Explosive! Kandi & Porsha Clash In Most Volcanic ‘Real Housewives’ Scene Yet

Published: Saturday 4th Mar 2017 by Sam

The feud between Porsha Williams and Kandi Burrus on ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ will reach a volcanic boiling point on tomorrow’s episode.

Viewers of the Bravo hit have seen the ladies sparring over rumors surrounding sexuality, but that’s not a patch on what’s to come.

See, quite literally, what we mean below…

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  1. Maurice March 4, 2017

    Kandi, shut up, gurrrl.

    • Cupid March 5, 2017

      Kandi is the only genuine one there smh

  2. Jeans March 4, 2017

    Can’t wait to see the messiness!!

  3. Imthabesttayduh March 4, 2017

    Porsha will say anything to keep her peach. Lol

    • Jasmine March 4, 2017

      They all do. It is in their job descriptions and producers want them to do it.

    • Rosy March 5, 2017

      I don’t think porsha would have made the claim if it was not true kandi is a s** freak I feel she wanted to bed porsha and have a threesome with toddler todd he has the hots for porsha kandi is no innocent when you dabble in that type of lifestyle not surprised if drugs involve

      • #ispeakfacts March 6, 2017


        Girl bye!!! Everybody and they mama can see that Porsha is lying! Kandi has always been open and honest about her sexuality! Porsha is bisexual point blank period! She did not think Kandi would expose her! She also lied about Kandi & Todd druging her… lying thot!!!

  4. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 4, 2017

    Kandi stays crying lol

    • Majorette March 5, 2017

      She cries to keep from attacking. Sometimes u just cry. Her crying does not mean she cannot take what others say; she cries when lies are told. That drugging, no, no, no. Porsha crossed the line with that. Kandi should sue and get off the show. I think Porsha wants Kandi. She is the one that approached Kandi. She admitted it. Now Kandi wanted to drug her! Jesus, she does not do well with Kandi rejecting her. For two years Kandi held her little secret. Porsha literally kissed this girl in the club in front of Shamea and others. Porsha did not want fans to know she was bisexual. We know it now and know with all her issues; she is compulsive liar. She not only has gender identity problems, she needs psychological assistance right away.

      • Rosy March 5, 2017

        Porsha did not start this kandI been talking slick about porsha behind her back I never see porsha come between kandI and phaedra this started when nasty wide mouth joker looking kandi telling people porsha had s** with her baby father and the fact is kandi was dating a married man kandi and her foul mouth mother and dirty looking crew talks s*** about porsha all day everyday now porsha coming for your ass you wanna cry all these women bully porsha because they think they can but porsha fights back these old heifers get mad porsha do not go for people they always provoke her

    • Rcw March 5, 2017

      Kandi needs to keep her mouth shut if she doesn’t want s*** said about her. Kandi is full of s***…she’s fallen out with everyone she was once cool with

    • Tim Brown March 5, 2017

      Your name on here deep bru

  5. Billy Jeann March 4, 2017

    So Kandi can throw out accusations against Porsha and Phaedra..but can’t take it when it’s done to her LMAO..

    • Jason March 4, 2017

      One thing about Kandi, She owns all parts of her business. Porsha is a known liar. I need her to go now that Nene and Kim are returning. Bye, wig!!

    • Rosy March 5, 2017

      I agree they always coming for porsha say stuff call this girl names and expect her to take the abuse kandi put it out their phaedra cheated on her husband she put it out there porsha had s** with block wtf she expect going to come from this kandi thinks she can cry herself out of stuff you talk slick you get it right back you not the queen of this show and she should be ashamed her daughter seeing all this stuff about her having there some with her husband you nasty kandi that marriage will not last if you need to do that it’s pathetic I see why she messed up look at her mother’s behavior I use to like her until she turn her back on phaedra and get mad at phaedra because of nene and look at her ass up nene b*** at least porsha stay consistent if she your friend until you mess with her she cut you off porsha watch how she stays away from Kenya she ain’t faking it for the camera to talk,to Kenya these other women fake I think kandi screwing porsha friend for years kandi travel with these young girls it’s weird

  6. King March 4, 2017

    What your not understanding is that kandi is mad bcuz it’s not true number one. Number two is she could possibly mess with her money and her brand I hope kandi sues her because that’s not nothing you want to say out loud about someone. Kandi has a lot to lose.
    Both woman need to just kiss and make up. Kandi your a Taurus girl stop crying.

