Drama At Disney! Aladdin Remake Faces “Whitewashing” Scandal

Published: Wednesday 6th Sep 2017 by David

Disney has been accused of attempting to white wash their Guy Ritchie-led ‘Aladdin‘ reboot after creating and placing a brand new white character with no ties to the original movie and throwing him into the mix.

Why it now faces the threat of a boycott?

Full story below…

After years of being erased or ignored by big budget pictures, actors of colour led the charge to push diversity to the forefront of the zeitgeist and celebrated when Disney announced its plans to build a live-action Aladdin armed with Middle Eastern thespians.

Alas, the picture now finds itself on the wrong side of public opinion after its creators revealed that they had built an entirely new character named Prince Anders just so it could hire Billy Magnussen.

This morning, thousands have taken to Twitter to scold the move citing the industry’s refusal to go to such lengths for actors of colour as their grounds for concern.



Alright, here’s why everyone is so mad.

Historically, Hollywood has made little to no effort to use its influence to combat the racism it helped to endorse with some of its earliest pictures.

Instead, it has fostered an environment in which brilliant actors of colours are refused access to the buffet of roles and opportunities laid out for other actors who may or may not be just as talented.

In order to put food in their mouths and money in their pockets these actors are forced to slip into parts which are beneath them on all fronts and do little push the business of accurate storytelling forward.

This is why the world rejoiced when ‘Get Out‘ fared as well as it did.

The problem isn’t with Prince Anders or the awesome actor employed to play him, but with the effort which has gone into creating and promoting a character of European descent while every excuse is made not to hire African, Asian & Middle Eastern players for roles they are more than capable of filling.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jeans September 6, 2017

    Wow Disney. What a whitewash. I like to see y’all squirm ur way out of this one saying it wasn’t

  2. Facts September 6, 2017


  3. Metzo September 6, 2017

    Of course they would add a white characters totally unrelated to the original movie, to appeal to their white audience. Smh. They’ve been doing this for decades.
    I hope it tanks

  4. Achooo! September 6, 2017

    Remember white is right, everybody loves white and everybody wants to be white. You will be shock at the billions of brainwash people that believe it.

  5. S****** Blonde September 6, 2017

    First of all, the original Aladdin was set in the Maghreb, not the Middle East, second, the original princess was from the Far East and was named Badroulbadour, Disney created a new character Jasmine, and changed its ethnicity to Arabic, that’s what you call whitewashing. It’s amusing to see the level of ignorance when it comes to the people of the Middle East, whitwashing ? Most middle easterners are Caucasian, some blond with blue eyes, to say that Hollywood is trying to whitewash them is foolish.

    • SayWhat? September 6, 2017

      You still live up to your racist and ignorant reputation. LMAO I knew exactly what you were gonna say.

  6. MCTB September 6, 2017

    can’t wait to see it!

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