Jeremy Meeks: “My Wife Doesn’t Deserve Spousal Support”

Published: Tuesday 28th Nov 2017 by David

Jeremy Meeks wants his wife to know that she’s two pennies shy of a pound if she thinks she’s see any of his newfound money.

Full story below…

Fans of the model, formerly known as Prison Bae, will know that he found love in a lucrative place when he met Chloe Green…the Top Shop heiress.

The only problem with this? His wife.

She claims that her lover had found another online and now seeks spousal support from Jeremy to assist her as she raises their children amidst the drama.

Meeks’ response?

TMZ reports the following…


Jeremy filed legal docs in his divorce case with Melissa Meeks, in which he says she’s currently earning exactly what she made during the marriage when she was the breadwinner. BTW, she was the breadwinner because he spent time in prison for firearms violations and grand theft.

He is willing to pay child support but scoffs at Melissa’s claim he’s raking in $1 mil a month. He says his income is more like $6k a month. He says he’s willing to pay what the child support schedule dictates … in his case up to $418 a month for his only child.

Melissa Meeks, his wife, is yet to respond.


Whose side are you on?

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  1. Coolio November 28, 2017

    im with her
    He needs to pay shot he left her with them kids and living the good life.

  2. Stephy November 28, 2017

    Why does TMZ always get reports of these ppls private business?

    • Chasin Time November 28, 2017

      Harvey, was a lawyer and knows how to get the docs. They are public records anyway.

  3. Ocean November 28, 2017

    He’s a piece of crap plain and simple ….

    These good looking guys get too. Ugh of a pass man

  4. China November 28, 2017

    I’m not knocking his Hustle. However, His wife stood by him all those years in Jail….where i’m sure EVERY thug HAD him, YUK. But now he forgets his family? Get the coins punk but make sure you send the coins back to your family. I”m sure he’ll get this girls money and go find a BOYFRIEND somewhere.

    • MakeItKnown November 28, 2017

      ? Exactly.

  5. Dee November 28, 2017

    So the same woman who stood by him all those years of him getting locked up he’s now saying she doesn’t deserve any of his money when she’s raising his kids while he’s off modeling being a h** and being unfaithful.
    Take his ass to court, he’s making millions of dollars put them on that damn child support.
    He’s a perfect example of what happens when people who never had money come into some, they forget where they come from.

  6. Rosy November 28, 2017

    Karma will get him never mess with god he will fall when that girl leave him

  7. SMH November 28, 2017

    He abandoned his family for fame, therefore he’s a lowlife.

  8. Junior in Jamaica November 29, 2017

    Something is missing from this story and I feel there is some secret regarding the wife…

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