Blac Chyna Drama : Rarri True Denies Gay Escorting Claims

Published: Wednesday 12th Jul 2017 by David

Rarri True, the young man who has risen to fame as the man at the heart of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian‘s break-up, has rubbished cruel claims that he sleeps with men for pesos, pounds and pennies.

How said rumour surfaced? By way of the deeply troubled make-up guru Star Milan who took to Twitter to claim his pals had paid for Rarri’s services.


His baseless allegations have since been rubbished by several people associated with Rarri and Rarri himself.


Milan’s allegations come after he faced a scandal of his own.


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  1. 👧 + ✈ = 💀 July 12, 2017

    His hand gestures give it away

  2. SillyWabbit July 12, 2017

    He’s probably lying ! Hell, before I came out that was me denying it & being extra about it too…. A lot of guys feel like they’re not gay because they get paid to mess with another guy

    *Sips tea*

  3. Lol July 12, 2017

    He’s not fooling anyone

  4. Denise July 12, 2017

    If this man is gay or bi, it’s his business and no one else’s. This desire to out and expose DL men is just as tacky as them cheating. Let’s not pretend we don’t know why DL men feel like they have to hide their sexuality in the first place.

    • Jasmine July 12, 2017

      There is nothing wrong with being DL if you only have s** with other men. However when you are having s** with both men and women then the women has a right to know that you are DL and bisexual.

    • Caleb July 12, 2017

      The most annoying thing is the queens who try to expose them and claim to be doing it as a benevolent service to women.

  5. Caleb July 12, 2017

    WHy should anyone take the word of this “make-up guru” with badly caked-on makeup as fact though?

  6. 2bad2bme July 12, 2017

    Gays always trying to out somebody because they are either jealous of the person or want them and they can’t have them. It’s that person’s decision to come out not yours.

    • Caleb July 12, 2017


  7. MikeK July 12, 2017

    Jesus Christ… Are you guys seeing this? Black men acting like hormonal females in heat bitching about reality TV and make up. What ever happened to having a degree? Getting a job? Fixing your credit and providing for you and your partner? I support gay people but I don’t support that version of homosexuality… This is just mental degeneration. Why can’t white people show black proud gay people that are scientist, teachers, researchers, business leaders? Disgusting.
    (from London dark skin black gay man with a BA, a Master in science, 3 startups and is still under 30)

  8. Kmilan23 July 12, 2017

    F*** that counter suit her ass for defamation of character

  9. ASAPicon July 12, 2017

    Since when is Stahr a creditable source for anything? Even make-up? His makeup being looking muddy, And tried to scam and fraud his way through 2015-2016 by selling illegitimate and fake makeup products. Hes a fraud in hiself, I cant stand messy gays.

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