Lewis Hamilton Issues Apology Over Dress Drama / Faces Homophobia

Published: Tuesday 26th Dec 2017 by David

The highly-respected sportsman Lewis Hamilton has been slapped with a swarm of homophobic remarks after a video of him playfully quizzing his nephew’s decision to wear a dress hit the net.


Details on his apology and the cruel remarks he has been forced to face below…

The ladies man found himself in hot water hours ago when he shared the video below with his fans…


Digital hell broke loose shortly after as the visual sparked a discussion on gender roles and the mental stability of boys and men who wear women’s clothing.

Lewis, who has been linked romantically with Nicole Scherzinger, Rita Ora and Winnie Harlow, was then beaten with remarks from cruel critics who questioned his sexuality.


Lewis, as all of his girlfriends can attest to, is in fact a straight man.


So, what do you think…

Did social media overreact?

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  1. SMH December 26, 2017

    Yes they did, as usual. @verysassymama hit it right on the head, boys who hopefully grow up & become men DON’T wear princess dresses, period end of story. And it’s NOBODY’S business how he advises HIS nephew, even if he did it on social media. Maybe this generation wouldn’t be so full of b*tch ass girly men if more of their fathers told them how to be a man.

    • Lady Pum Pum December 26, 2017

      I don’t think Lewis was wrong but isn’t it more important to raise level headed and balanced young men. I know of many masculine “men” who are lazy and good for nothing because they think being masculine is the only requirement for being a real man.

      • SuxMyCockiness =o December 26, 2017

        This!!! A good education, and staying out of trouble is all a child needs to mak it in this world.

    • TRUTH SERUM December 27, 2017

      Everything he said!!!!!! ☝️

    • Rozisah December 27, 2017

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    • Electrikblue December 27, 2017

      Stfu!! I know that’s you @??? A father has nothing to do with whether someone turns out gay. You’re a stupid fool. Anybody can wear wtf they want!

  2. Lady Pum Pum December 26, 2017

    Poor guy.

  3. Regina George December 26, 2017

    There is nothing wrong with what he said originally. Boys DON’T wear princess dresses. The people calling this man gay are no better than the next person that would use that word as a slur to demean the next person. People get mad when someone uses that term in a demeaning way so… what are people (including gay people) using it as when they come after him???

    • Return to Sender December 26, 2017

      This is what I’m saying. It’s like being a bottom and calling another man a bottom as an insult. To me, it’s a sign of self hatred and the same internalised homophobia that some gay men exhibit when they bash effeminate guys and worship and sleep with their straight bullies.

      • Regina George December 26, 2017

        Completely agreed! The hypocrisy is maddening.

  4. BadboiV December 26, 2017

    No social media didn’t overreact! He just humiliated his nephew for the world to see…. NONE of us are dumb, and if that’s your view you keep that to yourself and it shouldn’t have been posted. Yeah, some are going to agree with him but the way social media is set up now days you know damn well you can’t post what you want especially if it’s offensive to any certain group of people.

    • Return to Sender December 26, 2017

      Sorry? How did he humialate his nephew? I really wish some of you had this same energy when discussing the thousands of young guys whose nudes are online because they’ve been humiliated by “baiters.” They are the real bullies. Not Lewis.

      • XYZ December 27, 2017

        By putting it online. I don’t get why people are posting everything online now, even if it’s ashaming for the other part (that’s in the video).

      • KingB? December 27, 2017

        @Returntosender Tf? ITS online for the whole world to see u dork!!
        If it was behind closed doors, it would be a different story! How do you think the parents feel right now?

      • The Lamb Cutlet December 27, 2017

        Return to sender

        You are one nasty ass individual to compare a bunch of hormonal teenagers/adults with an innocent child!
        Go back to looking at those nudes you act like you’re so disgusted of!!!! #weirdo

  5. December 26, 2017

    So sad that you are free but not free.

  6. DS December 26, 2017

    This backfired on him b/c you can’t be the metrosexual guy with past hair styles and outfits choices others have considered “feminine” and be the one shaming and criticizing a kid on social media.

    Lewis looks like knows the salespeople at Sephora quite well and never misses a mani-pedi appointment.

  7. Belladonna December 26, 2017

    If you are Racist, Sexist, Classist or Homophobic you are a bad person end of story. Overly Masculine people cause the most killings in the world & the most war. Masculine people fight more, Kill more & cause more war in the world then anyone. People need to change what it means to be Masculine.

    • Jasmine December 26, 2017

      Lots of feminine people cause the same issues. The problem is not masculine vs feminine. Try to think deeper instead of just surface level and try to analyze things in the mindset of an outsider looking in rather than personalizing it.

      • Belladonna December 27, 2017

        Your crazy & delusional if you don’t think Masculine people cause the most pain in the world.

