Watch: Moniece Slaughter Seeks Help For Brother On Dr. Phil

Published: Thursday 9th Nov 2017 by David

As one of ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s’s leading ladies, Moniece Slaughter can often be found gliding through the show’s dramatic yet comical storylines with ease.

Unfortunately, this week saw her deal with a situation which is anything but comical when she was forced to seek help for her brother on the Dr. Phil show.

Concerned about his mental health after he took to the streets in Los Angeles nude and claimed he was engaged to the Pop singer Rihanna and planned to jump on stage during a  Beyonce performance , Moniece urged her family to join her on the show to stage an intervention she hoped would get to the bottom of her beloved’s siblings mental illness.

What they discovered may lie at the root of his issues? A chemical imbalance possibly caused by his drug use.

Watch below…

Full episode.

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  1. liam November 9, 2017

    Her parents are so nonchalant bout the issue of their brother and hearing how they were on Moniece kinda makes me see why she lashes out on them and why she has such a hard defense mechanism when it comes to her child and fending for herself. As for her brother he’s needs help he clearly is intellectual and creative but for all the wrong reasons.

  2. MUSICHEAD November 9, 2017

    Hold up…so all these months of trying to blame Brandy for his issues was just a ploy to get media attention because now all of a sudden they are on Dr. Phil. I am so glad she got her lawyers on them instead of responding to their constant social media attacks. 15 years of friendship down the drain just cuz they wanna be famous. These people are all sick.

    • Tabitha November 10, 2017

      First of all personally knowing of her family and who they are they are NEVER the type to want personal fame or fortune at all. Moniece dad (biological) was never in her life and the fact that her stepfather (David) came in and loved her like that was his own. For her to say something like that against him is upsetting. He’s a great parent & Marla is as well. I’m just appalled that the only reason why Moniece did this show was because she was the one that wanted the fame. Her parents aren’t sell outs to the fame at all. As far as Brandy is concerned she is a sneaky, manipulative low life B**** who starts drama with EVERYBODY! But everybody wanna seem as if she’s the most sweetest person ever.. I really hope she gets hers soon. I’m just praying for the family. And if you b****** don’t have nothing nice to say (especially if you don’t know their family) then KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! Dumbasses.

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