Ratings: ‘Black-Ish’ Hits Season Premiere Low

Published: Thursday 5th Oct 2017 by Rashad

The move to Tuesdays hasn’t proven itself the most lucrative for ABC hit comedy, ‘Black-ish’ (Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross).  Airing on Wednesdays for seasons 1-3, the show’s quaternary season premiere (October 3) saw it relocated to Tuesday nights and pitted up against ratings titans ‘This Is Us’ (NBC) and ‘Bull’ (CBS).

Sadly, despite critical acclaim for the timely, “in your face” subject matter presented on last night’s episode, its viewership did not reflect the fanfare.

See the numbers inside:

‘black-ish’ Season 4 Premiere:  4.71 million viewers



The numbers above come as the lowest premiere figures of any ‘Black-ish’ season to date.

Black-ish Season Premieres

Season 1: 11.04 million (2014)

Season 2: 7.30 million  (2015)

Season 3: 6.39 million (2016)

Season 4: 4.71 million (2017)


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  1. Observant October 5, 2017

    In all fairness looks like it’s dropped each season. So every season is it’s lowest to date each time

  2. Jay October 5, 2017

    It still had over 2 million viewers, wtf! This is not a season low. Y’all extra I swear.

    • king z October 5, 2017

      they say reading is fundamental, but so is comprehension. the article said it was a SEASON PREMIERE low…not a SEASON low.

      do u understand the diff?

  3. Jay October 5, 2017

    Its awful corny and not written by African descendants. Get some Nigerian writers. Hilarious. They wrote half of our black movie classics

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler October 5, 2017

      Why would they get Nigerian writers when the show is about an AFRICAN AMERICAN family? The creator of the show is in fact, AFRICAN AMERICAN.

      • SMH October 5, 2017

        CREATOR and WRITER are two different things.

  4. Keith October 5, 2017

    This was my least favorite episode. It was ammunition for those who see the show as corny. And I love black-ish!

  5. Ciah’s Turtle October 5, 2017

    Aww man.

  6. Tim Brown October 5, 2017

    Corn ???

  7. NYC October 5, 2017

    The episode wasnt that great but i also think its because of the day & time change. They were better off on weds.

  8. Bam October 5, 2017

    Hate when they take a successful show and put it on a different date. Part of the reason why a show is successful has to do with its date/time slot.

    Also the show is actually really funny I avoided it for the longest because of the title but when I accidentally caught an episode I was immediately won over.

  9. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler October 5, 2017

    IDGAF I love this show.

  10. Ari October 5, 2017

    That’s because the show is nearing its end. Let it end successfully.

  11. Bardi Gangsta October 5, 2017

    They shouldn’t have put it on during the same time slot as this is us they knew what the h e l l they were up against they must be ready to cancel which is stupid because black ish made a huge come back for Fox smfh

    • Bardi Gangsta October 5, 2017

      I need to correct myself it’s not a Fox show

  12. Your Phantom Edges October 5, 2017

    They still have pretty good numbers and I usually catch the episodes on my DVR or on demand. The season opener was excellent! A good touch of history with plenty of entertainment. Did anyone else get a Hamilton vibe from the episode?

    • Starxavi October 5, 2017

      It was a Hamilton inspired episode. So, I think everyone got the Hamilton vibe. I enjoyed the episode and I love that they speak on and don’t shy away from topics that may be uncomfortable some but relatable to many.

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