      • Jasmine December 27, 2017

        You are the one who is crazy and delusional. On top of that you are dumb and fat.

      • Belladonna December 27, 2017

        Girl I am not dumb or fat not that there is anything wrong with being fat. But I can see you must live outside of Manhattan,LA or London or any real major city to think as backwards as you do But whatever girl bye this negativity is bad for good health. Happy 2018

      • Jasmine December 27, 2017

        Where I live at has nothing to do with you idiotically thinking being masculine or feminine has anything to do with who you are as a human. My thinking is not “backwards”. My thinking is realistic. There are good and bad people in this world and being masculine or feminine has nothing to do with whether a person is good or bad. Good day feminine dumb fat girl.

  8. Jasmine December 26, 2017

    Only parents have the right to decide what their children wear, and even that is to a certain extent (children have the right to wear whatever clothes they want as long as they are clothed). When Lewis has children of his own he will understand this. However, Lewis is still human. He idiotically posted something on social media that could tarnish his brand. He deleted the post and apologized within 24 hours. I think it is fair to say he learned his lesson about social media backfires. Let’s move on.

  9. Tori December 26, 2017

    Gay people (Some not all) are just the most simple minded people on Gods green earth. BOYS DONT WEAR DRESSES AND GROW UP TO BE STRAIGHT MEN! It just doesn’t happen that way. And don’t say “it’s the parents choices”, sweetie it’s your choice whether you decide to be gay or not. It wasn’t your parents choice when you were SNEAKING around wearing make up and dresses because you KNEW your parents weren’t having it! Lewis definitely has some say to a certain degree because he’ll be a male figure in his nephews life depending on how close the family is, so his nephew will be watching him. He should’ve apologize if people took his statement in a negative way but he damn sure was right. And the people that telling him to come out and saying he’s “afraid to come out” or “is trying to hide his true feelings” are just mad because they simply can’t sleep with him.

    • BootzShza December 27, 2017

      Normally I wouldn’t comment on something I’m not knowledgeable about. However, this comment is so wrong on so many levels. First, where did you get that it’s the parents’ choice? Second, do you know for a fact, 110% you’d bet your life, that being gay is a choice? Imagine how a guy is attracted to a girl, you don’t know how or why, you’re just attracted. That is the same feeling that you get as a gay person. You are just attracted to the same s** and you don’t know why. It’s no less than telling you to try being gay for a day then turn the switch off and be straight the next day. Can you do that? Y’all think gay people CHOOSE to live a life of secrecy, getting bullied, disowned, committing suicide as a way out of being gay. Yeah that makes a lot of sense, gay people prefer to be gay so they can be hated on. Great logic.

      • John L. Anderson V December 27, 2017

        U better speak it!!!!

  10. KD December 27, 2017

    Why did he feel the need to put that on social media? The backlash is deserved but yes some people took things a lot far.

    • JOHNVIDAL December 27, 2017

      I agree. It´s absurd he posted that. It all comes to that really. I don´t even think he has a problem with it.

  11. Lake Erie December 27, 2017

    Smh.. sad…. this world is so damn hypocritical. I will say though, that people with common sense knows damb well he was just playing with his nephew. But the weird part is after he apologized they still talking sh!t? Smh. So now they doing to him what they THOUGHT he was doing to his nephew.. .. smh. Crazy world.

  12. Julian December 27, 2017

    Toxic masculinity strikes again. I will never understand why people not only feel the need to impose this extremely rigid set of gender rules on themselves, but also to enforce it on others. It’s all kinds of f’d up to try and tell a child what they can and cannot wear based on their assumed gender.

    • Tori December 27, 2017


    • BootzShza December 27, 2017

      I agree. Why can’t we live in a world where we can express ourselves the way we want to! Imagine that! Waking up and feeling like I can put on red bottoms as a man and strut down the mall without some b**** giving me the side eye! If it ain’t hurting yo ass then you should get off of mine. Naw what I’m sayin??

      • Jasmine December 27, 2017

        Technically you can do what you want as an adult. Why do you care whag people think of you?

  13. Suicide Blonde December 27, 2017

    Nothing wrong with what he said, he shouldn’t have to apologize for that, boys should behave like boys regardless of their preferences in bed, male homosexuality does not equal femininity, it’s actually the opposite of that.

    Femininity = Womanliness

    • TRUTH SERUM December 27, 2017

      I’ve been agreeing with a lot of things you’ve been posting lately! Sexual preference does not equal femininity!!!

