First Look: New ‘American Idol’ Judges Take Their Seats

Published: Wednesday 4th Oct 2017 by Sam

It’s finally showtime for ABC’s ‘American Idol’ revival.

Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Country star Luke Bryan commenced filming for the talent-search in New York City yesterday. And now the first snap of them together has been released. They were joined by returning host Ryan Seacrest.

The trio, whose combined salary is reportedly close to $50 million (half of which is going to Perry alone), were all smiles as work began.

 Taping will continue over the next few months and the show will hit screens early 2018.

A lot has been made about the reboot (good and bad), but we’re willing to give it a chance. Are you?

Your thoughts? 

[Photo credit: ABC/ Disney]

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  1. Suicide Blonde October 4, 2017

    FOR ME the best AI was with JLo, despite not being a good singer, she was the most charismatic judge in the history of the show.

    • MusicLife October 4, 2017

      That’s because J.Lo is great tv. She knows about tv and being a personality which is why she was great to watch on Idol. Also not to mention Paula Abdul was never a stellar singer either. It’s never always about vocal talent but that superstar X factor that a star embodies.

  2. 2bad2bme October 4, 2017

    They are seriously trying to give us a migraine with this show. “KEEP IT!”

  3. The Wig Snatcher October 4, 2017

    I’m not interested, not because of the celebrities. American Idol, The Voice and all the shows in that genre have ran their courses. They have produced superstars since Carrie Underwood, and that is why I watch the shows. I wanna see regular people get their big breaks beyond the shows.

  4. China October 4, 2017

    Would NOT pay Katy Perry or Jennifer HOpez $40 dollars to Judge Vocals. Neither can sing. Just performance.

  5. MusicLife October 4, 2017

    Idol is the OG so yes I will watch. However I do think they could have picked a more diverse panel. 3 singers is a bit overkill when there are managers, songwriters, producers, executives (A&R, radio MDs, etc.), and others who could have helped find the best talent to become the next superstar.

    However Idol is the only show to producer real superstar talent who have gone on to compete with these current judges so yes it will be interesting to watch this new season and how they get along.

    I also doubt if renewed KP will stay past a year because they aren’t going to pay her 25m or more next season too.

  6. SMH October 4, 2017

    Keep it.

  7. Jack October 4, 2017

    Nicki Minaj needs to come back. These flops ain’t s***! Or Beyoncé she would be better.

    • Ciah’s Turtle October 4, 2017


  8. Giga October 4, 2017

    This will flop

  9. Casual October 4, 2017

    Lionel Richie was churning out hits before KP was even thought of. The salary scale is ridiculous, plus she’s not even poppin’ like that anymore. I agree with the other poster here who said they should have also garnered an industry non-performer for the panel. David Foster, Clive Davis, Diddy, Jermaine Dupri, or Devyne Stephens would have been great.

    • I MightNate October 4, 2017

      Whoa Diddy would of been the best choice! He works well for TV, and eventhough he doesnt know how to sustain careers for long, he still knows how to make the performers great! Flashback to Making the band.

  10. Ciah’s Turtle October 4, 2017

    no thanks

  11. Moe October 4, 2017

    No jlo i wouldnt put this on tv . She is the perfect judge for American idol. Next

  12. stan October 4, 2017


  13. Fact Checker October 4, 2017

    I wouldn’t watch this if my life depended on it. IT WILL FLOP!!!

  14. JOHNVIDAL October 4, 2017

    So Mariah Carey was basically the only judge ever they forced to be in a 4-people-pannel. They really played her.
    Why are they rebooting this anyway?

  15. eric October 4, 2017

    I won’t be tuning in and watching the judges take cues and directions from the producers who manipulate everything. It ruins the show every time, and there is never any real diversity among the contestants. Best seasons were 1 & 2.

  16. Gregg October 5, 2017

    I stopped watching this show years before it ended. It was supposed to be about the new contestants and their talent, but it became about the well placed coke products and the corny Ford commercials the kids are forced to do. The judges became the focal point, as well as established celebrity guests coming on to make us watch as they hock some new single of theirs. Scale it back and simplify it and make it about the kids and maybe ill watch again. I know this won’t happen so I guess I won’t be watching.

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