Phaedra Parks Under Fire As Alleged Criminal Past Resurfaces

Published: Tuesday 16th May 2017 by David

In 2010, the attorney Phaedra Parks waltzed into America’s homes by way of the hit series ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’

Shortly after, the esteemed mother of two found herself in hot water when a former friend named Angela Stanton penned a book detailing what she claims was criminal activity engaged in by Parks, her husband Apollo Nida and Nida‘s brother.

Fortunately for Parks, it wasn’t long before the book and the interviews launched to support it were buried beneath Park’s rising star and on-camera storylines served up by she and her fellow ‘Housewives.’

Alas, her feuding with her co-star Kandi Burruss and the firestorm it has created has prompted viewers to take a fresh look into Stanton’s allegations.

What a new generation of ‘Housewives’ viewers has discovered?


Parks has always denied these allegations. Alas, despite blasting the show’s decision to overlook tall tales told by her nemesis Kenya Moore, fans of the series took to Twitter to share remarks like the ones below…


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  1. Kree1996 May 16, 2017

    Oh please..that lady is obsessed with Phaedra, nobody was checking for that book until the reunion aired. Angela had been talking about Phaedra for YEARS but she has no valid receipts but people belive her.I guess when you are struggling in life and don’t have any real source of have to write a book even though you can easily get sued.

  2. Baby Loveee May 16, 2017

    Chile..everyone has a past, and if this stuff is true it’s irrelevant at this point. Phaedra had accomplished so much and has her own coins and two sons to take care of, it’s funny how everyone jumps on the hate train without knowing anything. As far as this Angela lady, I personally think she should move on with her life because she has been talking about Phaedra for a long time..she even showed up at the Grinch aka Kandi restaurant just to get some shine and be’s time to grow up and move on grandma. Phaedra is not worried about YOU

  3. Tokyo Vanity fan (formerly new) May 16, 2017

    Yet the FBI investigated her and her husband and his ass was sent to jail whilst Phaedra remains unbothered!

  4. Majorette May 16, 2017

    For the court to depose Fraudra and give Angela the right to tell her story there is plenty​ of proof

  5. Kmilan23 May 16, 2017

    First off My thing about this who ever this women is need to also go down since she as well played a part in it, tf if Phaedra told you to jump of a building would u do it?? Not only is she airing Phaedra out she telling on social media her involvement in the activity. Secondly they taking this Phaedra accusing kandi to be a r***** to a whole other level, we know damn well kandi and her husband is no r***** mind u I haven’t seen the media attack kandi after those aligations, if that was the case kandi ass would have been on all medias headline, they only made it a big deal after the reunion if you noticed, it’s obvious they did that for tv and now tryna tarnish a single mothers name only cause Phaedra was the most humblest person on the show.

    • Karyn May 16, 2017

      @ Kmilan 23 you are right the whole issue is too much they should just let Phaedra be.I think they wanted her out off the group now she is , so they will all see the kind of person Kandi is.They all liar so what makes hers doffered.

  6. Theresa Jones May 16, 2017

    Devil ? in a church dress!!!!!! Ms. Parks been Shady!!! Nene been told us, that!!!? Ms. Parks been mad at Todd about Apollo & threw Kandi under the bus cause she thinks Birds of a feather flock together!! She was wrong!! Ms. Parks mention on RHOA, Why Todd helping Apollo keep his stuff!! They friends!!! All she had to do was go see Kandi & talk to her instead of lying on her!! Thats, that shady s***!!!??

  7. Jasmine May 16, 2017

    Phaedra already lost her job. Now people want her thrown in jail for 20 year old charges that were dismissed. No one thinks about her kids. The white housewives so far worse and everyone overlooks it. Theresa Guidice called another housewife a prostitute and w****, got locked up by the Feds for fraud, ripped off many contractors, and keeps her job on Bravo and her endorsements. Phaedra was never convicted of anything, never directly called Kandi a drug user or r***** and people want blood out of her just because she is black. Racism is alive everyday.

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