Tiger Woods Fights Adult Site After Nude Images Surface Online

Published: Tuesday 22nd Aug 2017 by David


Beneath the industry’s seemingly saccharine surface lies a growing trend threatening to ruin the lives of its influencers.

What it is?

Websites, powered by morally bankrupt flesh-thirsty sex fiends, making bank by hosting nude images of celebrities and social media stars stolen from them or in some cases obtained via cat fishing.

The latest victim of this terribly sad trend?

The sporting legend Tiger Woods who has discovered that his shots of golf stick are now available to view online.

Find out how he’s set to take on those who uploaded the pictures below…

Woods sent the images to his former lover Lindsay Vonn who was horrified when she discovered that had been hacked.

As a result, 22 images of Woods’ wood appear on an adult website prompting the golfer to strike back by calling on his legal dragons to scorch the hackers.

The Daily Mail adds…

Other galleries on the site are dedicated to grainy images of Miley Cyrus topless or fully nude, including two with her one-time girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret supermodel Stella Maxwell.

Kristen Stewart is also among the victims of the site, with photographs including topless images and one nude image of an unclothed, unidentifiable woman’s lower half.



Woods’ efforts to put an end to the trend comes after a number of British athletes, including Louis Smith, were targeted by “baiting experts” who impersonated attractive women online and, with hopes of humiliating them, uploaded sexually explicit visuals of the stars online.

How the actress Mischa Barton handled her crisis?

Keep it locked on TGJ for more on this developing story.


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  1. SayWhat? August 22, 2017

    With the wording of this article you’d think you’re the saints of the internets until you decide to bash a singer and tear them down. Anyway, let me go see if Tiger Woods inherited anything from his black side which he hates so much.

    • Miss Miley August 22, 2017

      David doesn’t bash anyone and you must be one of those thirsty dogs who gets off on looking at the nudes of people who will never want you. Dirty mongrel you are.

      • SayWhat? August 22, 2017

        Yes, I do and there’s nothing you or anyone else could do about it.

      • Sugar Dumpling August 22, 2017

        Black men are small? Once again your insecurities are showing up. When people say that black men are big they don’t just mean in size they mean in power. Have you seen what happens when black people have kids with other races. The black genes are dominant.

      • S****** Blonde August 22, 2017

        I have nothing to be insecure about, this was supposed to be funny, not a tirade.

      • Facts August 22, 2017

        @Sugar dumbling, ignore that mongoloid. He’s nothing but an insecure ugly little twink.

      • SayWhat? August 22, 2017

        LOL, White men are so insecure. That must be the forum they let off steam at after their Klan and Nazi meetings.

      • Case August 22, 2017

        LMAO They’re insecure as fk, with their impotent little mole d##*’s LOL. It’s funny, because they talk all this s***, but yet, behind closed doors, they have black men fk### their wives lol.

        Side note, I caught a racist who had an avatar of a swatika and pics of himself doing the nazi salute on one site, then saw his picture and his profile on p*rnhub, labeling himself “BLACK C### OWNED” ?? He had a plethora of interracial gay and straight videos on his profile ???? So of course I confronted him about it..and even posted screen shots on his other account ? so home boy blocked me ??

        Goes to show, they’re envious as fk.

      • Jasmine August 22, 2017

        Ignore S******. That heshe is nothing more than a diseased trashy racist f**.

  2. Sugar Dumpling August 22, 2017

    The gag is that a lot of the people who run those Tumblr bait pages aren’t making any money from it. They’re literally doing it for fun and that’s the saddest part. Let’s see how they like baiting brothers once people realise how much money you can make by suing someone who uploads your nudes without your consent.

    • Caleb August 22, 2017

      Except many of these tumblr bloggers have very little to sue them for.

    • Credits August 22, 2017

      Tumblr should be held liable at this point.

    • SayWhat? August 22, 2017

      Tiger Woods’ nudes were not revealed by Tumblr people.

  3. Lisa August 22, 2017


  4. S****** Blonde August 22, 2017

    I wonder who wants to see Tiger Woods naked, the man is ugly af.

    • Lisa August 22, 2017

      He’s AVERAGE. Nothing special but has a nice body

    • Jasmine August 22, 2017

      No you are ugly af racist b|tch boy.

  5. SMH August 22, 2017

    Yawn. Who doesn’t text nudes nowadays? Thsi shouldn’t even be news anymore tbh lol.

    • SMH August 22, 2017


    • Sugar Dumpling August 22, 2017

      People with sense and morals who don’t want to run the risk of having their bare backside on the net for all to see.

  6. THE REAL August 22, 2017

    So what, who cares?!

    Meanwhile, in actual news, Billboard reported Kesha debuted at No.1 this week. She had 89k pure sales and around 112k with streaming. It’s her second No.1 in over 7 years and the 2nd best debut week for a female act in 2017, behind Katy’s Witness.

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