      • MessyBoots December 27, 2017

        But what if someone argued being a gay man doesnt always equal being masculine or being a straight man doesnt always equal masculine.. you habe PLENTY of women that are masculine BY THEY’RE nature. It is not scientifically proven that a person’s gender will ALWAYS correspond to a socially constructed gender role. I really wish people would stop trying to force others to dress or act based on how THEY view society. Clearly, folks are damn tired of having others tell them what to do or how to do it based on that person’s own issues of homophobia, sexism, racism etc etc

      • Suicide Blonde December 27, 2017

        Thank you.

    • Belladonna December 27, 2017

      Where do you people on this blog live …middle America? The south? Lol What the hell is this backwards kind of thinking? suicide blonde this is 2017 about to be 2018 you can be what ever gender you feel. Do yourself a favor and visit a big city London,Paris or Downtown Manhattan or West Hollywood some where that’s progressive.

      • Jasmine December 27, 2017

        I don’t think anyone said you cannot be whatever gender you feel. You just need to be yourself and an adult. What you cannot control is people’s acceptance or approval of what you think you are. You can live anywhere but if you are a man wearing a dress and heels everyone is not going to accept or approve of you looking like that and that is okay. You cannot force acceptance nor should you have a need to be validated by strangers.

      • Suicide Blonde December 27, 2017

        I live in Stockholm, I’m Swedish, Swedes people are among the most progressive people in the world. I’m not homophobic, I’m actually a very gay friendly person but I don’t think that just because you’re a gay man, you should behave like a woman, like I said, Male Homosexuality does not equal Femininity, masculinity is a natural male trait, it’s not just something that is imposed by society, why should a man want to wear female clothes?…It’s doesn’t make sense to me.

    • JOHNVIDAL December 27, 2017

      Suicide As a fellow European I am ashamed of what you just said. And pretty surprised for the wrong reasons. People (men) with a more femenine side do exist. And the same for women. It doesn´t even have to do with the sexual preference sometimes. Your words are very backwards. I´m tempted to say they scream selfhate. It´s obvious you are attracted to very masculine men. Fantastic, good for you. It doesn´t mean all people has to be like that. It´s in the nature of every person. Just like the sexual orientation.

      • Suicide Blonde December 27, 2017

        Once again, you have misunderstood me, I’m aware that each human being possesses qualities of the other s**, that doesn’t mean that we as human being should identify with both genders, and NO, I’m not attracted to masculine guys, actually the opposite, I think guys with a little femininity in them are cute, but nothing over-the top, so no self hate here, I’m myself a normal guy, not too masculine, I actually thing must straight guys are like that too, The over- hyper masculine guys are almost nonexistent, that’s something that most feminine gay guys dream of/or perceive in others, because of the difference personalities between fem and mas, I don’t understand why masculinity is so hated by gay men, you just say that I hate myself, that’s what all of you say when you hear others say that they prefer masculine guys, like you said, you’re attracted to what you’re attracted and that’s it, you can’t control that, most of you are hypocrites anyway, you want all gay men to embrace their true self (femininity) but then, don’t want to date them, because y’a want a MAN, two bottoms don’t make a top, there’s got to be a balance, even between males and females, so this is not something specific to gays, it’s nature. If anything, gay men are reluctant towards anything they perceive as “masculine”, the majority of gay men hate masculine gay guys because they think they are acting, or trying not to be themselves, that’s wrong, the only thing I’m saying is that being gay doesn’t equal femininity, gay men are still men, so why are gay men so negative towards masculinity, that’s all, the majority of Gay men are on the feminine side, why?

      • JOHNVIDAL December 27, 2017

        Wow mate what are u talking about? You are mixing too many things. What you originally said was clearly wrong. That´s all. Men who naturally don´t look or move that masculine don´t have to change because you say so. And a man who wants to wear a dress doesn´t have to stop wearing it just because you have some type of roles in your head where certain lines can be crossed but others cannot. You literally made no sense in your first comment especially knowing you are supposed to be a pretty open minded person. Just said that a couple of things are acceptable while a couple of other things are not. Just because you say so. Very disappointed like I said.

  14. JOHNVIDAL December 27, 2017

    Let the kid enjoy the dress. It´s obvious he enjoys it. As many other kids do but were traditionally stopped from doing. Thankfully now we live in a society where more people let their kids express themselves as they want. Nothing to do with lack of role models. There is enough masculine role model stuff out there, always has been. Same way there is enough objectification of women out there, in society and in the media. There are never enough trials at making our society fairer to all of us. We already have enough impossed things to endure. So this is only good news. And teh desperate people trying to go back to darker times in this post are a joke. Obviously not acceptable anymore. Not even by the law.
    That said Lewis probably didn´t mean anything bad. The family had obviously let the kid enjoy the dress and were ok with it.

    • MessyBoots December 27, 2017

      Totally agree.

      I also think you’re wasting your time even trying to understand or help enlighten @suicideblonde

      Reading that person’s commentary always defies logic and reason no matter the topic (ex. race, politics etc)

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