    • Rosy March 5, 2017

      I do not think porsha would say it if she did not have proof period her brand is about s** and threesome wtf is that not what it is kandi is not wholesome butter cookie she a freak from Atlanta ho bag what brand you talking about please I would not be surprised if her and her husband dabble drugs whatever kandi comes for people she think she can bully i bet she ain’t suing porsha all those Graves about her will come to light

  7. Kayla C March 4, 2017

    Love Kandi. Porsha is an embarrassment

    • Rosy March 5, 2017

      Porsha is not a embarrassement if anything all of them are kandi doing threesome and sleeping with other people is more than worst stop the madness where is kandi lawyer suing porsha she knew this was coming team porsha as long as i watch porsha she ain’t lying she always have proof

  8. The Wig Snatcher March 4, 2017

    Porsha fans are gay loose bottöms or women with loose vagīnäs.

    • The Legend Called Missy Elliott ?? March 5, 2017

      RHOA fans are hot ghetto mess that roll their eyes and necks. ? ???

  9. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy March 4, 2017


  10. Pat March 4, 2017

    Porsha is the kinda bych u HAVE to whoop because she’ll stop at nothing to save face

  11. Gee March 4, 2017

    This is turning out worse than I thought. I know that the drama is good for ratings but when it comes to possibly ruining someone’s living that’s a major issue. Even though Kandi has become more annoying this season in this case I definitely agree with her and if this is a lie she should sue Porsha for libel.

  12. Don’t even March 4, 2017

    That’s f***** up. Porsha needs to stop.

  13. 1mcluver March 4, 2017

    porsha is a complete idiot but damn she’s pretty af

  14. Jeans March 4, 2017

    Yes she is hot!

  15. Mocha March 5, 2017

    What’s funny is Phaedra started all of this mess and she’s sitting back quiet as a church mouse.

  16. dyd972 March 5, 2017

    This show is becoming more and more ridiculous… they need to refresh the cast ASAP

  17. Tokyo Vanity fan (formerly new) March 5, 2017

    Kandi ain’t choking no one. She talks so big when there is a big group to hold her back (e.g. Pillow fight). But when she was one on one with Porsha last episode and Porsha was spilling all her tea, she got up and left.

    • Rcw March 5, 2017

      True s***! Kandi full of it

      • Toohotfortv March 5, 2017

        That’s the kinda s*** you say when you have nothing to loose, you brokeback mountain h***. And, say that with no disrespect to any community, it just felt appropriate. My point is, kandi should get up and walk away. Every time. She has children, she has a brand, she has gears moving (things that I’m sure you and I have no clue about) going on that could seriously be in jeopardy if she just Willy-Nilly hauled off and clocked the likes of porsha… it’d feel good for a moment but then, the consequences… so while you people sit in judgment and encourage her to be uber-hood, Kandi has money to make. Hence, it’s a very different place (in regard to mindset). You are obviously not in her tax bracket.

    • Jason March 5, 2017

      No, she’s just not a fighting THOT like Porsha. Some people are actually able to exist without fighting, even when pushed to the brink. Porsha has put hands on half the cast due to lack of self control, and respect. Minus Kenya, cuz anyone wouldn’ve mopped her ass with that septor and megaphone.

  18. VZW March 6, 2017

    I’m surprised Sheree WhICKILEAKS hasn’t spilled Phaedra’s tea about her being the s*** starter. Her messy ass tells everything else. ?

  19. #ispeakfacts March 6, 2017

    Like someone mentioned above I think Porsha wants Kandi and Kandi has rejected her and Porsha doesn’t like it! I do believe both women have had experiences with women but I think Porsha is more into that then Kandi is!

  20. Skky March 6, 2017

    Kandi and Porsha need jesus to rescue them. This show is becoming something else. I’m soon going to stop watching

  21. ItsWNow at youfr best game way tuesidnz March 7, 2017


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