Lady Gaga’s ‘A Star Is Born’ Movie Premiere Moves To Fall 2018 / Reportedly Eyeing Award Season

Published: Wednesday 20th Dec 2017 by Sam

Lady Gaga‘s hotly anticipated movie ‘A Star Is Born’ has been prescribed a number of arrival dates, but the latest seems to hint at a major push from Warner Bros pictures.

Full story below…

The film studio announced today that the flick – which is directed by and co-stars Bradley Cooper – will now arrive on October 5th 2018.

It represents a pivoting of promotional strategy. For, the movie –  which tells the story of a nightclub singer turned global star – was initially set for a September 28th arrival only to be pushed up recently to a summer delivery date in May.

The revision, which sources say was ordered after impressed execs saw a rough copy of the film, now places the title in the thick of award season. A frame typically reserved for more serious, panel-pleasing productions.

Will Gaga and Cooper scoop up critical and commercial acclaim come October? Time will tell!


One observation we made that seems to be flying under the radar is that the premiere window is the same as the launch of Mother Monster’s newly announced Las Vegas residency.

A fact which immediately generates a fresh set of questions like: will she be cross-promoting? Will new music form the basis of her Sin City shows? And if so, will it be a new album or music from the movie?

Interesting times.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Socivol December 20, 2017

    This movie won’t win any awards. It’s pretty good but it’s not THAT good. I saw an advanced screening and I enjoyed it and the music they did is GREAT! If you liked Joanne you will like it. My favorite song is a duet with Gaga and Bradley Cooper called “Shallow”.

    • Jasmine December 20, 2017

      Bradley Cooper is looking more and more like Liberace minus the facial hair. She even has the same smile as Liberace.

  2. JanStan December 20, 2017

    Yes Gaga I’m here for ALL of it. While I doubt the movie will win any major awards she is a lock for a song nomination.

    She JUST keeps winning and making all her haters seethe. The meltdowns give me life lol.

  3. Whalei December 20, 2017

    No chance. All eyes in october will be at toronto film festival. This lady has nothing to do with high quality cinema. And bradley cooper is gone

  4. Brent Christopher December 20, 2017

    honestly… no one is excited about this film & it will pale miserably in comparison to the previous three versions.

    • Socivol December 20, 2017

      It’s actually pretty good but it’s not awards worthy at all. They need to change the ending because while the ending scene with Gaga is great, what leads to it is trash.

      • Mad-on-her December 21, 2017

        What happens in it?? Anything surprising?

      • Socivol December 21, 2017

        Bradley Coopers character commits suicide towards the end. It is super random and it was really out of place for me. I posted on my test screening form they should fix it. He hangs himself from the garage door opener with a belt. The end scene is Gaga belting a song that his character wrote about her earlier in the movie.

  5. JOHNVIDAL December 21, 2017

    This is all great moves and news for her. It is what happens when you have so much undeniable and diverse talent. Despite basic pop fans hating campaigns… you survive. Others not deserving of their status just end being forgotten over time.
    Even if the film is very good it won´t win big awards because awards are going for different things, innovation and very indie stayles in general. And this is just one more remake. But it can get some shine when it comes to recognition towards her, and the music.

  6. ??? December 21, 2017

    lmao i know warner bros is thanking god they replaced the roach with gaga, this would have become the new showgirls if she was still in it lmfao

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