Olympian Gabby Douglas Under Fire For Saying Women Should “Dress Modestly” To Avoid Sexual Assault

Published: Friday 17th Nov 2017 by Sam

Olympian Gabby Douglas is the latest star to learn the hard way that careers can be crucified at the touch of a keystroke.

The 21-year-old  gymnast is being dragged all over social media over comments made following another sport star’s revelation of sexual assault.

Full story below…

It all started when her teammate Aly Raisman spoke up and out with allegations of sexual assault at the hands of Team USA’s former doctor Larry Nassar.

And while Raisman received support from many, others scoffed at her and even cited her provocative nude shoot for ESPN’s Body Issue as some sort of suggestion of her “willingness.”

Today though, Raisman hit back at her detractors saying:

“Just because a woman does a sexy photoshoot or wears a sexy outfit does not give a man the right to shame her or not believe her when she comes forward about sexual abuse.”

Enter Gabby, who responded:

“However it is our responsibility as women to dress modestly and be classy. Dressing in a provocative/sexual way entices the wrong crowd.”

The tweet has since been deleted, but – as ever – nothing truly vanishes:

As at writing, Gabby is being dragged for filth on social media. Even fellow Olympian Simone Biles weighed in saying:

The lashing is entirely justified.

Gabby’s words are problematic, as is the mantra it promotes – which effectively places blame on an individual who didn’t want to be assaulted (regardless of what they’re wearing).

A mess.

Your thoughts?

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  1. #formulation ?☕ November 17, 2017

    This is why I hate social media… No one can says their opinion without them losing a limb in the process… She is allowed an opinion. She could think this but also think that men should control themselves as well… They are two different opinions

    • Cbeylive November 17, 2017

      But she put out what she wanted people to see and didn’t say anything after

    • Caleb November 17, 2017

      The other chick was talking about something that happened to her and she chimed in with this heartless victim-blaming. The thing about expressing your opinion is that other people are going to clap back when you spout bs.

      • Jasmine November 18, 2017

        Caleb it is not “heartless victim-blaming” when you call a spade a spade. “Victim-blaming” occurs when one makes excuses for the sexual predator. In this article, Gabby is simply saying hos should wear more clothes and be classy. She is saying that wearing ho outfits brings the wrong kind of “attention” and NOT that sexual predators are any less guilty for their acts. It is not “heartless victim-blaming” at all

  2. TAMMAH November 17, 2017

    Imma Need America To Get Off Their High Chair, Take Off Your Bibs & Binkies, & Grow TF Up!!! All This Cryin’ For What??

  3. Ropeburn November 17, 2017

    Gabby is a hot a** mess! And to think I was defending this hussy when folks were hating on her for everything from her hairstyle to her “not smiling enough” at the Olympics.

    • Jasmine November 17, 2017

      She is only 21. Remember when you were that age? A 21 year old’s opinion should not be valued so much in the first place. Whatever happened to older adults not caring about the thoughts of someone just turning legally old enough to drink?

  4. Caleb November 17, 2017

    Wow Gabby why?!

  5. Jasmine November 17, 2017

    She is only 21. She is entitled to her opinion. People want to make believe that she is condoning sexual abuse. However, she NEVER SAID THAT. All she said was that hos should wear more clothes and be classy. I understand what she wrote literally. All the twisting her words or taking her words out of context is nonsense to me.

    • Stop November 17, 2017

      It doesn’t matter what a woman wears if an uncontrollable sick man wants to attack, he will attack. She should be able to wear whatever the heck she wants to wear and men should be able to control themselves, period.
      Gabbys words still put blame on victims no matter how you try to spin it. She’s entitled to her opinion and others are entitled to call it what it is, bull$hit.

      • Jasmine November 18, 2017

        “Gabbys words still put blame on victims.” That is incorrect! You want to believe her words do but they do not. Telling hos to wear more clothes and act classy literally means just that. Only crazy people want those words to mean something different than the literal meaning. There is no “victim blaming” or making excuses for sexual preditors so just STOP!

      • Stop November 18, 2017

        Girl like Gabby you need to grow up and then get back to me cause you are clueless as fück.

      • Jasmine November 18, 2017

        You are the one who is “clueless as fück”. How do you argue that somebody wrote something they never wrote and then start cussing when somebody calls you out on your ignorance? You need to “grow up” and take some reading comprehension classes. One of the first lessions you will learn is how to understand what is written in English and not get mad about illusions you wish were in print that are not there in what you read.

    • Cbeylive November 18, 2017

      So because you wear more clothes means that you won’t get r****?? Women in India and Saudi Arabia are basically covered head to toe and still get r**** and harassed everyday. Dressing classy or modestly won’t stop r***. And if that’s the case her wearing a leotard means that she’s asking for it.

      • Jasmine November 18, 2017

        @Cbeylive Where exactly did Gabby say “because you wear more clothes means that you won’t get r@ped”? See how you can’t quote her saying that yet you are projecting what you want her to have said.

  6. Fancy BISH November 17, 2017

    All I’mma say is this! Come for my girl Gabby and I’mma get Pookie and them lol…think I’m playing! ? Nasty put some clothes on I told ya, don’t walk out your house without your clothes on I told ya ?

  7. navybound November 18, 2017

    she was very direct with her statement. It was not called for and it’s hurtful.

  8. Truth predictor November 18, 2017

    This girl got it all. But however her career is ova.

  9. November 18, 2017

    I can’t agree with her, it’s not that black and white. so she is basically saying if she gets sexually assaulted it’s because she is a Gymness who is in some scanty looking attire, man she really shoot her self in the leg with that comment, it’s her right to her opinion and it’s other peoples right too to clap back to her nonsense with there opinion.

    • Jasmine November 18, 2017

      She did not say that at all. You are paraphrasing what she wrote and running off on a tangent with what you wish she had wrote. Reread her comment and remember it came from a 21 year old. All she said was: ““However it is our responsibility as women to dress modestly and be classy. Dressing in a provocative/sexual way entices the wrong crowd.” You are taking her words out of context.

  10. Jasmine November 18, 2017

    For all the people that want to take this young girl’s words out of conext please re-read what she wrote:

    “However it is our responsibility as women to dress modestly and be classy. Dressing in a provocative/sexual way entices the wrong crowd.”

    That statement does NOT mean she is making excuses for sexual predators, blaming victims for the actions of sexual predators, etc. All the statement means is that dressing like a ho “ENTICES” the wrong kind people’s attention so dressing modestly promotes classiness.

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