‘The Real’ Hosts Weigh-In On Tamar Braxton Divorce News [Video]

Published: Wednesday 25th Oct 2017 by Sam

Tamar Braxton made headlines today when news hit that she had filed for divorce from Vince Herbert – her husband and manager of nine years.

Coincidentally, the story begun making the rounds as her former co-hosts on The Real were on-air with their latest episode.

Seizing the moment, Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon, Tamera Mowry, and Jeannie Mai (who just this week announced her own divorce) sent a message of support to their

The move is notable given Braxton’s unceremonious axing from the FOX series last year.

In the time since, neither side has said much about the other beyond the remaining hosts insisting they had no say so in Braxton’s departure. As for Ms. She, Me, Her? She blocked them all on social media and oft rolls her eyes at any mention of the show.

All that aside, we commend the remaining hosts for “going there” and for lending support during what must be a difficult time.

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  1. Jasmine October 25, 2017

    They (producers of the Real) fired Tamar so they should not be using their puppets (hosts) to speak on Tamar’s divorce (negative) when they did not promote her album BlueBird (positive). People see right through the fakeness.

    • Truth Dot Com October 25, 2017

      Jasmine…..I wanna give you 2 snaps and around the world! (Men on File Reference)
      Because they know they didn’t have to speak on it!
      Now Wendy will probably have something to say. (Side Eye)
      But Tamar is a public figure so Truth.com needs to be delivered.

      Love you Tamar, Logan, and Vince!

      I really hope it ain’t not cheatation going on…..Talk to Mary Mary!!!!

  2. DS October 25, 2017


    WHY? It just seems like they were waiting to call her name on this show regarding something negative. You can tell this wasn’t sincere or heartfelt. They didn’t even say, “We’re here for you… you can call on us… if you need anything, we have your back…”

    Nothing. Just nothing but messiness.

    • Ajm265 October 25, 2017

      Why would they. When they did that when she got fired she gave them the hand and the middle finger. Being that they truly knew both of them I don’t think malicious intent was there.

      • DS October 25, 2017

        Why would they speak on it AT ALL if they’re not going to offer their support? They usually don’t do breaking entertainment news… but they made an exception for Tamar. Ok. It was shady and messy as hell. None of them have mentioned her name in an entire year and now they speak her name only to report her divorce… FOH.

    • Electrikblue October 25, 2017

      How is saying we wish you the best we’ll pray for you etc not showing support DS? Shut your negative a s s up

  3. Jusayin October 25, 2017

    Ive been noticing the real seems to be controlled by producers too. Sometimes the shade comes left field.They all throw it but u have to be paying attention to catch it. Its like someone has a mike in their ear telling what to say and ask. I also feel like they are gonna try a spin off with loni bc they made her the main character and she kind of doesnt fit in with the other ladies that much more bc she comes off as there mother or something.

  4. Gee October 25, 2017

    There support was not from genuine place at all it was from a place of this is the gossip of the day so we have to speak on it at the producers request. Don’t be fooled folks.

  5. Gee October 25, 2017

    Sorry for the typo I meant their opposed to there.

  6. cocobutta October 26, 2017

    Adrienne looked like she wasn’t looking to speak on that at all. She’d want to talk to Tamar in person.

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