Samuel L. Jackson: “Black British Actors Are Cheaper”

Published: Thursday 9th Mar 2017 by David

Ebro Darden‘s Hot 97 recently caught up with the seasoned star Samuel L. Jackson recently to engage what we’re calling a must-see conversation.

In it, the actor delved deep into a number of scorching hot topics surrounding the entertainment industry which may, or may not, offend proponents of Hollywood’s welcoming of Black British stars.

There’s more.

For, he also had a thing or two to say about Kerry Washington and her hit show ‘Scandal’.

Press play below…

Jackson’s comments come as the British actors John Boyega and Daniel Kaluuya soar at the box office with their respective releases.

Do you agree?

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  1. Tilly Lilly March 9, 2017

    This man has a nerve, he is literally in everything every movie he is there playing the same crusty character. If he wanted BLACK AMERICAN MEN TO WORK HE SHOULD GIVE UP HIS JOBS, and let someone else have the opportunity. Americans really feel like they are the only black people on earth that deserve opportunities KMT

    • MUSICHEAD March 9, 2017

      I’m usually sympathetic to the mentally challenged, but your comment has to be one of the dumbest ones I’ve seen on here in a while. Go read a book you mental midget.

      • Tilly Lilly March 9, 2017

        Did you watch the whole interview or are you speaking out of your a***???
        You clearly don’t have mental capacity to argue without insults and to make a smart argument without name calling, so I will not argue with someone less than smart.

        Get your IQ up darling,

        Have a good evening


  2. LOL March 9, 2017

    LOL. So Black British actors are the latest in a long line of oppressors of African Americans. The victimhood mentality is overwhelming. So now, it’s no longer the white man who’s your enemy, it’s the black man (notice how the only people he bashes in his interview are black men: Ben Carson and Black British actors). Shame on you, crusty-a** h*. Instead of you to empower your people with uplifting messages so they can strive for success like you HAD, you instead try to start a turf war amongst black people. Now, British actors will start getting blamed for all sorts of things. Shame on you.

    • My My Minaj March 9, 2017

      Did he bash the actors or the system which makes finding work easier for them?

      • LOL March 9, 2017

        Sorry what he said sounded so much like ‘Allowing immigrants is threatening our jobs’. So you tell me if that’s bashing immigrants or not.

    • MUSICHEAD March 9, 2017

      Stop being so damn dramatic and listen to what he actually said. I swear I don’t know how some of y’all walk and chew gum at the same time smh.

    • Live March 9, 2017

      Then I guess gay guys are playing the victims when they complain about the lack of roles for gay men and women. What’s good for the goose is even better for the gander.

  3. MUSICHEAD March 9, 2017

    Sam spoke the absolute truth. Movie studios are hiring more British actors because they know they don’t have to pay them as much. It’s demoralizing to American black actors when British black actors get hired to portray roles of oppression in America but they’ve never even experienced that struggle. Even when they are classically trained, there is a realness that they can’t convey about the American black struggle. Also, Sam was right about The Quad and Scandal. Having these educated black women become victims to their sexual impulses diminishes their intelligence. Some of those stories can be hard to watch at times.

  4. Suicide Blonde March 9, 2017

    The belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

    • Live March 9, 2017

      Hilarious. Entitlement or asking for unfair barriers to be removed? No one accuses gay people of feeling entitled when they ask for inclusion so why should black people accept any less?

  5. Maluce March 9, 2017

    I agree. Especially with the comments about The Quad and Scandal. He preached and it was all VALID.

  6. ItsWNow at youfr best game way tuesidnz March 10, 2017


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