Tamar Braxton’s Mother Bares All On Vince Herbert Domestic Abuse

She fears he may shoot her daughter
Published: Tuesday 21st Nov 2017 by David

Tamar Braxton‘s mother is baring all and holding nothing back on the abuse she says the singer suffered at the hands of her husband and manager Vincent Herbert.

Fans of the couple were shocked to learn of their plans to separate when they were announced weeks and will now find themselves stunned, startled and deeply surprised  by what Braxton matriarch Evelyn Braxton said in a new interview with ‘Sister Circle.’

A shocking story below…

Vince is yet to respond to claims that he battered his Grammy nominated wife and is now said to be managing the rapper Remy Ma much to the dismay of Tamar fans who have called on her to give him the boot.


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  1. Sean November 21, 2017

    Come on Ms E. She better speak

  2. Len November 21, 2017

    I love this woman!!!

  3. Bam November 21, 2017

    I know some (that skorpion show) are givin her flack for speaking but she has a child + grandchild who’s life she fears is in danger. She must do everything she can to save them and I commend her for doing so.

  4. Fancy BISH November 21, 2017

    Just thinking about fat fugly Vince throwing his weight around! LAWD! lol, run Tamar??‍♀️ And secure the bag ? ? ? too!

  5. Ocean November 21, 2017

    Wait she ran in a room and locked it and left Tamar outside?! …

  6. Jasmine November 21, 2017

    I thought the interview was sincere. I can tell when someone is doing something for the cameras and when someone is spilling truthful tea. This was a sincere interview. Now for Tamar, I think she should not give up her dream. I heard her say that she is retiring from music but I think she should continue touring and then record new music. A Braxtons reunion (sans Toni) is always an option for her and with Xscape, SWV, 112, Jagged Edge, New Edition, and several other 90s groups getting back together Tamar should do that too because she will be closer with her sisters Trina, Traci, and Towanda plus Tamar will experience the much desired success Tamar has long wanted.

  7. Realtalk November 21, 2017

    I’m sorry but she said that this has been going on for some time and just now want to talk? The mother is doing a bit much when in fact she says that she afraid for her child/grandchild life but in fact went along with this kind of abuse for however long it went on. Life is to precious to even think to wait until it gets out of hand or near death to finally be the one doing all the talking now when in fact she should have said something when it first started. Why is Tamar not talking? The mom needs to stop and allow Tamar to speak her truth ?

    • Jasmine November 21, 2017

      Don’t pretend like you know whether or not Miss E spoke up. Seems to me like Miss E was living in the guest house off and on (she still owns and lives in a ATL house) but spoke up on her daughter’s behalf and felt threatened by Vince. Older women know survival skills and just because Tamar was willing to stay and deal with Vince’s abuse Miss E was not. On Braxton Family Values, the whole last season Tamar was begging for Miss E to come back to CA but Miss E refused so obviously Miss E was not willing to be vulnerable to physical abuse nor co-sign with Tamar’s acceptance / silence about the abuse.

  8. Team Keysh November 21, 2017

    Quad and Syleena need to take “How To Interview” classes….they made me cringe. #Justice4Tamar ?

    • Julian November 22, 2017

      Wow did they really interrupt her mid-sentence to go to commercial break smh

  9. Jasmine November 21, 2017

    A good interviewer would have asked Miss E whether or not Toni and Birdman are married. These interviewers are low-budget amateurs.

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