Rachel Dolezal: “I’m Not African-American….I’m Black”

Published: Monday 27th Mar 2017 by David

Rachel Dolezal is back…and she’s bolder than ever.

Rising to fame after it emerged that she was a Caucasian woman who had successfully fooled her friends into believing she was African-American, Rachel found herself on the receiving end of heat from those who deemed her lies problematic.

Now, after details of her disturbing childhood surfaced online, she is back to capitalise on her fame and- by way of new remarks- ruffle many a feather.

Watch below…

 I don’t identify as African American, I identify as black.

I am part of the Pan-African diaspora and I definitely feel like in America, even though race is a social construct and we’ve acknowledged this in academia and in science there still is a line drawn in the sand.

There still are sides. Politically, there’s a black side and a white side, and I stand unapologetically on the black side. I stand with my own internal sense of self and my own values. I stand with my sons, I stand with my sister and I also stand there really with the greater cause of challenging the myth of white supremacy.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Queen Of Billboard (Barb) March 27, 2017


    • Ughhhh March 27, 2017

      If she wants to be black then let her, who really cares? It’s her life.

    • She can’t be real… March 27, 2017

      I am disillusioned whenever I read about her. Omg. Lol

  2. Pat March 27, 2017

    If you can separate gender from s** then why not ethnicity from race?? Only thing is that will never be because they’d never allow us yo identify as white. Lol

    • Okayyyy March 27, 2017

      Ethnicity is and has always been separate from race. And at this point, Rachel Dolezal is white in both cases.

      • Pat March 27, 2017

        No. If race is a social construct, which it is. She can choose to not identify with it.

      • Okayyyy March 27, 2017

        Yes. Race is a social construct. But it has never been the same as ethnicity. There has always been a distinction between the two. But aside from that, Race is about how you look. It doesn’t matter how you see yourself, what matters is how other people see you. If you look like a white man, other people treat you like you’re a white man. If you look like a black man, you get treated like one, even if you aren’t one. It’s the very reason why biracial black people who look black are simply called black. Ethnically, they are biracial. Racially, they are black. Race is about how other people see you. If the police stops them, they aren’t going to go, Yeah, he’s definitely 50% white, let me leave him alone. They can “identify” as biracial all they want, It doesn’t change their experience. The problem with Rachel Dolezal is that everyone knows she’s white. And just by looking at her now, I can tell she’s white. That teensy tiny bit of information prohibits her from successfully living her life under the provisions that a black woman would. To “identify” with something is a personal term that is irrelevant to everyone else’s perception of you. I hate the word. It holds no weight. She can “identify” as black all day long, just as that Transspecies, Yes, TRANS-SPECIES, kid who waddles around identifying as a penguin can. Doesn’t change anything.

      • Hmmm… March 27, 2017

        Goodbye. There are Trans-species people? Or I guess they wouldn’t be “people” then right? Death. *Logs off of the internet forever*.

      • G7Pat March 27, 2017

        Didnt say i agree w her…just breaking down the technicalities.

    • G7Pat March 27, 2017

      Thanks for proving my point. Cuz if i didnt know her. Id c a light skin black woman. So if one wants to be black and even got surgery for stereorypical black features and tanned and wore black weaves to match their racial identity, therefore perceived by society to be black in their everyday life. You couldn’t deny her identify as black the same way you couldn’t deny a transgender.

      • Okayyyy March 27, 2017

        That’s the case. I don’t see where anyone ever told you it wasn’t. The point was made though, that for one, race and ethnicity have always been separate and two, that Rachel Dolezal, specifically and individually, is white across the board. And those two points remain true. Also, I completely contend that she can “identify” as black at her own discretion. That’s precisely why I added the bit at the end. *Please refer back to the last three lines of my previous comment for clarity.

  3. DanYiel Iman March 27, 2017

    She’s more (black) then a lot of her HATERS..?

  4. Kurtz March 27, 2017

    But when the police pull her up on the high way you know she white ?

  5. Tahj March 27, 2017

    If there is transgender why can’t it be trans-racial. There is black people who are Oreo’s and Asian who have a black spirit lol. I don’t think she should’ve lied though but i think like rihanna she is a bit of a hero . She actually wants to fight the injustices we black people face .

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler March 27, 2017

      What exactly is a “black spirit” ? ?

    • Um. March 27, 2017

      You asked why can’t there be transracial and then immediately answered it. Referring to a black person as an “Oreo” is offensive. Along with for instance, calling an Asian person a “banana”. Yellow on the outside, white on the inside. These are derogatory terms based on racist stereotypes and I’d advise you to not suggest that they be perpetuated. The very idea that “blackness” is something you can put on, is racist. Which is why I second Tyler’s question. What is a “black” spirit?? And death to that bogus white validation praising nonsense Rihanna was spewing.

  6. MUSICHEAD March 27, 2017

    If y’all gon pretend that transgender is a real thing, then transracial can be real too. Fetch has officially happened lol.

    • XoMoDe March 28, 2017

      Basically. See what all this weird s*** opens the floodgates to? People screaming at the top of their lungs in acceptance for the delusion that is “Transgender” have pretty much opened the door for kinds of abstract non-realities to demand a place at the table. Transgender, transracial, tomorrow it’ll be transspecies, with people claiming that they always identified more as a tree than human.

      This is why you don’t qualify peoples delusion, and allow them to create their own nonsensical realities, because they don’t like the truth. Dolezal is white. She will never be black. Just like “Caitlyn” Jenner and Laverne C** are men who will never be women…but if we’re going to accept delusion of the latter, then we have to accept it from the former too.

    • Linear March 28, 2017

      Say it louder for the people in back. IMO Rachel Dolezal is batshitcrazy, but I can’t see how she’s more insane than the man who thinks he’s a woman. If we gonna let one lie thrive, then we gotta let them all fly.

  7. IG: @mixedboy March 27, 2017


  8. Kiii March 27, 2017

    I identify as a unicorn.

    • Suicide Blonde March 28, 2017

      Lmao ?

  9. PYT March 27, 2017

    And she has every right. I went to school with this white girl that was the same way, and she identified as black as well. Let people live I say.

  10. JuJu March 28, 2017

    I’m crying!!!!!! This woman needs serious intervention!

  11. Kwinzy March 28, 2017

    I want this fool to go into the sunken place. SINK INTO FLOOR B****!

  12. Suicide Blonde March 28, 2017

    Hilarious but hey many black people identify as white or want to look like white people, so this is a nice change, there are not many like her ?

    • Meme March 28, 2017


    • Tony March 28, 2017

      Hand claps for this comment, instead of judging or trying to make sense of her psychology or appearance or politics in words like what every one is trying to do, …..this is support and love , I would maybe drop hilarious and say fascinating instead .

      It’s so much more blacks/African Americans white washing themselves, it’s refreshing that this woman is actually educating and feeling herself as black.

      What if white people weren’t supreme and incharge or mainstream culture or Jesus was white….and Africans ruled the world and spreaded their message and beliefs,etc? ….kinda how HipHop culture is popular worldwide ..

  13. Avi March 28, 2017

    People kill me trying to force themselves to be offended by Dolezal’s delusional sense of self. I find everything about her hilarious. 60 years ago, lighter skinned black people were trying to “pass” as white. Now in the 2010s, white people are trying to do the opposite. This is the Twilight Zone.

  14. Hush March 28, 2017

    I’m not buying her album…

  15. Summer tyime tran pico at your best March 28, 2017

    She’s white that have two white parents and that’s the truth so she’s not black period that what a lot of people said

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