this is a two way street. BLACK people are being slaughtered. Black people don’t receive justice when we’re murdered. Black people are incarcerated at a disproportionately high rate (read “The New Jim Crow”). Black people are being mis/undereducated (read the “The Mis-Education of the Negro”, it’s OLD and still relevant). Black people do not own and operate a system of racial oppression towards any soul on this Earth. Truthfully, the ONLY way to stop this insanity is through revolution, but until black people stop acting so afraid and relying on marching and prayer SOLELY, it won’t happen

  10. Soul March 22, 2017

    Tyler, ever statement you stated was accurate but instead of revolution its evolution.

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 22, 2017

      No, revolution.

  11. SmNtsWNow at uyoufr best game way tuesidnz March 24, 2017

    Those 5 whites bitter people need to sit down somewhere with their lying story

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