Jesse Williams Battles Ex-Wife For Custody Of Their Children

Published: Wednesday 21st Jun 2017 by David

Jesse Williams has a serious legal fight on his hands.

After revealing that he is to divorce his wife Aryn Drake-Lee, he now finds himself locked into a war over custody of their children.


Peep what he had to say in court documents which surfaced online hours ago.

Aryn restricts my time with the children and decides when, and for how long I may have them. She has rejected, without any reason, each and every request I have made to have the children sleepover at my residence. On the few days that I have the children, Aryn has insisted that my time with the children be limited during the week to approximately two and half hours per day, despite my requests for more time, including overnights with the children. I am therefore requesting a court order for a joint physical custody parenting plan.

Aryn tells a very different story via her lawyer…

Protecting the privacy and well-being of their children is of paramount importance to Aryn Drake-Lee Williams. It is unfortunate that Mr. Williams has chosen to draw public attention to this difficult time and transition for their family. Aryn is solely interested in the best interests of their children, supporting a healthy relationship with both parents, and protecting the children’s privacy. Therefore, she will not comment any further on Mr. Williams’ unilateral and unfortunate public allegations.

They are working together on this custody arrangement and staying as civil with each other as they can. They just want it to be seamless.They both want joint custody, so no fighting is involved whatsoever.

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  1. LISA LEVINE June 21, 2017

    This Fake, came on BET talking about BLACK POWER and trades his wife in for a WHITE GIRL. YO YOU FAKE and PHONEY. SIT YOUR crazy yellow A** down.

    • pon_de June 21, 2017

      Shut your stupid a** up! You don’t know this man or his situation. Birds always want to co-chirp mess they’re not apart of. Concentrate on YOUR life and YOUR career.

    • Suicide Blonde June 21, 2017

      So dating a white girl, decreases your black proudness?, you can date outside your race and still be proud of who you are and your people.

  2. 2bad2bme June 21, 2017

    This is so sad. It’s like every time someone gets a lot of attention, they break up with their spouse.

  3. Achooo! June 21, 2017

    He’s cute! Slams Door

  4. Fact Checker June 21, 2017

    He’s FULL OF S*** and couldn’t keep his d*** in his pants just like all these other dudes! He wanna be a Black Revolutionary but can’t even stay Loyal to his wife that was riding for him when he didn’t have s***! Not to mention those allegations of him and that pass around Industry H** Minka Kelly who’s been with Half of Hollywood Kardashian style! Hope it was worth it.

  5. Suicide Blonde June 21, 2017

    What does his infidelity have to do with him asking for a shared custody of his children?, y’all acting like his wife, bitter, because he dumped her for a beautiful girl.

    • DanYiel Iman June 22, 2017

      You say that like his ex wife isn’t beautiful & she has funds just as well as he does she’s a LAWYER paid off tops…??‍♂️

  6. truthness June 21, 2017

    he’s a phoney. Where’s that white GF of his who he left his wife for?

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