Jay-Z Readies New Tour

Published: Wednesday 21st Jun 2017 by David

Jay-Z is gearing up to hit the road and he wants you to join him on the ride!

The rapper hasn’t toured since 2013 and planned to launch a new live venture in the summer.

Now there’s been a change of plans. For, Beyonce‘s pregnancy has forced him to push his dates back to the fall and support his new ‘4:44′ set then with live shows then.

Months later, Beyonce will rock Coachella 2018.

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#NowPlaying: Hidden History of Black People in the Bible.

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  1. Truth June 21, 2017

    I don’t see why Beyonce’s pregnancy forced him to push back his plans. He can afford plane tickets to fly back and forth. That’s like saying “my wife is pregnant, so I’m not gonna come back to work until the fall.”

    • yc18 June 21, 2017

      ever hear of paternity leave? or good husband?

      • EllieLights93 June 21, 2017

        Paternity leave? That’s a thing?

  2. SMH June 21, 2017

    Pop’s wealthiest couple? LMAO the delusional asss kissing never stops….

  3. LISA LEVINE June 21, 2017


    • Omar June 21, 2017

      You’re delusional b**** how many Beyoncé concerts have you been to ? Or how many of her albums have you listened to? NONE of her albums sound the same and the setlist of her tours is everytime different because she goes on Tour to promote those albums. And when she performs her old songs and classics in her tours SHE ALWAYS showcase her excellent musicianship, she never sings the same songs the same way twice, for a same exemple 1+1 and how the different versions (the 2011, The Mrs Carter Tour, The FWT) are so differents(with new arrangements). New choreos for Crazy in love and new versions (the slow version of Fithy shade of Grey), her transitions are LEGENDARY like exemple when she did the Blow/Nasty/Sweet dreams MEDLEY in her recent Tour (and that showcase how great of a musician she is) and that’s just an exemple of so many others.

      You can go read any professional critic/review of her tours, in you thinki’m biased and that’s such a stan thing.
      But i don’t know for Jay Z, i’ve been in one of his concerts (except for the OTR with Beyoncé and he did a good job for me).

      • LISA LEVINE June 22, 2017

        Dear Omar. I’ve paid twice to see the T***** you stand for. Your a Disgusting F_aggot, go find a Man you old B_itch and stop sweating a T***** that will 1. NEVER MEET YOU 2. Never STAND FOR YOU. Go get a life. The gay community takes some much time SWEATING Divas and less time taking there MEDs. G F yourself . Omar if your momma didn’t tell you YOUR A LOSER and a Waste of space on earth.

  4. I HATE WHITE n BLACK BIT..,,,HES June 21, 2017

    I’m sure Jay knows what he’s doing this album and tour can flip or flop hard. Everyone has their eye on this one.

  5. Danyboo June 21, 2017

    Please be in cali the first week of October aka libra season

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