Lifetime’s Michael Jackson Movie A Moderate Ratings Draw

Published: Thursday 1st Jun 2017 by Rashad

It may have earned a raised eyebrow or two from fans and family upon its announcement, but if ratings are anything to judge by,  it appears a number of those claiming to be opposed to Lifetime’s unauthorized biographical film of King of Pop Michael Jackson still found time to tune in.

The made-for-TV-movie, titled ‘Searching for Neverland,’ aired on Memorial Day (May 29th) and was the highest rated scripted programming for its timeslot.  In fact, for its timeslot, it came in second overall – blocked from the top spot by WWE Entertainment.

Curious to see just how many viewers the film raked in? Look below:

Viewership = 1.99 million [#7]


How does ‘Neverland’ stack up against Lifetime’s other biopics based on singers?  See below:

  • ‘Surviving Compton’ [‘Michel’le]:  2.3 million
  • ‘Unbreak My Heart’ [Toni Braxton]:  3.6 million
  • ‘Whitney’ [Whitney Houston]:  4.5 million
  • ‘Aaliyah:  Princess of R&B’ [Aaliyah]:  3.2 million
  • ‘Britney Ever After’ [Britney Spears]: 1.01 million
  • ‘Michael Jackson:  Searching for Neverland’ [Michael Jackson]: 1.99 million

Your thoughts?

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  1. SMH June 1, 2017

    What do you mean “moderate”? 1.99 million is a disaster. Which they deserve because no one disrespects MJ like that…

  2. Jasmine June 2, 2017

    This explains why I can’t find the movie anywhere online to stream free. I don’t really care about the ratings because I think Lifetime took a big gamble premiering the movie during a holiday weekend. Most people were partying or enjoying family time this past Saturday night.

  3. mr.m June 2, 2017

    toni braxton movie was the best!!

    • Jasmine June 2, 2017

      I agree.

  4. Gee June 2, 2017

    Those ratings are a travesty and honestly if we have learned anything from all these movies is that they cheap entertainment and most fans want to be able to remember or see their favorite entertainers as they see them whether it be the good or bad. On another note none of these movies have brought anything new to the table so in the end they all fall flat.

  5. RealNegro June 2, 2017

    MJ deserves a real movie not some tv film.

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