RuPaul: “Racism Has Nothing To Do With Race”

Published: Monday 14th Aug 2017 by David

RuPaul has been slapped with an army of disses online after claiming that racism has nothing to do with race.

Perhaps unfamiliar with…erm…history, the entertainer made the assertion in response to the Charlottesville horror in which the actions of White supremacists caused the death of the civil rights protestor Heather Heyer.

Confused and insulted, members of the social media community replied with…


Agree with Ru?

Check out the video below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Nicki A Goat not G.O.A.T August 14, 2017

    Why are you guys getting into the messy arena??? The one place I thought I could come an escape the mess and like Usher’s h***** here it is.

  2. Suicide Blonde August 14, 2017

    He probably said that because he’s partner is white.

    • SMH August 14, 2017

      That’s exactly why he said it.

    • Wally P August 16, 2017

      He also wore a Confederate flag dress in Too Wong Fu

  3. Achooo! August 14, 2017

    Racism derive from race. Race is a man made concept to divide/conquer and has been a major influence since the 1600s. America land has been stolen from the natives and the concept of race were instill to ensure the minority will always be oppressed. Blacks are the originals of the human species. Blacks is the creator of all races this is a fact. More specifically when the dark Africans birth the genetic mutated whites. The Africans deem the genetic mutation as evil/curse and many whites were killed or sent away. Whites know this history and found a way to punish the creator “black” forever. The cut runs deep.

    • Suicide Blonde August 14, 2017

      Theories, theories that have been debunked many times. There is actually an agenda behind all this, which is very interesting because it challenges the belief that all white peoples are racist since this “agenda” was created and is promoted by white people themselves.

    • Shaquiiii August 15, 2017

      That theory is bullish*t, not based on any scientific evidence or fact. FFS

  4. SayWhat? August 14, 2017

    Ru always tries to be deep even in interviews when he’s NOT.

  5. SMH August 14, 2017

    Disappointed in Ru, but not surprised. He’s been whitewashed for years, and now that Drag Race has been moved to a mainstream channel and they gave him an emmy, he’s become even more whitewashed.

  6. …I HATE WHITE B******. …and. BLACK B******. …both not s***… August 14, 2017

    Fuc racism.

    .how has the queen Rupaul diva queen of yonce been… icon, life music n style magnet. original diva.

  7. Starxavi August 14, 2017

    It was a misguided quote but he doesn’t need to be crucified for it. I get where he is coming from.

  8. Jasmine August 14, 2017

    Vague comments are NOT helpful. I would give him the benefit of the doubt but he’s been on that uncle tom bullsh|t for awhile (can’t lose that white coin y’know).

  9. Think August 15, 2017

    Economics, beliefs systems, religious and then race

  10. Think August 15, 2017

    The war between white and black ppl has always been about white ppl cultivating a society of wealth for themselves and shaping the minds of black ppl to believe what they believe; so is the fight about gaining economic wealth because rich white people aren’t the ones rallying it’s the poor white people.

  11. Rob Mack August 15, 2017

    There seems to be a real militant strain of thought going through the black blogs of late and in the black community in general where it is now normal to bash white people . We are now in a modern age of consciousness but in the past all cultures were doing wicked immoral things because of ignorance. Whites, blacks, Native Americans too. Maybe they did not direct these actions exclusively toward an outside group but they certainly did it to other tribes in their proximity. What Rupaul did was equate bigotry to racism because any race can be racist as evidenced by the comments here from my fellow black people and other comments going around referring to white people as devils and Satan etc. Black people beating up Trump supporters or calling white people crackers. We need to stop that too as we lose moral authority as a people which I feel is already seriously eroded.

    • Suicide Blonde August 15, 2017


  12. Mad-on-her August 15, 2017

    What she means is that racism culminates from the self hatred and fear that lives within racist people. This is why Twitter is no place for serious discussion, because most people are too dumb to read between the lines of anything and take everything they read literally. Most of you are… stupid.

  13. Enough Already August 15, 2017

    He is correct. Racism is about economics. Not, the color of skin.

  14. KingCrab August 15, 2017

    He’s actually right. Their is only one race, human. Those people think they are better than others because of their skin tone or religion.

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