Baywatch Bomb :The Rock Responds To Movie’s Box Office Performance

Published: Sunday 28th May 2017 by David

For much of his career Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has led many a movie to box office glory.

So, movie lovers who awaited the release of his ‘Baywatch’ reboot wouldn’t have been wrong to assume he would do the same for the project which hit theatres via Paramount this week.

Unfortunately, they’ve now learned that they were wrong following wave after wave of bad reviews and talk that is set to do anything but create a splash at the box office.

Said talk hasn’t gone unnoticed by Dwayne.

How the herculean actor is taking the news?


‘Bay’ was built of a budget of $69 million and has swept up $10 million so far.

That number is expected to rise to $30 million by the end of the weekend but will fail to live up to commercial expectations even if it does so.

What a shame to take this charming cast and maroon them in a morass of stale jokes and sub-sitcom-level plot twists in a remake that reads as a missed opportunity.

Will reviews like the one above threaten to disturb its progress globally?

Weigh in below…


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  1. Bam Basm May 28, 2017

    The movie was bad! Not everything you do is going to be loved by the people! GET OVER IT

  2. LB @LB_Joakim May 28, 2017

    Not suprised, Zac Efron or whatever is a horrible actor. He is still getting gigs because he is bottoming for Hollywood producers otherwise he is terrible and not a box office draw.

    • TC May 28, 2017

      (Spits out the tea I’m sipping) lol well damn they should just put that on the screen and I would have paid my coins to see.

    • Fancy BISH May 28, 2017

      The tea hath been SPILT lol

    • JOHNVIDAL May 28, 2017

      Most critics say he´s not as bad as you think. And I agree. He´s not great, but he´s decent. Especially at comedy. It´s not like The Rock is a great actor or better than Zac 🙂

  3. Shady81 May 28, 2017

    What do they expect when it’s going against Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 hello Johnny Depp those POTC films our cult classics so yeah that’s Baywatches is main problem Pirates of The Caribbean will do well in the box office and Baywatch will not.

    • Teflon Boy May 28, 2017

      POTC has been getting mauled by the critics as well so clearly that err.., ‘ship’ has sailed as well lol. Come thru #WonderWoman! Only you can save us now

    • JOHNVIDAL May 28, 2017

      Johnny Depp has been flopping for a good few years now too. You are very late. Pirates will do better but it´s not the reason this one failed. Pirates itself has been panned once more and can´t reignite the steam it once had.

    • Max May 28, 2017

      Yes .. but Pirates has made $270.6 million this weekend with a budget of $230 million but I guess time will tell lol

  4. Ronnie May 28, 2017

    Dwayne needs to get over him self. It’s okay to be passionate about your work but don’t make youself look like an ass for social media.

  5. Cinnamon Girl May 28, 2017

    Folks are getting tired of the Rock. He’s all over the damn place! He needs to slow his roll. Now he wants to be President?! Ha! Good luck with that!

    • Caleb May 28, 2017

      IF DOnald Trump is qualified to be president so is the rock.

      • Cinnamon Girl May 28, 2017

        Enough with that nonsense. We need well educated folks who are experienced in politics. America is already a joke. You want to make it a bigger joke.

  6. Nene Leakes May 28, 2017

    No shade ? honey ? but did you honestly think this movie was going to do wonders? The idea ? of it alone sounded ? like a flop. How it got green lighted is a wonder to anyone.

    • Casual-T May 29, 2017

      I concur.

  7. JOHNVIDAL May 28, 2017

    Why should anyone care about a bad film flopping? It could have been a moderate hit FOR THE TYPE OF MOVIE it is. But only that. It´s not like the lead is this monumental star (Fast and Furious is not proof, that´s one of those basic and empty franchises that work at the box office regardless) or that people were anticipating this. Just no. Then the bad reviews made it impossible for it to be a little hit. That´s all.

  8. Theman May 28, 2017

    This movie is doing fine. Critics don’t have to like everything..

  9. darintino May 31, 2017

    Why did Baywatch end up backwash?

    The straight truth? No chaser? Check out my Open Letter To Megan Colligan on Tinseltown Takedown where I serve it up to the President of Domestic Marketing. And no, this just isn’t to plug my site and it’s not a hatchet job, either. It’s the facts that the studio doesn’t want to own up to, but any other studio with a 70’s/80’s TV reboot in the pipeline would benefit from

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