‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Fans Threaten Boycott If Phaedra Parks Leaves

Published: Monday 10th Apr 2017 by David

Since joining the series in its third season, Phaedra Parks has used her platform on ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ to raise awareness for a number of societal ills.

Praised for her continued efforts to solve the Flint Water Crisis among many other crises while on the show, Parks now finds that she is the one in need of help after unconfirmed reports claimed she had booted from the series.

How its fans has received this news?

Poorly, and they’ve taken to Twitter to lambast the unconfirmed report with hopes it will see the altruistic attorney retain her position.

Parks denied that she had been fired via a representative last week.



Why do you think she is so beloved?

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  1. boomkack123 April 10, 2017

    They will still watch…

  2. Meme April 10, 2017

    Nicki Minaj just shot a video with joe Jonas group DNCE. Song is called kissing strangers. Keep up TGJ, where’s the post?

  3. Tokyo Vanity fan (formerly new) April 10, 2017

    Come through Phaedra fans. The same thing happened after season 6 when they wanted to fire Porsha for dragging Kenya. The fans complained and she was brought back as a friend in season 7, yet still featured more in the show and had more storyline than actual housewife Claw-dia! Phaedra better be back next season. Frick and Frack run the show. Cynthia can leave

    • Rosy April 10, 2017

      I agree frick and frack makes the show funny and the rest of them are boring Kenya and Cynthia needs to go

  4. NahGurl April 10, 2017

    Cynthia should be fired way before Phaedra I mean Phaedra has had an actual storyline every season she’s been on the show some of the women can’t even say the same I mean let’s be real. Kandi only pull to the show is the fact that her mother is crazy that’s been her storyline for years. So many other women to fire but Phaedra ????

  5. Steven April 10, 2017

    Goodbye shady Phaedra! She is the fakes housewife in housewife history!

    • Steven April 10, 2017


  6. Suicide Blonde is 35 April 10, 2017

    The 10 people complaining will still watch. Fraudra shouldn’t be telling constant lies and she would still have a job

  7. Suicide Blonde is 35 April 10, 2017


  8. Cbeylive April 10, 2017

    No Housewive is better than the franchise…. that’s why they try to stay on it and if they leave it still does numbers and get talked about, who stopped watching when any of them left??

  9. AmbeRussell April 10, 2017

    Well she doesn’t like anyone there, so who is she going to film with? Also, she lied too much and that really gets old fast. Fakebdrama with yourself is 1 thing (Kenya for pay bf), but to start lies about other cast mates and producers is a whole other level of lying.

  10. Kayla C April 10, 2017

    Girl nobody cares, good riddance… RHOA will still be fine in viewership and will have even more since Nene and Kim are returning lmao

  11. Suzette April 10, 2017

    Who cares about shady Phae Phea, I love how karma works. Most phony housewife out of all the franchises. Come through Nene and Kim, speaking of Kim she read the HELL out of Kenya Moore W**** last night. Loved it!!

  12. Queenshade April 10, 2017

    Wait till thtill reunion when u see how much of a fraud she is then u will retract your statement

    • Queenshade April 10, 2017


  13. Edith Jefferson April 10, 2017

    You keep Kenya with all her lies and drama. She started the whole thing with Apollo on the trip, even asked Phaedra to share him. She waved things in porsha face. She started with Sheree before even knowing her. Countless paid boyfriends. Baiting Matt. She pokes and pokes, but you still have her. Bravo you are about to be twirled on.

  14. Majorette April 10, 2017

    Boycott, the world will keep the ratings u. The Flint situation is serious but how can u help and then make up raping and druging lies because she is jealous.

  15. cocobutta April 11, 2017

    Well let’s see if they feel the same after the reunions.
    But even if Fraudra clart had been lying hardcore and manipulating Porsha as bad as they’ve mad out then maybe she should be given the chance to make amends.
    Porsha was ultra loyal & probably naive not exposing Parks about the Kandi stories.

  16. Victoria Radcliff April 11, 2017

    I, too, will stop watching if Phaedra leaves.

  17. Lakiesha L Noble April 12, 2017

    Boot her ass. She lie too much n claims to b for the Lord. She was alright in the beginning but now it’s shameful the way she has been acting. Just a backstabber n two faced it. It’s like she loves to see a person having issues. Yr life is public n why try to hide yr life when u on tv.

  18. Peg Altomari April 12, 2017

    If they indeed fired Phaedra I will no longer watch
    Nor willl I watch Andy. I will also boycott their sponsors !

  19. MJHurd April 14, 2017

    I and all of my friends and family willSTOP watching if you let Phadra go. We are used to nene being gone so leave her there!! I donot think phadra lies any more then the rest of them.

  20. Martha October 15, 2017

    The whole season was filled with disgusting sexual comments from kandi as well I was disappointed to see a successful black woman say some of the things she did. I believe that Phaedra was told the rumor by a production member she should not have repeated it but Porsha was her friend
    Phaedra is the only housewife that did anything positive for the black community
    If she is gone I don’t see the point in watching a show to see old angry women yelling at each other and kandi with all of her success bringing nothing to the black community except to discuss her sexual preference

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